Top Ten Cities in China with the Most Beautiful Women

Women’s beauty should not be intimidating, but beautiful women make men lose self-control. Beautiful women flaunting their intractable personality, is not passive beauty, but charm that can destroy men’s rationality. Often, when beautiful women formed into a group, they will intimidate men with great pressure. This article from Netease tells us the top ten cities in China where you can find the most beautiful women.


1. Dalian | 大连

Bold but graceful
Score: 95

Girls from northeast of China always have the reputation of being light skinned and tall. Dalian girls are undoubtedly the cream of the crop among girls in the northeast of China. Compare with women in southern China, Dalian girls might not be as graceful, but they are more bold and prideful; Compare with women in other northeast China and other inland cities, Dalian women added more elegance. For example actress Dong Jie (董洁) is a typical representative of the girls in Dalian.



2. Chongqing | 重庆

Warm like fire
Score: 94

Maybe it’s because Chongqing is a city in the mountains, Chongqing girls are climbing the hills ever since they were young their long legs are therefore beautiful and sexy. Girls at Chongqing are full of personality, full of charm and warm hearted like fire. Recently red hot actresses Jiang Qinqin (蒋勤勤), Yu Na (于娜) and Singer Chen Lin (陈琳) are all products of Chongqing.



3. Chengdu | 成都

Pure as the eye solution
Score: 93

Because of the moist and nutritious soil of Dujiangyan (都江堰), City of Chengdu appeared in this small plain, a gentle and rich, prosperous land. Chengdu girls are particularly good looking.

Chengdu girls have delicate and white skin and they do not seem to like the heavy make-up. Whether she is a working class, or a school girl, they are mostly light on the make-ups, but the natural beauty is truly amazing. Chengdu girls are like the city, vaguely reveals a faint, lazy, leisure scent. Their beauty is like a soft kitten.

Maybe the only drawback of Chengdu girls is that they are not very tall. But it can also be a good thing if you appreciate the petite style. Therefore, if you want to have a romantic story, it is best to find a girlfriend in Chengdu. No wonder that foreign men in Chengdu all have the same sigh “Married too early”. In picture: Actress Xie Na (谢娜)



4. Suzhou & Hangzhou | 苏杭

Pretty girl of humble birth
Score: 92

Suzhou is the most girly city in China. Some say more than half of the beauties of southern China are in Suzhou. They all have admirable pretty hands. Needless to say, Suzhou girls are most suitable to be kind, considerate and desirable lovers. Suzhou and Hangzhou are known to produce beauties, is indeed well-deserved reputation. In picture: Han Xue (韩雪)



5. Changsha | 长沙

Beauty of blandness
Score: 91

Changsha girls have both the body frame of northern China girl and the face of southern China girl. Famous actress Qu Ying (瞿颖) and host Li Xiang (李湘) are the representatives of Changsha. Qu Ying has been voted for “Changsha’s city flower”



6. Nanjing | 南京

Delicate, free and natural
Score: 90

Being the ancient capital for six dynasties, Nanjing-born pretty girls naturally formed their Delicate and unconventional graceful beauty. Nanjing actress Mei Ting (梅婷) gives the feeling of gentle and quiet. she is always  simply dressed, with simple languages but leaves a very deep impression.



7. Shanghai | 上海

Fashionable and exquisite
Score: 89

Almost all Shanghai women think they are the women of women. They love fashion, perfumes, cosmetics… just like they love their own bodies. Shanghai is a stylish city, destined to create a different temperament of beauties. Actress Betty Sun (孙俪) is such a representative. With a pure and beautiful appearance, we are all attracted by her petite body with a pair of big beautiful eyes. Her extraordinary refined temperament is unforgettable.



8. Beijing | 北京

Aristocrat of the century
Score: 88

Ubiquitous opportunity for profound historical and cultural heritage, Beijing girls grew very fast, they are capable, smart, intelligent and savvy. They make themselves more beautiful through many ways. Grew up in Beijing, Xu Jinglei (徐静蕾) was an actress first then became a director. She not only showed people Beijing girls’ beauty also demonstrated their “aristocratic temperament”.



9. Hong Kong | 香港

Fashion Pioneers
Score: 87

Hong Kong has been leading the main stream fashion of China and East Asia. Despite Hong Kong girls maybe not be outstanding looking but their fashion sense is no match for the other cities. Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) and Maggie Cheung (张曼玉) are the representatives of the city.



10. Guangzhou | 广州

Soft inside and hard outside
Score: 86

Someone once said Guangzhou has no pretty girls, and it is hard to find real beauty that is actually from the city. However there are still a lot of beauties in Guangdong province. For example, Athena Chu (朱茵) and Chen Hui-Shan (陈惠姗) are beauties of Guangdong province.

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    1. For Chengdu girls their skin is semi-transparency, Chinese girls do not need to shave their body in their entire life, no hair at all.

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  2. The girls in the south!!! No doubts about it!!! I´d vote for Hangzhou and Suzhou… everytime I come back to Beijing is so depressing…

    1. I agree with Daniel…….Hangzhou and also Wenzhou are very nice places to visit, but also have an abundance of beautiful Chinese women….!!!! Makes you wish you could stay forever!

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  4. Girls from India are the best. Chinese girls(most of them not all) have not much boobs abd arse. Flat both sides. Small eyes!

      1. indian lover why dont you fuck your own mother indian girls are black and dirty and they smell too

        1. If india was developed, the people will not be dirty or smelly. Central, south and middle east Asians (both Caucasian and dravidians)are dark, fair and medium skinned. You can google it. They are a lot of them and all types of skins are very beautiful like east and south east Asians.

    1. Hey Indian Lover…you are crazy!!! Chinese women are soooooooo beautiful, thