Shanghai Black Girl Lou Jing

Participating in the competition reality show “Let’s Go! Oriental Angels” (加油!东方天使) on Dragon TV, Lou Jing (娄婧) recently became popular on the Chinese internet because of the brutal comments and attacks online over her ethnic background and her skin color.


Lou Jing and her mother showed up on the “Let’s Go! Oriental Angels” program and told the viewers their story. After Lou Jing’s mother was married, she had sex with a black man. The black man returned back to the United States, left Lou Jing’s mother pregnant with her. After Lou Jing was born, mother divorced the original husband, alone raising this special girl. Lou Jing also expressed that the person she loves the most in her whole life is her mother. Because of Lou Jing’s birth story, soon after she and her mother were viciously insulted by the netizens all over the country.


Ever since Lou Jing made it to the top five in Shanghai district of the competition, Netizens never stopped debating over her, as she further advanced in the competition, netizens’ voices were more and more extreme. As early as August 10th a netizen named “宅男爸爸” wrote a post with the title “Posting a boring post, is it possible Lou Jing’s father is Obama?” on KDS. In this post, he endlessly mocked, made fun of Lou Jing. Soon after, more and more netizens jumped on the bandwagon of “cursing Lou Jing”. (This post is now deleted)

On August 28th, netizens’ debate over Lou Jing’s controversy grew more intensely. A netizen named “朕爱天下” posted a post with the title “Lou Jing’s American Black Father and Shanghai Mother”, attracted over 100,000 views. Many netizens viciously insulted Lou Jing’s mother in the post comments, of course others were outraged by the racist and ignorant comments, fighting back to protect Lou Jing and her mother. Below is the translation of this post and selected comments.

After Lou Jing’s mother was married, she had sexual relation with a black man. The black man went back to the United States, leaving Lou Jing’s mother with the unborn child. After Lou Jing was born, her mother got a divorce. But Lou Jing’s story did not end with her performance; her black skin became everyone’s focus. Lou Jing and her mother for the first time publicly responded to this sensitive topic. Lou Jing’s mother is from Shanghai, father is a black American. Later his father left them and never returned. Lou Jing at a young age lived in a single parent family without a father. Lou Jing is a lovely and well-behaved mother’s girl. She is always optimistic and has a positive attitude towards other’s questionable looks. Lou Jing grew up with ups and downs missing her father’s love, but was never lack of family love. Even though Lou Jing was strong, when facing her mother on stage, she shed tears of both happiness and bitterness. “Whatever dad could have taught me, mom already taught me, and she taught me better.” Tears of both happiness and bitterness are the warmth between mother and daughter and the hardships of their lives. And only they can understand each other.

Host Dai Jun (戴军) was touched by Jing Lou’s optimism. When he learned Lou Jing has the wish of finding her father, he encouraged her to look for her father, to find the missing fatherly love in her life. The headmaster of the program Chen Rong (陈蓉) also at the scene called for everybody to help her to make her dream come true.

This show not only had excellent performance, but also told the unforgettable story. “Chocolate” girl Lou Jing’s skin color lets people mistaken her for a foreigner. In fact, she is an outright Shanghai girl, and she speaks fluent Shanghai dialect. On the stage, studying under “the Yue Prince” Zhao Zhigang (赵志刚), Jing Lou sang a classic Shanghai opera piece (a famous sense from the novel “Dream of the Red Chamber”).  Teacher Zhao carefully prepared her before the competition, also confidently vowed “ I must teach her well.” The strict master produced outstanding student, Lou Jing defeated Dang Tian (唐甜), the girl from Xian going to the finals. Lou Jing not only has great talent, but also has the looks of a model. Her fashion shoot by “Mina” magazine was appraised as “the best of in class of Shanghai”.

Selected Comments:

Shanghai people’s value plunges.
A bastard, brought her out to show off because of the foreigner descent.

The girl is ok, her mom is a whore, married and still mess around with black guy, maybe it’s the great “love”, it’s a pity the black guy was just playing her, Chinese girls please have some self-respect.

Her mother still has the face to go on stage, she is shameless, and this kind of thing is definitely scandals you should keep in the family. She still dares to go on stage, maybe she does not feel ashamed, instead feels proud.

Is this the legend of the bastard? And an unwanted bastard, Her mother is a shameless woman, pregnant by a black guy, and then abandoned, was it good when he was pleasing you? Still obsessed with him after several decades? Not feel ashamed, even go on TV to look, looking for what? Looking for lost big XX? Looking for climax never had again? Shameless! Why are Shanghai women always the target of criticism? It’s because of shameless bitch like her!
Dragon TV please help this bastard find her family. Let the black father with a big XX hurry back, address this old woman’s needs!
Black Dad, come back soon! Someone cannot forget your big XX.

This woman has no sense of shame, married and you cheat, give birth to a black kid so there is no way to hide, if wasn’t for that her husband will have to raise their children. Cheap is the word, in order to run with a foreigner, even do with black people.

There are countless comments like above with only a few neutral comments, but mainly saying it’s not the girls fault…

Why all people in here are like this? What kind of world is this!!!!

Her mother, I don’t know. But everyone is discriminate against blacks? If her father is white, what will you say then?

People, please be kind, girl herself is not wrong. Why can’t she go on TV? F* that, I cannot help but to curse. I think even she is a little dark, but very cute~
You guys are a group of twisted people.

Lou Jing wrote a post “I am Lou Jing from ‘Oriental Angles’, I am making an announcement here” on KDS on August 30th

1. My father is an American, not African

2. I am a native Shanghainese

3. Parents’ fault I should not be responsible for, I am innocent!

4. Solemnly Protest against acts of racial discrimination by some of you, my skin color should not be the target of attacks! I will retain the right to take legal actions!


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  1. Dear Angel

    Please close your eyes and forget what has been said and written about you, you are so special and unique that just your prescence has turned envy among your brothers, please respect your mother and praise her courage everyday, she gave you all her love and attention. Hope you find the way out of this awful comments. Courage my friend!

    1. Hi All, I must ad my too words once again to this on going debate about this beautiful black Chinese girl Lou Jing, please do not worry about the things they are saying bad about you, it is because many of the people who are speaking bad about your blackness want to be just like you; black and beautiful, let them know that this world cannot do with out blackness. Be my witness now and in the future, as China develops and move to world stage life will take a realistic turn, because of the fact more of China’s history will come to the surface for the world to judge her for her mistakes; most light skin Chinese wants to be white and that they will never be. Ms. Lou Jing you are the gold and diamond of this earth they all are lightering for, because, they cannot do with out this black gold, keep your head up high, please dry your tears and smile for the world to see love will be every where.

      1. LOL everyone wants to be black like shit?LOL all the beauties-snowwhite,dianna,aice,sleeping beauty are fair and white!Have you ever heard about a black ugly princess?
        Black and beautful?How about black and shit?GO AHEAD BE ONE.

        Her mom is a hoe for coming out on stage after disgracing herself and china people.The stink is around her for sleeping with a black guy and it will never go.She has been infected and spoiled.Its over for her no redemption.Once you sleep with an animal then noone wants you.

        1. Shut up Chen. Africans have done nothing to you. You only hate them because whites do. Monkey see Monkey do. You can’t even think for yourselves.

        2. “Please tell the world the most ten good and beautiful things you love about Africans and Africa. I did not use black due to the fact, the majority of the world is black; and blackness comes in different shades and ranges of complexion, black lives on every continent and islands in the sea on planet earth. Then tell us the ten worst things about Africans and Africa you do not like about them; give us some feed back on your negative feelings to how much dislike you have about Africans and their attitude. If, you are men, women and families you claimed to be; educators and seems to be learned people, who claimed to be smart and intelligent, then prove it.
          You have claimed to be different then all other people in this world. Then prove how different and smarter you are to the rest of the world. You have dehumanized this beautiful black girl Lou Jing, in China, and around the world, in every community and people to how smart you are, as a modern society. The world is knocking at your door now China and you need the world to survive, especially, Africa for its raw material to keep your industries functioning.

        3. Fuck! What is wrong with you! Just because you hate blacks doesn’t mean you have to pour your hatred towards this innocent girl! Disgusting people like you…..probably worships the kkk

        4. I never knew how despicable some people are in China, wow. I came across this website by accident but I’m glad. Now i really know how screwed up people are in china. Unbelievable.

          you should travel to the U.S. and talk some of your shit & see what happens to you

          1. They can’t help it, being screwed and fucked for over 100 years by the west or whiteys has made them very bitter at anything white and black in the US.

            Ain’t the Amerikans more despicable than any other peoples, like a black pot calling a wok black?

            You must be one of them?

        5. I bet U Chen is actually a Caucasian devil causing separation between the fellow Black & Yellow who must unite for one common cause. To free the world from the white washing.. Can’t fool me!

        6. Chen here’s the
          .You are yellow and will always be yellow because are
          Asian.Nobody considers you white.Nobody ever will.People all around the world despise the Chinese for their awful behavior.Your racism towards this girl enforces your subhuman mentality and behavior.I would argue that you are the prime example of a backward bumpkin masquerading as a cultured human being.Rememer that you will be the minority some day and people will laugh and mock you for being a “dirty disgusting backward shitbag Chinese turd” because that’s what you are.A turd.Nobody gives a shit about losers like you because you represent all we hate you shitbag racist shit eating small dicked chinky eyed racist yellow bastard.Remember you aren’t white.When racism hits,you’ll get far worse than the comments above.

    2. A dollar a hoe, thats what this nigger bitch will grow up to be, just like her mom. I own these bitches for life, she should shut the fuck up and suck my cock, she can cry too if she want.

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  3. She’s very beautiful and talented. But that doesnt matter… I thought you knew Chinese people hate black people?

  4. Waa What courage~! I can’t imagine what her life was like growing up. She should write a book. Add gas! Girl I Salute you!

    she’s only the beginning. This is the phenomena known as cultural diversity. The sooner Chinese can accept and embrace each others differences, thats one step closer they are to civilized society.

    All the spiteful comments are proof that China has still yet to develop out of its ignorance and xenophobia. All those should acknowledge their narrowmindedness and bow their heads in disgrace knowing that they represent the anchor holding back the progression of their culture.

  5. The mother is a hoe.

    Leave the daughter alone.

    No child should pay for the sins of the father or the mother.

    1. you are calling the Her mother a hoe because she had relationship with black dude, is that what you mean? what would call the chinese men who are dating or even married to black girls. you should have some respect for mothers. am not black but am disappointed by the comments posted………i hope it doesn’t reflect others opinion.

      1. “After Lou Jing’s mother was married, she had sex with a black man. The black man returned back to the United States, left Lou Jing’s mother pregnant with her. After Lou Jing was born, mother divorced the original husband, alone raising this special girl.”

        She cheated on her husband. H O E

        If she cheated on him because he was an ass, FUCK both of them.

        How does this mean I don’t respect mothers? Are you reading this alright? Where in my post did I say I don’t respect all mothers?

            1. Whore: prostitute.

              You can’t even use the word correctly. She’s might have made a horrible mistake in the past, but you shouldn’t judge lest be judged.

              1. Correction!
                If you fuck with an animal you are a WHORE!Nobody does that shit expect WHORES who are forced and paid to do it

                1. “Fucked with an animal”? What the fuck?
                  Look at yourself… perhaps your are that animal too,,,,

                2. Just in case you don’t know, ALL humans are animals, you twat!!
                  The words that come from your fingers show how UNEDUCATED you are.
                  Perhaps you think you are hurting black people, NO, it’s a reflection on your dumb, yellow and ABC ass!!

    2. Her mother is not a hoe or a sinner. She did what she wanted and I find no shame in a woman doing what she wants. She should curse you all! I have never seen such ignorance in my life.

      In ancient Chinese history the Africans/Blacks founded much of the philosophical, spiritual doctrines present today in China! Yes there were indeed Blacks in ancient China. The skeletal remains from southern China are predominately Negroid. The people practiced single burials which is an African ritual. In northern China the blacks founded many civilizations. The three major empires of China were the Xia Dynasty (c.2205-1766 B.C), Shang/ Yin Dynasty (c.1700-1050 B.C) and the Zhou Dynasty. The Zhou dynasty was the first dynasty founded by the Mongoloid people in China called Hua (Who-aa). The founders of Xia and Shang came from the Fertile African Crescent by way of Iran. Chinese civilization began along the Yellow river . Here the soil was fertile and black Chinese farmers grew millet 4000 years ago, and later soybeans. They also raised pigs and cattle. By 3500 B.C., the blacks in China were raising silkworms and making silk. The culture hero Huang Di is a direct link of Africa. His name was pronounced in old Chinese Yuhai Huandi or “Hu Nak Kunte.” He was supposed to have arrived in China from the west in 2282 B.C., and settled along the banks of the Loh River in Shanxi. This transliteration of Huandgi, to Hu Nak Kunte is interesting because Kunte is a common clan name among the Manding speakers. The Africans or blacks that founded civilization in China were often called Li Min “black headed people” by the Zhou dynasts. This term has affinity to the Sumero-Akkadian term Sag- Gig-Ga “Black Headed People”. These Li Min are associated with the Chinese cultural hero Yao. You all were spawned by your ancient African/Black ancestors.

      The Chinese in early American history came to the America’s in search of the “Black Headed People” when their presence was no longer there. The Black Buddha was before the red and yellow Buddha. To show this girl hatred is a mirror reflection of your own self hatred towards your own origins. I am an American born, black woman, who’s ancestry is connected to the ancient ORIGINAL native American Indian Olmec civilization, who ORIGINALLY came from the congo in Africa. Such fools!

      Lou Jing needs to know her true origins. Her mother simply reconnected to her ancient origins through this black man and brought forth a beautiful example of what the races look like when they are harmoniously merged.

      1. Jus cuz you are a black bitch who is attracted to black ass,you are telling women all over the world to cheat with a black man for a black baby?
        BITCH YOU MAD?
        You talking about all the ancestor bullshit.You know if you want to look that in that way(everyone come from africans),then you should know everyone(africans) came from animals -monkeys.sO black people come from monkeys,that why the facial and physical features like a animal monkey.
        Whies and Asians are the evolved form of Africans who were evolved from Monkeys.
        See,thats evolution.
        So why would anyone want to turn back evolution by being with black person?and giving birth to a black person?Why does anyone want to go back to being monkeys again?
        We should all evolve hence we have to eliminate all black people from our earth.They are an unevolved race.
        Soon though we will have other races and there wont be anymore negroes or niggas like before.

        So black people,understand you are the close relatives of monkeys.Yes we all came from Africa and ancestors were black.BUT now we have evolved and you black people are just like our monkey ancestors.Do we respect monkeys because we evolved from them?DO we give them a place in society?NO right?
        Then why do black people expect the same?You are animals black people.Thats why you are good in running and doing labour like an ass.

        Do we want fat lips?Whites asians ladies and guys with fat lips?NO
        Do we want fat big nose?NO
        Do we want ugly black skin color?NO
        Be oversized pig?NO
        Talk and behave like a wild animal?NO
        Have an ugly smile?NO
        Fat ugly people in rap and hip pop?NO
        Do we want to stink or smell?NO
        Do we want animals around us ?NO

        Do we want real healthy good looking hair?YES
        Good red lips?YES
        Nice eyes?YES
        Nice sharp or small nose?YES
        Good looking fair or dark skin?YES
        Civilized people?YES
        Intelligent and hardworking people?YES

        See africa?the decaying continent?Lou Jing said “people of china think africa is undeveloped thats why they dont like black people”?

        LOL XD THEY THINK???

        Then after they leech suck some food and water from the host country,they start talking about how good is Africa and how africans are the best and so on.








        NExt time you see a white or asian guy know and respect the fact that they are more evolved than you and they are the future generation.

          1. ROTFL!!! Humans did not evolve from monkeys at all. That is a theory which is currently being deconstructed by many scientist.

            By the way if you shave a monkey what’s the color of his skin? A: White.

            People here are soo uneducated. It’s sad China is really making themselves look bad.

            1. Peace Ciderkiss, don’t worry, I am a Chinaman and I don’t support all those ignorant asian people who are white washed. If they only knew the truth then they should know that black and yellow are one in the same. We are all original people and we need to unify instead of pointing out our differences. Black is Buddhaful!!!!!!!!!!

              Ignorant asians wake up, U are not white!!!!!!!!!!!

              1. You are a liar!
                You are a black guy acting like an asian! haha am asian so I now no real asians would ask other asians to like or “unify” with blacks LOL

                1. You and Bitch are so assbackwards its not even funny. The fact that you are saying that you’re asian and that you yourself have never come across any decent Oriental Human Being is not even midly laughable but disgraceful. You keep living in that little bubble and don’t get surprised when reality comes and pops you upside your head, because it’s gonna happen. The only thing of “LOL” quality is the piss poor education system that taught you how to write so derogatorily about a race or group of people I doubt you’ve even met in your entire life. You’re prolly some kid that gets made fun of on the regular by your own people and feel that the only people you can look down upon are the ones you’ve never met. You both are pathetic.


          How would you know?
          I’m guessing you HAVE NOT even been to Africa, so shut the fuck up. Thanks.

          Here’s a lesson.
          Africa has 55 countries, you probably have heard of Cairo…
          Nairobi, Johannesburg, Darfur etc.
          And if that’s not enough, Electricity?
          May I remind you, THE world cup which you probably heard about since it had a lot of coverage both on TV and online, was held in South Africa.

          As for being under- developed.. well we are trying to get passed that. But it is not as under-developed as you think.

          Actually, if you did some research.
          Half the time, they only ask for citizenship is because of money. Trust me, if they could have dual citizenship, then they would.
          Especially the athletes.

          OH let me ask you this.
          Since apparently Africans are “monkeys”, how does it fell to be evolved from a monkey?
          Hating doesn’t get you anywhere.


          Contrary to your belief, most Africans are already in Africa.. so yeah 😛

          GET THIS:
          African American & African are different. Different. Look up some history, facts, whatever before you start spouting nonsense.

          I pity you. “By eliminating us blacks”, how do you plan to go about it?
          Kill us with guns or something?

          Seriously, you are racist.
          It’s pretty sad that someone whose race gets picked on picks on others. (I’m assuming you are asian because you would not have mentioned ‘NExt time you see a white or asian guy know and respect the fact that they are more evolved than you and they are the future generation.’) but even if you are not, you still think it’s okay to make fun of someone because of their color?

          if I remember again right,
          The scramble for Africa.
          Africans were pretty content until Europeans, maybe Americans?, wanted Africa’s resources.

          Sorry for generalizations.
          Not all Europeans are bad/good just like not all Africans are good/bad as with the rest of the world and your race.

          I just wanted to add @BITCH (wow, your username really does tell all) what are you going to do with the half black, half white/asian/hispanic/european kids?
          haha It’s going to be tough getting rid of all the halfies and black people I bet. We are many.

          Yes I am half black, half white.

        2. I’m pretty sure asians are the closest geneticly to apes of all races. Also, I think asians look more like chimps than black people do. Just saying.

        3. That has to be the most retarded bit of trolling I’ve encountered on the internet for at least a week. Oh BITCH. You failed epically from the moment you declared humans are evolved from monkeys. Go back to school BITCH.

  6. Um…I’m pretty sure the Netizens do not represent all the Chinese (Mainland) and the common sense knowledge of having bad apples in every society. There are plenty of Angels and Demons you could say, enough to the point of contradicting or proving an exception to whatever generalizations you all have towards Chinese and Black people.

    Speaking of diversity, be a little honest with yourselves. Is the world truly that colorblind? If it weren’t for the history of struggle and long term exposure to many visibly diverse populations, I’m pretty sure many so-called open societies out there wouldn’t have progress as far as today, which of course there is a lot of work to do.

    It’s not an excuse to be mean to others of course but just think about it.

    1. “If it weren’t for the history of struggle and long term exposure to many visibly diverse populations, I’m pretty sure many so-called open societies out there wouldn’t have progress as far as today, which of course there is a lot of work to do.

      It’s not an excuse to be mean to others of course but just think about it.”
      I’m sorry, I just can’t make heads or tails of this. Are you trying to say there were negative effects to Western colonization and slavery in the United States?

  7. I don’t know if her story would be much different with the Netzins. There is a famous singer in Japan, Crystal Kay.

    Her father is a black American, her mother is a Korean (but she was born in Japan). I have never heard of such nasty treatment of her on Japanese websites.

    Crystal Kay

    The situation is different though. Crystal Kay’s parents are married, her mother did not cheat on an ex-husband who was Japanese. Still, I think it is also that Japan is just more open, they have had contact with Americans (including blacks) for over 50 years and there have been other mixed race people (including people part black) who have been famous in Japan (usually in sports or entertainment) so Crystal Kay is not shocking.

    Actually her story is very interesting because she is a famous Japanese pop singer and she is not Japanese at all, ethnically. She is part African AMerican/Korean. LOL

    Chinese society needs to evolve, it has been closed far too long and the chauvanist nationalism is very 19th century.

    1. There is also Amerie, in the US. Her mother is Korean, her Dad is African American.

      I have to say, when I first saw her I thought that she had gone over-board with the fake tan, like some Japanese girls do.

      Now that I read the full story, those ignorant comments are quite, quite shocking.

      The irony is that she is actually Shanghainese, but that city can be so hostile to outsiders. Sad that they consider her one, despite her spending all her life in the city.

  8. I think both she AND her mother are very brave! AND Lou JIng is BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope they continue to be stong and continue to show other women that it is ok to stand up for yourself and your choices.

  9. Plenty of Chinese men visit prostitutes after getting married, but that’s just taken in a ‘boys will be boys’ spirit. We have no knowledge of what this woman’s reasons were, so people who call her a whore – you clearly have some unresolved personal issues…? He without sin cast the first stone.

    I also love the paranoia of some Chinese guys when faced with the possibility of being out-d*cked, as it were. They need to get over that, it’s not doing them any favours.

    As for Lou Jing, she has the right to lead an unmolested life, take advantage of all the fabulous offers she’s going to get from magazines and take legal action! Excellent. Sounds like she already knows where she’s going.

    1. Calling this woman a “whore” is unfair, to actual prostitutes that is.

      If the husband is a cheating d-bag, wife beater, or whatever, the lady should of left him. It shouldn’t take an idiot to realize that to have a kid in this type of circumstance would mean terrible childhood for the kid.

      As for racism, there is no greater racism then the Asians from different backgrounds exhibit towards other Asians, especially the “enlightened” Asian types. I am not sure which is worse, dumb comments made by Chinese generalizing people of other races, or dumb comments made by the Chinese-basher types generalizing the Chinese, and all in name of anti-racism too!

    2. I disagree. Since when has cheating been taken as “boys will be boys”? I’m pretty sure the men get into trouble if the wife finds out. I’ve NEVER cheated and I’ve casted my stone.

      I agree that society has a double standard where men who sleep around aren’t truly looked down upon, while women are just labeled whores, hoes, sluts, etc. But the mother did what she did and now she has to deal with society labeling her for what she is. A cheating adultress slut.

      The daughter is all good though and she shouldn’t have to deal with the BS.

      1. you all obvious are bored with your boring life’s no life thats why you choose to get yourself mixed up in other’s business. Just because you havent cheated doesnt mean you havent done wrong so who r u to pass jugdement on others.Leave her and her mother alone. The world has bigger problems than worrying about if sh’s a hoe or not.Do something besides cutting people down in the fucking world people.

        1. She is a whore if she cheated on the husband with a negro from the woods.
          The baby is her punishment for sleeping with the devil.


      1. Its a cultural thing. Chinese people do it all the time to each other, especially when pointing at words on a book or sign. they like to use the longest one. Maybe to compensate for something…

  10. Racism is an unfortunate fact in the world, but Chinese are just much more racist than your average person. They’re an extremely insecure people, their ancient cultures now totally irrelevant, they struggle for identity while paradoxically consuming foreign cultures voraciously (thus insecurity at just being a mere “copy culture”) and still struggle to overcome their own self-perceived weakness at being the “sick man of Asia” for so long. Of course, the booming economy ought to assuage those fears, but for some reason they don’t. Anyways, they definitely don’t win themselves any points in the global arena acting this way, and this is just one of soooo many incidents.

    Lou Jing you’re gorgeous and talented, the petty racist comments you hear are from incredibly lowly, jealous, backward people. Pay them no mind

      1. good job detecting the irony and hypocrisy probably even the original poster didn’t notice (:

        1. Sad but true. You can see that in the PRC”s behavior in the world stage and the average Chinese netizen’s posts. I wouldn’t go as far to say that Chinese civilization has been made obsolete but it sure as hell has taken a massive beating and as a result a lot of Chinese (not all) have a MASSIVE Inferiority complex.

  11. Not that race should even be used as a factor in viewing the world seeing as we are all just people…but coming from another person of mixed descent, I am tired of full blooded people taking out their insecurities, inferiority complexes and vendettas against other races out on us. Yeah, we are a small minority, but more of us are being born every day. We are better looking, smarter and have less inbred genes* and one of us is the most powerful man in the world. Your time is coming to an end, our day of ascension has arrived.

    but really, what a beautiful and brave girl. I wish her the best and second Elk’s comment about all the haters and sycophants out there.

    *NB: Positive stereotypes are still stereotypes nonetheless, even if they are true.

  12. First of all, the mother is worse than a whore. This has nothing to do with race, it has something to do with marriage. There is nothing courageous about cheating on your husband. If she is courageous she could of divorced the husband and then do whatever she wanted. Her biggest victim is her own daughter, who certainly had a terrible time growing up. I actually have more respect for career prostitutes, at least they are honest and know what they are getting themselves into.

    Now the girl, Lou Jing looks wonderful and is talented. I can only hope that she will overcome the racism which is present in the Chinese society.

    1. Why are you so concerned with her mother’s morality? She made he choices and has no doubt paid the price for them already, probably many times over.The hardships she has caused Lou Jing are only an issue between mother and daughter, not the general public. If Lou JIng is willing to go on national television with her mother then they have obviously worked out some modus vivendi, most likely something much more. It is not our place to be moralists for something that happened many years ago.

      1. I think her ex-husband, his family and friends would disagree with you on whether its “not our place” as the public to judge the mother for her egregious act. Rapists are judged by their community even after they have served prison time for their crime. While not illegal, cuckolding one’s husband is a similar “unforgivable” act.

        What’s even worse is that she deprived her daughter of having a father in her life. The children (esp. sons) of single mothers are notoriously prone to lives of crime, excess, and destructive behavior.

        1. Mason, are you seriously comparing rape to cheating? What alternate universe are you from? Physically raping someone versus emotionally hurting someone because you strayed are two different things. It isn’t your place to judge at all because there is two sides to each story and you only know one and to make a conclusion based on a one sided story is plain ignorant. She did not deprive that child of a father, because her father choose to leave. If anyone is the deadbeat here it is the man that she left her husband for. He should have been man enough and stuck around and helped raise his child. If anyone deserves flak it is the man that abandoned both of them. She is obviously not a male therefore your remark about single mother’s children turning to gang and violence doesn’t apply. Her daughter is in college, obviously this woman has done right by this girl and has raised a good daughter. No matter what is said and done she has been a great mom to this child as best as she could. So get over it.

          1. Wow, you are a freaking moron. The ex-husband is the dead beat because he chose not to stick around and raise a child that wasn’t his, after his wife betrayed him and stabbed him in the back? Oh, wow what a terrible man he is! She’s a whore, end of story. We only know one side, but facts are facts and the mother is a skank. Like others have said if the ex was an asshole or whatever she could’ve left him, but instead chose to be a slut. Here’s a great quote I came up a while ago, “Murder is murder, rape is the murder of a soul, infidelity is the rape of a soul.” CHeating isn’t as harmless as you make it up to be, but then again you’re probably a cheater as well right?

            1. He meant the American who left, you’re the moron. Who knows, maybe the husband wouldn’t have let her leave through whatever means until she convinced him through an affair. The husband is pathetic because he couldn’t keep his woman. The american she had a relationship with is terrible because he shouldn’t have fucked her and left the child. The mother despite her mistakes, produced and raised a beautiful child by herself. It is OBVIOUS that she is a better mother than other Chinese mothers because the child has succeeded despite everything. Who cares if she cheated on her husband. He could have been beating her, starving her, anything really, or maybe nothing, either way.

              “Murder is murder, rape is the murder of a soul, infidelity is the rape of a soul.”

              that’s a shit quote, like…laughably shitty.

              “after his wife betrayed him and stabbed him in the back? ”

              heh maybe he cheated on her first…Then who is the betrayer?

    2. Her mother is just as much of a whore as a Chinese woman who gets pregnant for a Chinese man. By the way the mother was not married to a Chinese man or at all. It’s also hypocritical to point this out when men cheat on a regular basis with no punishment whatsoever your point in bleak.

      Sorry Try Asian.

  13. Well, the mother got some problems. But, Lou Jing should NOT be flamed because of her mixed heritage. In fact, she’s a beautiful lady. You racists should just ROT IN HELL !!!

  14. hope she’s become popular for talent and not just for her distinctive looks (though that helps.) her mother…who cares…women have no shame when trying to better their lives (marrying men with more money is one common trait.) anyway, Asia still have ways to go to learn to overcome differences. Asia is not like a melting pot like in America or Europe where there are more diversity. so it will take some time and openness. look at America’s history of the past 100 to 200+ years. it took them longer than that to have Civil Rights law enacted in the late 1960s. and before that many whites in the southern states will lynch black men for just looking or talking to white women. even today in America, many whites would dare not walk into black neighborhoods in fear that they would be beaten, robbed or raped. so blacks also have issues to deal with too with their ‘internal’ hatred for whites, especially white men.

  15. do someone tells me ,chinese are not allowed to have kids with Black men( including African)? we guys we need to havea change,olympiq was here last year, it didnt teach us anything ? that, there are YELLOW( we guys),blacks & white etc.. dont think too much, do u think she gonna be like obama some times in future ? we are real stupid.
    2. what is the different between black african and black american?
    to why i say this . reffers from what the “chocolate girl” said “I am Lou Jing from ‘Oriental Angles’, I am making an announcement here, My father is an American, not African”
    this is very much stupid(i think she made mistake,she shouldnt say this ,as we can see the different of our skins), do u know that now adays, chinese women are roaming around Africa,some of them are doing stupid work in there!!? why Africa…? for God’ssake…chinese people are really racists,especially we shanghainese( we judge those xingjiangs and tibetians different,we think they are not even some minorities which are part of our beloved china.. my native chinese, why when seeing a black person to us is as if we see a ghost…but mind u , our daughters knows this for sure,once they test those black guys’s XXX,they never come back to our poor “small-XX” what if the mother played around with a white guy? or other chinese person ? its time now to have a change,we need to be like real human being.we ASIANS need to change,especially we shanghainese.

    1. Wang, she said her father is not African because he is NOT from Africa. He is from America, there is a big difference between an African American just like how there is a big difference between a Chinese American and a Chinese.

      1. Dani… Even if u r Chinese American… u wont go around calling urself American…..when China is still a part of u. So an African first and then an American.

        Now when iam thinking about it… she is herself trying to play down the African heritage…. or doesnt want to accept it as African but willing to accept it as AMERICAN. Lou Jing… could have called her father” African American”

        1. haha, no. If you’re Chinese American and you go somewhere else in the world, you tell them you are American.

          As an American who is Polish and African American, I tell them I am American because that is where I’m from.

          In America, we all know we are American, so when someone asks us what we are, we tell them our origin.

          Her father is American, his passport says he is from the US of A. His origin several hundred years ago is somewhere in Africa most likely. But by cultural means, he is American, he speaks English, he does not speak a native African tongue.

          That is a very very important thing that eludes most of the Chinese population. Your race/ethnicity, origin, country of birth, and culture can be completely different in the world outside of China, especially America.

        2. “Dani… Even if u r Chinese American… u wont go around calling urself American…..when China is still a part of u. So an African first and then an American.

          Now when iam thinking about it… she is herself trying to play down the African heritage…. or doesnt want to accept it as African but willing to accept it as AMERICAN. Lou Jing… could have called her father” African American”

          I find it funny How whites don’t have to call themselves White-Americans. Who gave you permission to hyphenate our Americaness? So rude.

        3. LOL nooooo “blah blah blah,” it’s not African first then American. As an African American I’m going to tell you now that there is a big difference between and African and an African American. 2 different things, know your shit. If her father is a African from America then he is American first African second. If he was an African that moved to America then he is an African first American second. It’s not denying one part of your or whatever you’ve come to understand. I go out an travel I say I’m an American not African. The only thing african about me are my ancestors. Again, don’t talk about things you clearly don’t understand.

          1. Also if he was African he would never have left ad we value family over any other thing, I grew up in Africa and I only saw a child of divorced parent once in my life and I was shocked because divorce or running away after impregnating someone doesn’t just happen but African Americans are very into the “baby mama culture”. It’s disgusting really

  16. well,its nice story,real nice ..but i guess there are lots of black-chinese children in china..lots of them..but why only this one? and after thinking for a while, i realize that, at that time,there were no americans who came to study in china,there were only africans..and those africans were in real hard time bcoz of Racism in china…like what it happen in shorten the story..she is not american,her mother is so ashame to say she is she lied to the daughter,she is part of america .

  17. Aaah, I don’t even know how to react to this…I’m part Africain Canadian and Chinese Canadian myself…and I didn’t realize that half of my ancestors hate my guts. This is awful. It gives halfies like me extreme culture and self-awareness problems. Like “If i’m not part chinese canadian, then what the hell am I?” or “Do I have to speak chinese to be accepted by everyone (not in my family) as half chinese? Or will I be coming off as White?” Ugh….

    1. More culturally aware Chinese, in the mainland or abroad, do not hate or look down on their mixed-race descendants. The problem is that China has been an insular country up until VERY recently, and the demography is so uniform (the “52 minority tribes” excepted) that stereotyping is common. The problems of Sub-Saharan Africa, the West Indies, and African-Americans have all influenced many Asians to assume that violence, low-self control, and sexual promiscuity are “African” traits. Very few mainland Chinese have African/black intimates of any kind, and those ones who do were raised among others who never did.

      The other issue is the dominance of African phenotypic traits. Nappy hair, dark skin, big lips, etc. tend to cause even half-Africans (like Barack Obama) to be considered “black”. When the African genes are diluted further, though, children tend to look mostly Latino or Caucasian. That’s not to say that African features are less attractive (she’s very attractive), but that other racial mixes are less obvious at first glance. This is compounded by the prejudice that most Chinese people have against darker-skinned people; light/alabaster skin, especially in women, is considered more aristocratic.

      I say this not as an expert, but simply a racial mutt who spent some time in China and learned a thing or two. I had a Chinese teacher who was shocked and delighted when she learned that her tanned skin was seen as an asset to her beauty in America, rather than a source of insecurity as it was in China.

    2. Most of us in the world are mixed. I LOVE mixed cultures. We are unique. Yes it is hurtful, but keep your head up. You are beautiful. God loves you.

      1. For every positive comment (and every one is appreciated), there’s at least 4 negative comments. Looking at page 2……ugh.
        I’m sure people like ‘UsaGuy’, ‘nomonkeyapenigger’, ‘janedoe’ and others are proud to know that with every comment they make there’s always at least one person who will take them seriously.

  18. i just want to there some chinese who are married by Africans in china ?
    is chinese that special ? why they sounds so RACISTS?
    i think the matter here isnt the black chinese ,i think its african-chinese.from my point of view,she looks more african than american.i believe ,Americans dont play big part in doing the thing compares to africans,and those brothers,of course,when they finish putting their XXX…they are real done…! dont even think of the result..what will be the outcomes..
    RACISTs with no butt,no hips..yellow colored bastard! dont know even how to wear,splitting all around china,lives like one who is in the village..! anyway,i heard ,the govnt has money,but stupid racist chinese (not all) will take lots of years to come…!
    sorry, guys,am mixed too ,but not with chinese.thanks

    1. you are very racist here…I just can tell from every single word you said…………. What has that to do with having butt or hips? check out the crapy show on Jerry spinger! People who have huge butt and hips went on that show were all SCREWED UP!!! You idiot!

  19. Her mom is crazy, i still don’t get it why would she let her daughter to go on stage and exposed herself to the whole society! she should know that she will eventfully pay for the price for doing such crazy thing in order to make her daughter a star…. Besides, it is very shamed to cheat on her ex husband with another guy. no matter the guy who she cheated on with was white or black… Its just very WRONG!

  20. I saw the following article circulating on the internet.

    If it is true, then the girl is pretty….willing to trash someone who has not wronged her in anyway, just to get ahead.
















  21. Translation:

    Lou Jing said in the short video on TV station Dong Fang Wei Shi: She was born in a single parent family. For various reasons, her American father left China and her mom, without knowing her mom was pregnant at the time.

    /The following information come from
    Lou Jing lied during her interview with Netease, when she claimed that her parents did not have an extramarital affair.

    This was purely a lie.

    First, Lou Jing’s last name is given to her by her mom’s then husband. She could not have been born in a single parent family.

    Second, Lou Jing is for sure the product of an extramarital affair.

    Lou Jing’s mom was an employee at 上海氯碱化工股份有限公司(原上海氯碱总厂,地址是上海龙吴路4747号 Company name and address, too lazy to translate). She actively courted her husband Lou X, who was then the party secretary. The two married, and after a year and half, she gave birth to Lou Jing. At the time, the family lived near the factory, in Wu Jing Area.

    It was half a year into their marriage, that Lou Jing’s mom attended the Shanghai Chemical Enginnering University (Now called 华东理工大学, too lazy to find the translation), had sexual relationship with a black man, and conceived Lou Jing. Note that Lou Jing’s last name is the same has the name of the man her mom married.

    Given this was during the eighties of last century, whether that black exchange student came from Africa or US, any netizen can check and find out for himself.

    According to co-workers who also attended that university at the same time, Lou Jing’s mother did not have too much contact with the black student, probably got “lucky” after only sleeping together once or twice.

    Lou Jing’s mom, out of false hopes that nobody would notice and that she could get away with this, decided not to abort the baby.

    Nobody knew what the husband thought. But he tried to defend his wife, telling everyone that his wife took too much Chinese medicine while she was pregnant (to ensure the fetus’s health), and this caused the baby to have black skin.

    In the first three years of Lou Jing’s life, Lou X treated her well, and act responsibly as a father. When Lou Jing sometimes fell sick at midnight, Lou X would call a cab to take the sick child from Wu Jing area to downtown (those not familiar with Shanghai can check the maps and see for themselves that their apartment is far away from downtown). Even though now Lou Jing is living in a single family, how can she say those things during the interviews? What about those three years when her mom’s husband took care of her?

    Three years after Lou Jing’s birth, Lou X could no longer stand the gossips and criticisms, and decided to divorce Lou Jing’s mother.

    This marriage betrayal was a huge blow to Lou X. With his broken marriage, Lou X went to Japan, returning to China only after several years. He still works for the chemical companies, but for a long time, he refused to go back to Wu Jing area, where the family lived before. He was only able to remarry 10 to 20 years after the first one.

    This is how Lou Jing’s mother destroyed a Party secretary with a bright future (the last sentence is obviously opinionated..)

    1. All of that said, it has absolutly nothing to do with the racist comments by THE CITIZENS of that country. Whats being talked about happened years ago. People forgive and forget and most of all, it’s no ones biz but her and her moms. They should’ve never even answered questions about the situation. Countries with a chinese population show their colors all the time. I’m black and I’ve been to some of those countries…

  22. Man, this topic is so explosive.

    I agree to an extent that the treatment Lou Jing received has to do with racism, but a lot of these western and Chinese readers seem to forget that the issue that preceded racism, which is Lou Jing’s mom transgressing outside of marriage bounds, and Lou Jing talking about it publicly.

    Sans the black skin factor, anyone in Lou Jing situation will still receive a lot of the same antagonism, because what her mother did is perceived to be inmoral. Having said this, I think there are still people who sympathize and pity her, and continue to say good things about her.

  23. People cheat in marriages all the time.
    Doesn’t matter the skin color.
    Ok, the mother slept around, after getting married, so what?
    What if a Chinese man had sex with a black woman after marriage and the woman has a chinese/black kid? I think in this case, the father would not be referred to as a manslut but as some sort of douchebag that other men actually respect a bit.
    The attacks against the mother are more sexist than racist.

  24. Interesting story. She’s a pretty girl who seems to have a lot going for her, and I hope that she hasn’t been hurt by the ugly, hateful criticism aimed at her and her mother. However, in reference to the one of the previous posts which cited Japan as being more tolerant, I can only say: NOT TRUE. The Japanese will “accept” black celebrities, particularly those from North America, provided they are singing, dancing, acting on-screen or hitting home runs for one of the local baseball teams. But Japan’s racism is every bit as deep and pervasive as the Chinese version described in this article. Foreigners in general are subject to near constant expressions of racism ranging from being stared at on trains to being denied housing. Mixed raced children are routinely ostracized and bullied in schools, and it’s worse for kids with darker skin. Please don’t cite Japan as example of somewhere more tolerant, because as a dark skinned North American who lived there for nearly a decade, I can assure you from experience that it is not.

  25. You are a courageous young woman and represent everything that is right in this world.
    Do not be discouraged by those that taunt and offend, for they do not understand yet.
    In due time, there will be no Chinese, no American, no African, Black, White, Yellow, Orange. There will only be unity.

    You are a majestic and beautiful representation of the future yet to come.

    And always remember that for every one person that will hate there will be a thousand ones that will love.

  26. As a woman of pure Han Chinese ancestry, I am ashamed that there are such ignorant Chinese people out there, who judge people by the color of their skin rather than by their talent. I can’t believe in the 21st century we are having this discussion. Lou Jing’s mother should be praised for deciding to have a half black child in such a closed society and Lou Jing should be proud of her mixed race. She is beautiful. Looking at her makes me want to find myself a gooding looking man of another race and make a mixed baby and if President Obama were an available single man, any woman on planet earth would be lucky to have his child. If I were Lou Jing and someone commented that they think I am President Obama’s child, I would consider it a complement to be thought of as the child of one of the most powerful men on earth. The only way China can become a truly powerful nation is if the best of all races are welcomed just like the United States, where people of all races consider themselves American.

    1. America has it’s own set of problems…and I can tell you, our biggest issue is supporting the blacks that do not want to work, use illegal drugs and live a life of crime. If you want, we will gladly send you some of our black men to China, where you can pay for their social welfare.

      1. If you feel like educating yourself, check out who is actually draining our tax money. White Americans are the largest group to use welfare in the U.S. White Americans stole billions on Wall Street. They buy and use drugs from other countries. Need I go on? Still I love all people including white. Our problems have no color.

      2. Hillarious. I find it funny you can say this like there’s no whites who don’t want to work, use illegal drugs and live a life of crime. I Don’t know what country you think you live in but it’s definatly not America if you can say this with a straight face.

    2. You do realize that only the USA was historically open to immigrants by immigrants? All other countries in the world have their indigenious populations. They dont have to welcome anyone they dont wish to have there. No one from foreign countries have a “right” to be there.

  27. China needs to be careful or it will follow in the unGodly behavior of the Western World. This child’s biological father did what MOST BLACK MEN do…he left her and her mother to fend for themselves. So, go ahead stupid Chinese people…let the black man in to impregnate your women…and they will leave after they get what they want – pure sex and no responsibility. I agree with the Chinese that denounce this.

    1. I am married to a wonderful man of God who happens to be Black. He has never left me or our daughters. He works hard everyday and goes to school. He has never done drugs or gotten into any trouble. He is a great father and a great husband. He is an honorable man.
      This child is innocent. Her mother made a mistake, but who hasn’t in this world?

  28. All these people on here saying that girl is pretty? Are you kidding me? She looks like an asian woman that is coated in chocolate. I find Chinese women to be very attractive with their fair skin and straight black hair. This girl has probably had to have hair treatments to make her frizzy afro hair look straight. She is NOT pretty. And her father did what most BLACK MEN do…he convinced her mother to have sex with her (even though she was married) and then he left. Her father, the so-called African-American, is probably in jail in the USA right now…like so many black men in the USA.

  29. I think the reality that many politically correct Americans are not realizing or admitting is this, ALL OVER THE WORLD, black is associated with “lesser”, with “bad”, “dumb”, “lazy” etc, based on the experiences that many cultures have had with blacks, both in Africa, and when dealing with African-Americans. Being part black is viewed is bad all over the world, in Latin America, Asia, Europe, nearly everywhere. For all the “diversity” for example of Latin America, it is a source of embarrassment to be part black. Even a minor amount. Even groups of people who are nominally black, do their best to down-play it (in the Arab and Latin world for example).

  30. Her black father had to leave China because he wanted to get back to the USA and try his best to impregnate more women and leave their children fatherless. Black men in the United States do this all the time; they have sex with women and then leave them. Chinese people would be wise to keep their society “pure”. We here in the United States are burdened with the blacks and their lack of work ethic, lack of family ethic and lack of any ethics at all.

    1. Wow, racism is alive and well in you, Scotty, James Maddison and Long Duk Dong. The KKK would be so proud.

  31. it’s kind of lame how people point out that chinese people are racist, and yet nobody mentions how racist americans are. i’m chinese and i grew up in america, and from my experience, a pretty large percentage of whites and blacks (and sometimes hispanics) are racist as hell toward asians. it’s natural to feel a little more attached to your own race, but straight up racism is just stupid. i wish other people realized this, not just in china, but also in the US.

    1. U were treated badly probably by people from other country…. but she is treated badly by her own country men.. NOT FAIR.

  32. sorry gonna add an extra bit here- i also just think it’s stupid how black people were treated so cruelly back then, but now that things have changed, they don’t look back at the past and try to treat people of other races properly? maybe i just grew up in the wrong neighborhood, but i’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

    1. Yeah I don’t know where you grew up but for every person that wants to treat other races bad there is a good person who simply does not give a shit about race at all, and wants to treat everyone like a fellow human being. This goes for black people too. I think you grew up on another planet maybe.

  33. Lou you are beautiful, courageous, and a charming. Go for whatever it is that you want. You will get yours. Do not allow negative criticisms to depress you. Be kind and tender and tough as nails.

    Do not hate for in hate you will suffer. Love, avoid fools and you will grow stronger and attain more than your detractors can ever imagine.

    Keep your head up. More people love you than those who would berate you.

    Stay strong my sister.

    I do not know you, but I love you.

    Good luck in your future endeavors,


  34. Had it been a white father? Chinese would bow at her feet. Chinese people have messed up personality for criticizing this girl.

      1. Nope she is right and we have all of you skin whitening commercials on YouTube to prove it. Pinkish white glow? Anyone?

  35. First of all… I think that all of you ignorant posters stereotyping black men of being sex hungry bad fathers should shut ur f’ing mouth. There are just as many LOSER white, asian and hispanic men as black. Just take a look at Vietnam, Korea and Japan there are several so called bastard children of mixed race due to G.I.’s that were there due to war or various other reasons. GET REAL FOLKS! And BTW, I LOVE BEING BLACK (even though my skin is brown) And if being black is so bad, why does pretty much every culture of the world try to emulate our style and look (i.e. fake tans, a$$ implants, full lips) WTF EVER!

    1. Hey, there are Black chics with flat asses and Asians with big dicks (not that it has ever mattered to women anyway).

      Why is the world trying to emulate…

      Here’s why.
      It’s what I call the pendulumn swing. Let me explain. Listen to the Beatles – there’s 2-3 insturments and a dumb “love, love me do….” Call that music? But it was! Why? Becuase there was no “diversity” (Blacks) on the scene those days.

      Now the pendulumn has swung to the other extreme. If you make a “stawberry fields ….forever” with 1 string instrument, you have no chance of anyone being interested. Want to be a hit? Imagine MJackson’s dozens of instruments and cross-dresser voice whatever.

      That’s what has happened. That’s why it’s cool to be Hip-hop or whatever, these days.

  36. How come no chinese has a problem with White men making babies with chinese women??? Oh let me guess… these babies r super white.
    And iam guessing all these racists comments r PURELY from MEN.

  37. I agree with those who mention white men making children with any asian woman in general and having pure white skin babies. Noone condemns or bring up racial slurs towards the white man. This should be no different when it comes to any foreigner having a child to asian women. Although the mother cheated on her husband, that’s a different story but the child has nothing to do with what her parents had done. She was brought up innocently into our world and was born and raised in China which makes her Chinese citizen regardless of her skin color.

  38. The chic is beautiful. The mother must have hard a hard life in Shanghai raising her duaghter.

    I’d think there were few Americans in China in the late 80s, even fewer Blacks. My guess is that he was an African exchange student. There were plenty those days.
    Few Chinese these days would do an African, much less an exchange-student today.

    I’d also guess that she didn’t know whose baby it was until the baby was born. The real hero here is the husband who stayed married and took care of the child knowing that she was not his daughter. Only when she was no longer a toddler, he divorced her.

    I salute this man. I think there are a lot like him in the Party.

  39. The woman herself is now lost in China’s new corrupt mental standards. She lies and claims he was African-American, because in today’s China an African-American is higher than an African.

    When she slept with the African, China had some of the Mao’s China values of women holding up half the sky and equality.
    Same in East Germany, Africans were humans. In today’ Germany, Africans are Africans and African-Americans are desirable.

    Africans themselves do this. Trying to pass themselves off as African-Americans; wearing chains and stuff. Saw a few of these Ghanian dopes wearing heavy-duty winter clothing in Kuala Lumpur (where it’s always in the 30s (90F).

  40. This is totally Racism!!! Everyone will make mistake in life at some point. The woman make mistake in the beginning but thats her own destiny.. What is your own business people??? All you know is to judge people’s mistake!!! Face your own life assholes.. Leave the beautiful baby and her mother alone!!! God sometimes make ugly occasions like this a blessing.. I know this child is a blessing to her country and to her mother. Back off FAGGOTS!!! I know you all do not have big balls in your pants thats why you hating the black guys.. Shame on you all.. God is greater than you.. ALL HATING FOR FAKE REASON.. People married, people get divorce, so what??

  41. My Chinese Brothers,

    We have had 200 years experience living with the black.

    Do not allow him in. The black will destroy your culture, ruin your land, debase your culture, criminally dominate you, horrify you with their predations of your women, kill your men. Here they are only 12% of the population yet comprise 60% of our violent crime. Their children are the worst, hunting each other, shooting each other from moving cars and spreading diseases at a rate disgusting to a civilized person.

    Truly, Where the Black goes, nothing Grows

    1. your chinese brothers also have a habit of shooting each other in the streets (mmm chinese gangs anyone) and spreading diseases at a disgusting rate (SARS anyone).

      Your use of ‘Black’ is so vague that it screams of ignorance. How would you prefer it if the world simply called you ‘the Yellow’. The world is cultured, but you aren’t.

      1. Black people are the worst in the world.They are all criminals,prostitutes and low lives who feed off other people.

        1. White people are the worst in the world.They are all criminals,prostitutes and low lives who feed off other people.

          See what I did there?

        2. You must think about your kind words expressed about Black people are the worst in the world. They are all criminals, prostitutes and low lives who feed off other people.
          When you speak like this, you make people believe China does not have any of the criminals, prostitutes and low lives who feed off other people. Stop the hate towards black people; they have not done you wrong.

  42. So her “black” daddy ran off after impregnating her mother.

    Isn’t that just like a “black” daddy? The president of the United States had a “black” daddy like that.

    A lesson for Chinese women: If you want the man to stick around after you have the baby, NOT “black”.

  43. Yes, because a Chinese man for a Chinese woman would be great, after all the abuse and hardship they have been stereotypically known to put their wives through. If Chinese men were attractive and good marriage partners, maybe their women wouldn’t search for a foreigner in the first place. Truth be told, the girl is beautiful, she is talented, she is the best of both worlds.

    A lesson for Chinese women: If you want beautiful, smart, healthy children, marry someone outside your race.

    1. Hey Wu Tang. Go screw yourself!! Then maybe the world will be better off. It’s predators like your spewing sweet talk into the ears of the unsuspecting women out there that caused this in the first place.

      You are most likely white or black and possible female. Freaking poser.

  44. Wu Hao Tian, Forgive me if I seem vague, please allow me to elaborate.

    In the USA there are whole cities once revered for their industriousness that are now hell holes where gentle folk dare not venture. I speak of Detroit, for example which is now 90% African. Africans living in the USA (They call themselves African-Americans) inhabit the land and take what they wish. They steal, murder, rob, rape and form gangs at a far higher rate than any other race in this land. Their women do not marry, but roll on their backs for anyone, leading to a illegitimacy rate of an astonishing 70%! These feral children have records as troublemakers early, with violent crimes of murder as young as 12 years old.

    The older ones revile in a music called Rap, which celebrates a life of hatred and killing other races (usually White) and living a “Thug Life”. Seeing one of these videos is an education. (See Ice-T or Ice Cube, both are available on YouTube).

    No other race on Earth has a record of violence or anti-social behavior like the African. So much so that even though they live in an advanced culture, they add nothing to it. In fact the white man has lowered his standards of schools just to help the Africans to pass. 25% of all Africans here have a record with the Police and many go to prison. Their AIDS rate is 13 times the White rate, a disease which they obtain in prison and then spread to their sows when they are released. Most African litters here are filled with half brothers and half sisters because records here for who begets who is almost never recorded. There is even a TV show here where Africans try testing different males to see who the “father” is for any one females offspring.

    Finally, their I.Q. is so low that the Whites have had to move their measure of “impared” from 85 to 70 I.Q. points because the Majority (80%) of the African population is below the 100 point nominal level and the Average is 80. The most intelligent Africans do not breed, while the least among them have many, thus shifting the curve ever Leftward.

    To get a true look at the horror these creatures entail, look up Channon Christian. Recently she was taken prisoner by these Africans in a street crime called a “carjacking” and made a plaything, till she died.

    Where the African goes, nothing Grows.

    1. @USAGuy – really? You know our culture so well do you? If we lack so much intelligence, why is it many of the technological advances in the USA were invented by Blacks or African-Americans, whichever you prefer. If you were intelligent, you would understand that to generalize against an entire culture based upon the acts of ‘some’ is ignorant. And your apparent mantra of ‘Where the African goes, nothing Grows’ shows just how little you know about Black people. Maybe, if you took the time to read, and I don’t know, possibly get to know people of this race, you wouldn’t sound so imbecilic. OH, and my IQ is 147. Go figure, huh?

    2. Let me start by stating that I have read so much venom of ignorance and outright stupidity from some of what I have so far garnered on this site, I stumbled on the story of Lou Jing by accident, and I must say that I have a lot of respect for her mother, she did what any mother in her right mind should do, that is to support her child morally in order for that child to survive the wicked world that we are living in.

      Some of what is stated on this site is full of insular xenophobia and outright ignorance of the outside world, I have traversed this world and I have come to learn not to stereotype any certain group of people be it by way of race or creed, or religion.

      I am a black man who holds a doctorate in computer science and mathematics as well as a degree in journalism, I wonder which of you so called “superior” Chinese men have such a level of education; by the way, I should add that my fiancée is a lovely Chinese lady who comes from a very respectable family of means and class, not from the stock of ignoramus like most of those that have spewed their venom towards the lovely Lady Lou Jing and her very courageous mother.

      All of you dimwits of lower class must realize that the world is changing very fast around you, Chairman Mao, the Late great eminent man of wisdom and character once said that he is of the view that world cannot remain as a place full of homogeneous enclaves, thus his move towards the African countries; President Hu Jintao has continued that tradition by investing billions of dollars in many African countries such as Nigeria and Sudan in exchange for their oil which is what is driving the Chinese economy today.

      In a nutshell, all those of you who have convoluted ideas about Africa, Africans or black people in general need to do a good research before espousing your ignorance, the days of China as a very insular society is over, get used to that, my beautiful and smart Lady Lou Jing is not going to be alone anymore, I intend to contribute in my little way to the mixing of the so called “superior race” in China.

      Let me say this without any reservation, I have a great respect and love for many fellow well learned Chinese academics, I have worked with a number of them in the US, Europe and a couple of African countries as well, but I hasten to add that bigots like some of you are pulling back the work and efforts of such intellectuals and that of His Excellency President Wu; some of you who have written all the venoms about Lady Lou Jing and her mother on this site should be fished out and shot by the People’s Army, you have no place in the development of modern day China.

      1. Why do you want to spread your ugly blackness in China?
        You are clearly a pervert who has a fetish by talking about mixing China up.
        We dont want the devil black we want the light God .

        1. I pray for people like you. Your mind is so small you prolly can’t think to do it properly.

    3. You have a lot to learn in terms of the way of the world and how to speak and write, your statement really shows how limiting you are in terms of your IQ, I must say that you are a disgrace to China, there are a lot of well versed Chinese intellectuals who will read what you wrote and cringe as well as shudder that a cretin like you can make such a dastardly statement about a group of people you know nothing about, shame on you.

    4. Hmmmm…I am sorry brother it seems like I was wrong.I didnt know about this before.I read some articles and now I have realized the truth.
      Thank you for enlightening me.

    5. In the USA there are whole cities once revered for their industriousness that are now hell holes where gentle folk dare not venture. I speak of Pheonix, for example which is now 90% Mexican. Mexicans living in the USA (They call themselves Mexican-Americans) inhabit the land and take what they wish. They steal, murder, rob, rape and form gangs at a far higher rate than any other race in this land. Their women do not marry, but roll on their backs for anyone, leading to a illegitimacy rate of an astonishing 70%! These feral children have records as troublemakers early, with violent crimes of murder as young as 12 years old.

      The older ones revile in a music called Rap, which celebrates a life of hatred and killing other races (usually White) and living a “Thug Life”. Seeing one of these videos is an education. (See Ice-T or Ice Cube, both are available on YouTube).

      No other race on Earth has a record of violence or anti-social behavior like the Mexican. So much so that even though they live in an advanced culture, they add nothing to it. In fact the white man has lowered his standards of schools just to help the Mexicans to pass. 25% of all Mexicans here have a record with the Police and many go to prison. Their AIDS rate is 13 times the White rate, a disease which they obtain in prison and then spread to their sows when they are released. Most Mexican litters here are filled with half brothers and half sisters because records here for who begets who is almost never recorded. There is even a TV show here where Africans try testing different males to see who the “father” is for any one females offspring.

      Finally, their I.Q. is so low that the Whites have had to move their measure of “impared” from 85 to 70 I.Q. points because the Majority (80%) of the Mexican population is below the 100 point nominal level and the Average is 80. The most intelligent Mexicans do not breed, while the least among them have many, thus shifting the curve ever Leftward.

      To get a true look at the horror these creatures entail, look up Channon Christian. Recently she was taken prisoner by these Mexicans in a street crime called a “carjacking” and made a plaything, till she died.

      Where the Mexican goes, nothing Grows.

      See what I did there?

  45. Funny thing about this post is that the same people that call the black people the Nword are the same ones that will call Chinese people ‘chinks’.

    Racisim is a ‘funny’ thing….and it slippery slope, allow it against a group that does not include you and soon that group is excluded and another group needs to take its place.

    The comment about Obama was especially ignorant. His mother and father were married.
    They got a divorce (big deal) and he appears to be an awesome father to his children.

    Who knows if the father of this girl even knew that this lady was pregnant.
    THis lady was married to someone else and had an affair on her husband.
    IF this GUY knew that she was married to someone else he might have thought he was just ‘filling in’. If I someone is screwing a married woman, chances are that that woman is going to tell the stud that her husband is the father.
    She probably only learned otherwise when the baby was born.

    Kudos to her
    she could have aborted this child or gave it up for adoption
    Or could have had her killed (etc), she did none of those things.
    She gave this child as much love as she could in the midst of ignorance and bigotry.
    I say Kudos to them both.

  46. USABlackFemale

    Since you have refuted none of my points, I am sure that with your published I.Q. you will realize I have clearly have won them.

    As to “alleged” technological advances I refer to this:

    I think this shows the Africans predilection of trying to hijack other peoples inventions and claim them for their own. I am Glad you are no longer claiming to be “Egyptian” or other races so as to take their accomplishments such as the pyramids or 10 years ago when Africans were claiming they were Greek. Atomicus or Aristotle would be surprised to find that they were sub-saharan Africans. I do admit that Africans invented “Jenkum”. Very inventive!

    I have seen enough of Africans here in the USA as they slaughter each other, rob, steal and destroy their own and ruin the land they squat upon. Do I really have to “Get to know every one of them” just to understand that they coarsen the land, their women are blubberous, uncouth and foul. Surely the statistics speak for themselves. Of course, with your I.Q., you understand that statistics can teach you a great deal about a people. So can videos, crime rates, infection rates and other horrors. A tour of South Central LA would help as well, though the Mexicans seem to be dealing with that situation rather nicely.

    1. Statistics lie and people do too.
      No race is better
      People are people
      Read your bible
      JESUS died so that you can quit this sin you call truth.
      JESUS had woolly hair and skin the color of the child in this story.
      Brother, I would hate to be you when your day comes and you look into the eyes of someone who does not think your antics are funny

  47. Janedoe,

    You are mistaken. Only in Politically Correct countries is a people made to feel guilty for either their accomplishments or their race. Africans have convinced the White man IN HIS OWN COUNTRY that working for himself is evil. Whites have let themselves be convinced that it is “racist” or wrong merely to object to dispossession, much less to work for White interests. Never before has a people been fooled into thinking that there was virtue or nobility in surrendering its heritage, and giving away to others its place in history. Only whites are ever told that a love for their own people is somehow “hatred” of others.

    The Chinese do not have this mental disorder.

    1. You’re a fucking idiot. I bet you’ve already got your Palin ’12 bumper sticker affixed to the gun rack of your pickup truck.

    2. HUH?
      I could very well be mistaken about the things that you have said but I think you are mistaken if believe that an entire race of people should be classified by the actions of one group of people in an impoverished town.

      I see/hear the same types of deviant behaviors when I drive thru WEST VIRGINIA and see people doing things and acting many ways that are far from what ‘we’ might consider to be ‘normal’. Not many of the women there could be mistaken for models either.


      I have also viewed the show that I think that you are referencing-(where mulitiple candidates were tested to determine paternity) – and believe that the common thread in all of those ‘women’ was the fact that they were products of a lower economic class.

      The show (at least the week or so when I was off from work and watched it), seemed to represent a multitude of races. All of the cases were sad and NONE of the women appeared to have much in the way of shame for the situations that they have brought these children into.

      Most (if not all) did not appear to have any gainful employment and picked ‘men’ from a like background to procreate with. I was amazed with the ignorance of ALL of the women (black and white) so I am having a hard time understanding why you only chose to comment on the African American women and make it appear as if they represent and entire race but have refused to use that same measuring stick for women of other races.

      I saw an AA woman with 9 father candidates and was mortified for her and the child(REN) but felt the same when I saw the Tennessee woman with the brother/brother/UNCLE choices. I do not know which is worse and not sure if there should be a ranking system. BOTH women were obviously troubled. Both had self esteem issues that compounded the economic ones. I do not think that either one of them is reflective of an entire race and I am having a hard time understanding why you would.
      NONE of those women on that show (at least the ones that I viewed) could have been mistaken for a neighbor in ANY middle class neigborhood.

      While I would have to agree with you that Detroit is a sad place (I shudder when I recall the outgoing mayor who was jailed), I do not think that this city is any more depressing then areas of rural america (in Kentucky for example, a US census worker was found hanging from a tree with the words “FED” written on his stomach). He had been there for weeks. Is this behavior any less civilized then the behaviors then you have cited? By your logic all of a certain group should be branded by the deeds of the worst of that group and I just do not agree with this statement.

      With regards to the Rap music (that you and I both agree can be a bit hard on the ears), please understand that it is not only AA youth that are generating sales. In fact if it were not for white youth, NONE of those albums could meet the level of sales required for an artist to obtain the multi gold/silver/plat levels. I was just skimming thru channels tonight and watched a show that is based on a huge club/pool party at VEgas hotel. The rapper SNOOP DOGG was there and the crowd was a record breaking one….I *might* have viewed 10 African AMericans in the crowd.

      I don’t know where to end this message and I suppose I could go on and on but you do not strike me as the type that really wants to exchange ideas which is pretty typical of most bigots if I am wrong about THAT I welcome the chance to be enlightened.

      To be clear, I think that the behaviors that you have equated with races or more accurately attributed to economics. I further think that like behaviors are committed in rural america and when they are, and entire race is not branded by the deeds of a group. No white person (of any class) associates himself as a redneck and no AA (with any class) would agree that they are ghetto. FOr you to do so IS ill informed at best and YES, racist at worst.

      Your post would lead me to believe the former as you write much to well to KNOW you are spreading falsehoods and continue to do so.

      I was married in Kentucky and my husband was blown away when the question was asked on the form “ARE YOU RELATED” (yes or no box) “IF YES, HOW”. Many people associate inbreeding with impovershed areas in rural america in a ‘deliverance’ kind of way.

      Picket fence teeth, trailers, rednecks, and meth labs are all things that professional people do not claim because a member (members?) of a particular race are notorious for being associate with….

      I find it an oversimplification of an issue by you that ALL black people are branded by the same brush.

    3. P.S.
      I almost forgot….what is this B.S. about ‘his own country’?

      Are YOU a native American?

      If you repeat this ‘own country’ long enough will that make it fact?

      We all really need to get along and the more intelligent among us should be the most vocal in telling ALL of the truth.

  48. J-rock,

    Umm, That would look weird here in Seattle “International District”, or what you roundeyes call “ChinaTown”. Why would I need a gun rack, the African riots were in LA in 1992, not here?

    Oh I get it, you are making a political joke based on intelligence. Very funny if I could understand it. None of this of course disputes or disparages what I said, it merely attacks the messenger. Very Good. The short sighted fish attacks the rain, but the pond is still filled.

    Bye the way, Palin spoke in Hong Kong. She spoke intelligently and with feeling about America and the direction it is going in.

  49. JaneDoe,

    You say that I answered all your words with falsehoods.

    Which stats are false? Illegitimacy rate for Africans? Crime rates?. Kentucky and other poor white areas have never shown the devastating crime and illigitimacy rates of Africans.

    Of course you are defending them, so you don’t give any defense except to say “everyone is like that”. Wrong.

    Your defense of Rap is even more pathetic, what songs have been written that have verses like:

    “Devils fear this brand new shit … I bleed them next time I see them … I pray on these devils … look what it has come to; who you gonna run to when we get to mobbing … filling his body up with lead, yah; cracker in my way; slitting, slit his throat; watch his body shake; watch his body shake; that’s how we do it in the motherfucking [San Francisco] Bay … sitting on the dock of the dirty with my AK”;

    “Heat — featuring Jet and Spice 1”; Paris, Unleashed, 1998, Unleashed Records, Whirling Records

    I can list literally hundreds of examples of Rap songs that gloryify and promise the killing of other races, Songs with lyrics so vile they would be deleted from this forum. More importantly, lyrics that if written by any other race would be deemed a “Hate Crime” and banned. A complete list is here:

    The behaviors are not related to Poverty (Or “class”) as you put it. Poor Asians do not murder and rape as Africans do, poor whites do not rob and rape as Africans do. That lie has been put to rest by several studies and entire books on the subject. Perhaps you should read some instead of commenting on something you know nothing about.

    You ask why I speak and write so well, I am Chinese but have lived all my life in the U.S. in Seattle and I write for the local Asian paper as well as “The Stranger” magazine, the local “alternative” paper where we don’t put up with deluded people. Facts, numbers, statistics are important JaneDoe, not your bizarre TV watching.

    1. ????????
      First off I am not saying that ALL of your statistics are wrong, I am saying that your interpetation of them is misleading.
      For every bizzare rap lyric that you give, I submit heavy metal to you.
      For every African gang you submit, I submit the Klu Klux Klan and other like styled organizations (who by the way would also hate you too).
      You (or someone) commented about the President’s black father leaving (DIVORCIING) his mother yet no mention was made of Billl Clinton and his living situation.
      I never said that all things were equal I am simply stating that when a pair of white guys go thru a school and have a massacre or when someone of Asian descent goes to Virginia and takes target practice on classmates (then refuses to even take responsibility for it by cowardly committing suicide), no one blames the entire race of people.

      While you (correctly?) site African american birth rates to unmarried parents as being higher, what you failed to do was check the abortion rates between those races and you will see that the reverse is also true. So again the behaviors (premartial sex) *MIGHT* be the same since some chose to abort and others did not.    
      So while I am not specifically calling your statistics into question, what is being questioned here is your interpretation of same.

      While we can agree to disagree on our beliefs, it is my opinion that your conclusions are extremely biased and are taken out of context to achieve a conclusion that you have already reached.    

      1. The numbers are very important.Sure a few number of white or asian students have gone on a killing spree.But those numbers are very small and moreover those guys were mental.They were depressed and have mental problems.They are not like the majority black guys they kill and destroy for money,drugs and others.They didnt rape women for pleasure like black guys.

        But with black people,its almost 99% of them that rape,murder and destroy places and the funny thing is that they are not mental but totally normal according to the doctors.
        So you have to think all these flithy acts are normal to the africans.
        Thats just how they are and they will always be.So no use of talking and discussing about this.

        We have to take action.We have to send all the africans back to africa.We should let them destroy themselves and african continent.

        They come to host countries and talk bad about them!How dare they do that.
        All africans know that they are not as intelligent as the Europeans or Asians.
        They know that africa can never become like Asia or Europe.

        I am Chinese,I am proud to be a citizen of China and I have travelled to countries in Europe and Asia as I am reporter and everywhere I see and I am tired of this lazy incompetent arrogant and stupid attitude of Africans.

        1. Really Caramel? If what you said was true then you would not be here. shut your mouth because you obviously have no idea about the problems that black face in the U.S.A. and worldwide. By the way blacks aren’t lazy and alot of us work 2 jobs. Do you?

  50. Many people here have been getting their feathers ruffled by USAGuy’s comments, but his statements about an overwhelming dis-proportion of American blacks leaving behind a legacy of VIOLENCE and overall cultural DEGRADATION is pretty much an honest assessment of the things that the rest of decent and law-abiding Americans have been trained to brush under the rug or provide excuses for.

    The truth hurts.

    You can preach that all races are equal and attempt to be as politically correct as you want, but when it’s at the expense of the hard and evident truths that surround all of us (truths that no one wants to speak about for fear of being branded “racist” or any other label), you’re only doing a disservice to people who’ve actually had enough decency and sense of self to not dwell in the same endless cycles of MISERY and NIHILISM that American blacks have festered in and spread throughout the American landscape.

    Yes, the truth hurts. Stop making excuses for yourself and others.

    1. The problem with your statements are they are not true. They are stereotypes. Stereotypes aren’t truth, but perceptions, and your perceptions of black are warped. Most black people are not in jail, most are middle class, not poor, most do not all listen to rap music. Please quit making false perceptions and look at facts, and please don’t manipulate statistics for your own agenda. It is insulting to those who actually know how to read statistics.

      I wonder what these anti-black people have in terms of education, or do they just parrot whatever Steve Sailer and Sean Hannity tell them.

    2. The people who consume rap the most are whites. I find that to be rather interesting…. You act as if whites are innocent and have nothing to do with the misery blacks have been in. SLAVERY is the main cause of these generational problems, and legislation that alienate blacks from having wealth.

  51. I’m not Chinese or Black but I have to agree with everything USA guy is saying. Im Latino, grew up and lived in Los Angeles for 18 years and had nothing but problems with blacks threatening my family as they walk home from school, robbing at gun point and having no respect or courtisy for others around. Usaguy speaks truth and truth hurts. And not once have I ever seen an oriental strike or abuse a female but have seen countless times a black man threaten, verbally and physically hurt their women in the streets of L.A. It’s absolutely disgusting and classless.

    1. Hispanic people have no room to talk. Statistically you overrun the prisons, have a disproportionate amount of gang members and many of you break the law by coming here illegally. Let’s not talk about the amount of teenage pregnancy going on within the Latino community. Also realize, many Latinos are BLACK. So really, you should be casting stones, especially with no real facts to back it up.

      The biggest issues of race I have had as a black person is with hispanics who think they are superior, when people look at them with just as much disgust, if not more so than blacks.

      Classless is making ugly generalizations, as if they are pure truth, when it is just racism.

    2. JoseKali
      You seem to be under the impression that Latino is a separate race itself. It is a Spanish culture with mixed race background. There are black Latinos.

      Like Siditty said, Hispanic people have no room to talk.

  52. Lou Jing,

    Do not listen to the words of a few jealous fools. Jose, Latinos in Juarez are cutting off each others heads in drug wars, most of the countries in Latin America were ruled by white skinned Europeans who commited horrible acts of murder in the process, China invaded India killing many innocent people in the process, Japan invaded the Philippines and staged death marches, Hannibal invaded Europe killing thousands, Hitler envaded northern Europe murdering millions, Nero, killed his own people, Vlad the Impaler did the same in Romania. Do you get my point? Good and Evil is not limited to skin color and there is no nation on this earth that can claim that they are free of racism. You got to where you are now on your own merits. You are a beautiful woman! Stay that way. There are more people in this world that support you than those that do not. Carry on!

  53. Lou Jing‏.

    You are a very attractive person indeed.

    I think the more you will be criticised and insulted the stronger you will become.

    These insults and critics are voiced by people from the past.

    Cheers. R.

  54. 在你最美丽的时候,人家40块钱一晚上找个小旅馆就能把你的处破了,隔三差五的和你嘿咻嘿咻,而到了我们,就要什么高档住宅,三室两厅才能谈上床的事.

  55. If the internet posters rear their ugly racist heads above the computer in their small cheap internet cafe, you will find that most are young Chinese men who have no chance of finding a girlfriend. it is their jealousy that is talking. The majority of Chinese people however do not care. Only the single male losers care about this issue.

  56. LOL. unsurprisingly, a web article about internet racism leads to an example of internet racism. why can’t this ever happen with articles about strangers hooking up over the internet?

  57. chinese people and east asians are more racist than any other people on this earth…i hope she wins….racists f**cks…fu east asians!!!!RACIST RACIST RACIST


    1. No you are not.You are a fat black guy in Nigeria sending “Get a million dollart from my dead african tyrant father” emails.

  59. Jesus’s love will shed more light on these things, I know for sure being black and an African makes me bad Oh! no! Violence is everywhere violence begets violence, and I think AA are more violent compared to there counterparts in Africa because of their history, these AA guys went through shit and are still going through that shit, they developed a thick skin to counter all those lynching by whites. Latinos, Chinese, Whites, Blacks, etc we all have our own merits and demerits for we are all humans and perfection is not a human quality.

  60. Leave the girl alone. She is beautiful. If you don’t like her skin tone, that is your problem. Look at yourself in the mirror first before commenting on others.

    And for the rest of you – can’t you all go above racism and the color of one’s skin?

  61. A talented young women who arent being appreciated because of her skin colour, how pathetic those negative posters are. Even the Americans are showing strong signs that they had move beyond skin colour to ability and leadership. But it seems that a portion of the Chinese are still in that low level of racism, denying her the success she should have for having a darker skin colour. One day she might rise to fame and wealth, and are the provider of jobs and incomes to the chinese people, then those people who criticise her would slap their own mouth and go diligently to work in her company.

  62. (Just to be clear, I’m American, not from Mainland China, ain’t never been citizen of the PRC a day in my life.)

    Why do I find your cherry picked “bridge blogging” unconvincing? When I looked on Baidu using Lou Jing’s name, I found the opposit – great majority of the opinions in Chinese blogsphere is not racist, supportive of Lou Jing.

    Here are few common *positive* opinions you seem to have categorically neglected:

    “洪晃:我们凭什么歧视混血女孩娄婧” – “Hong Guan: what right do we have to discriminate against mixed blood girl Lou Jin”

    “娄婧没有错,对娄母也应多宽容” – “Lou Jing is blameless, her mother deserves understanding too”

    “看中国男人怎对娄婧母女发邪火” – “observing Chinese male-chovanism againt Lou mother-daughter”

    “娄婧的呼声感人肺腑” – “Lou Jing’s appeal [to find father] moved me to the core”

    “娄婧天使舞台证明自己和大家一样” – “Lou Jing’s stage presence proves she is the same as everyone”

    “并不是因为她有着奥斯卡影后上海“哈利贝瑞”的称号。而是娄婧切身的故事” – “not because she resembles Halle Barry, but because of her life story”

  63. My two cents:
    This is indeed a form of racism, judgment based on skin colour and background. But let’s face it. There is racism in the world. No one is completely non-racist. Human nature is to associate with what is most similar to oneself, so it is impossible to ever be completely non-racist. In this case, I say that this is actually no one’s fault singularly.

    Let’s just go over this simply:
    The Father: First off, his fault was that he came to China, slept with a woman, then left her on her own. Why did he do that? Maybe he himself had his reasons. Unless we know his side of the story, we can’t be certain that he wasn’t under pressure himself.
    The Mother: Geez, cheating is always an issue. Lots of haters are saying she’s at most fault, but if so they are also accusing about half the world. Not everyone is faithful to this human-made idea of marriage. I’m not telling anyone to go out and sleep with anyone they can, but animalistically, there is no concept of ‘marriage’. Back to her, this is a one time thing, perhaps she feels guilty herself. Can we really condemn a person on one thing they have done? Can we say that those who have faltered are lost forever?
    The Daughter: It is obviously not her fault. She did not have control over the events preceding her life. But she obviously didn’t need to blow it up to this proportion. My personal philosophy is life is to forgive. Lou Jing is a sweet girl, but attacks by people on the Internet are about as easy to overlook as a rainy day. Her public statement, rather than ‘blaming’ her parents, should have been more positive. If this had never happened, she never would have even been born in the first place!
    The Netizens: They’re exercising their freedom of speech, so can we really stop them? Anyone who ‘fights’ for freedom, yet accuses people of what they do in their lives are hypocrites. While this situation was made much worse because of their attacks, they can’t be individually blamed.

    Collectively, I consider nothing in life to be blamed on one person. Life is a collection of actions that create a future, so technically this could be everyone’s fault!

  64. Actually, most ppl are more disgusted by how her mum had an affair outside of marriage than with her skin tone. The hateful remarks online blew up after she told her story of having the affair, not before.

  65. i am black.
    i am a member of mensa.
    i am spiritually inclined.
    i have a son who gets excellent grades.
    my son is not in a gang.
    i nor my son are ignorant racists like many of you.
    i make over $100,000.00 a year.
    oh, and i have a chinese friend!!!

    have a nice day.

    1. I can assure you that this a black ghetto guy making 20 dollars a day selling crack and pimping his daughter.I know him personally.

  66. to lou jing!!!! young lady, never allow those simple minded peasants get you down. even when it hurts and it does some time, stay strong and never let them see you weak. they are simple ignorant small minded idiots who have nothing better to do with their lives.

  67. I think you have played into the minority of Nazi party supporter in England who themselves discriminate against ‘yellow people’ It’s glad to know that in England those who have this attitude are few and far between and most people live in harmony. In England there is no problem with being mixed race, the racist attitude only reenforces the perception that the Chinese are a backward nation to many British people. Also the comment by userguy about 60% of crime being committed by ‘blacks’ what nazi rubbish! I have been in law enforcement in England for 18 years and those figure are false. the total of all non-white people in the UK comes to about 9%. Of that 3-4% are from an black background. By userguys theory you could say that 95% of white people have sex with children! Clear nonsense and a play of statistics. Once again, people are playing into the hands of the nazi supporters! Please learn to grow up!

  68. USA-Guy and others are just low level scum of the earth people who have insecurities. None of what he says has anything to do with Lou Jing.

    I am proud of this woman for her bravery. History will remember her and revere her. All the haters can spill as much bile as they want to but Lou Jing and others will stand strong. They do all this while hiding behind the internet. Such cowards. If you have such conviction about what you say, Why dont you come out in public and state it. Cowards the lot of you.

  69. Fuck..Now the world knows that China is Racist country. I dont know how dare Obama is visiting ..

  70. I am norwegian. I hate chinese guys. almost my all friends hate china guys. But china girls OK. they seems have a tight pussy. Also sex with them is so cheap. they even lick yourassshole for an extra 1USD… hehehe.but dont mouthkiss ever. its shitty. coz they can eat somany kind of shits. toothpaste seems not so popular in china…enjoy

  71. Actually, she’s quite the babe! She should move here (to the USA) and while we’re still as racist as the best of them, a fine young exotic lady like this would be well appreciated by black, white and Asian alike!

    Interestingly, I lived in China (Shanghai) for a couple of years. I’m a black American and never had a problem. It helped that I am 6’5″…but I gave everyone respect and expected and received the same. If some cabbie didn’t like me because of the color of my skin, I guess I really didn’t care!

  72. All the latest Chinese pop songs incorporate hip hop elements including rap. Wake up, assholes! Your idols pretend to be black, yet you hurl racist remarks at this beautiful girl! As a Chinese bass-player for Kongcrete an NYC-based hip hop band comprising black, white, and yellow band members, I hope someday we will find many more mixed artists hitting the mainstream Chinese music market. Is China ready for ghetto rock? Check out and let us know. Lou Jing, we’re cheering for you! Don’t ever give up, girl. Stay strong.

    1. They dont act like black.Its just fashion.The world is following because its American Fashion not because it black fashion.
      If you want to know then think if anyone is interested in fashion in Africa?No !
      Why?because the black in America are given money and status by the whites and America.Thats why.
      So you can say we like American fashion because it is the most developed country in the world not because of Blacks.

  73. I’ve read with a deep interest regarding Lou Jing and the brouhaha around her skin color and ethnicity. To me, she’s a star in her own class and us as humans, we have no rights to judge or ostracize her despite of her mother’s past. Perception is inevitable, yet it is not fair for us to accuse or point the fingers playing the ‘who’s-to-blame’ or ‘which-ethnicity-is-worse-in-context’ game. I’m an Asian, born & bred in Asia & I do admit that sometimes I do get ostracised by fellow Asians within the Asian region itself… let alone when I travel to countries outside Asia. Yes, freedom of speech is a right for everyone who wanted to voice out their opinions, and that is why we’re having this conversation in the first place. Anyway, I wish Lou Jing all the best.

  74. I recall reading an article where “netizens” were questioning whether Lou Jing was even fit to appear on Chinese television. Of course, she has the right to appear on TV! What sort of ridiculous logic is that? That’s kind of like asking whether a Chinese (or another non-white) person has the right to appear on UK, US or Australian TV (countries where white people make up the majority).

    And like another poster mentioned, would there be such a backlash if the father was a WHITE man with exactly the same circumstance (where she was conceived out of a extra-marital affair and the father was absent during her childhood). Are people so ridiculously racist that they can’t accept that the father was a black man? Need I mention that this may be born out racial insecurity and fear, projected as unbridled and ugly prejudice directed towards this girl’s skin colour.

    China is on the world stage now, the economy is growing rapidly, but there are many skeletons in the closet that this country has to face. An entrenched culture of racism – especially towards those of darker complexion, and severe Han-ethnocentricism and a complete lack introspection towards one’s own flaws.

    These social evils surely need to be wiped out or curbed before China can claim superpower status.

    Comments welcome, thankyou!

  75. i’m chinese and i am ashamed of the racist and inconsiderate comments by some of my countrymen. it is probably due ignorance and blind sense of nationalism.

    lou jing, you are really special and very talented. for that i salute you. the mistakes of your parents are not yours. i admire your courage and i encourage you to remain strong and strive to be your best. you should not be judged by the color of your skin (nor should anyone else). you are beautiful (you truly are) no matter what some people say.

  76. I think that this has less to do with racism broadly speaking and more to do with sexual jealousy on behalf of Chinese men.

    If Lou was the daughter of a Chinese man and a African/Black American woman (and let’s say that they were a married couple that had lived in Shangai for all of Lou’s life), I’m willing to bet that while there would have been some racist comments, they would have been fewer in number and less hateful in tone (fewer still if the mother was a georgeous black woman married to a good-looking, succesful Chinese man).

    Chinese men see a lot of foreigners dating Chinese women. In the case of Westerners, they can make the assumption (whether true or not) that the woman is doing it primarily for economic reasons – get a green card, ticket to a better life in the US, etc.

    In the case of Blacks, especially Africans who are not Americans/Brits, etc., they can’t make this assumption. Especially in Shanghai, the wealthiest mainland city.

    Young Chinese men love the NBA and their stars b/c of the great physical talents and prowess of the athletes (you won’t hear them making comments about how ugly MJ or Kobe are). I think at some level they think that the Chinese women dating Blacks/Africans are therefore doing it for these reasons, which creates a feeling of insecurity/inadequacy.

    This came out some years back when the book “Shanghai Baby” was published.

  77. I am a BLACK AFRICAN and I thank God everyday for being who i am and for creating me because I love what I see when I gaze into the mirror. God created every race with some unique attribute and beauty – Black, White, Asian, Colored. Please value what you have and be satisfied with the color you are in, don’t let insecurity lure you into trying to say words against another man’s race just because you want them to feel equally bad about themselves.
    I believe that people deserve to be happy in whatever color or country they are born in. If you find that you are more yellow than others and that makes you feel good about yourself, then go ahead and be happy and thank God for His gift. With the beauty and “colors” we are all still dust and to dust we shall return. So people, please wake up lets treat each other with respect and some integrity.

    After reading some of the posts here with such amount of racist tones against black Africans, I feel very disappointed. What then was the reason for the whole Africa-China or Sino-Africa brotherly relation thingy that has been going on over the past 2 or 3 years?

    Let’s say Luo Jing’s mom made a mistake. Who on this planet has not sinned? Why do you continue to mistreat her as if you yourselves never made mistakes in your life. How many people in China have had extra marital relationships? Or are people so immaculate in your country? How about people in other races who have even slept with theirs daughters or immediate siblings and fathered children with them and is all over the news. Do we then pass judgment on those races that all the people are all like that?

    Please forgive the mom she is one of yours. Do not continue to shame her in public in front of the whole world like you are doing now. She made a good decision to not murder her child like some many people do but decided to give birth to her and there she is beautiful and talented and representing Shanghai or China and all praise will come to China.
    And to Luo Jing: be happy with who you are and what ever you choose whether to be African or American believe in your decisions and don’t let the media or people influence your opinion on who you are. What is important is, you belong to the human race and a child of God.

    With love
    African (happy)

  78. These Chinese people are prejudice. But, I wonder if they know how much prejudice there is towards them in other countries. They moved into my area, gosh, you have not idea how much I detest these disgustingly filthy, dirty, nasty people. They are viciously money hungry and think they rule the world. This child should move to the states to find her father.

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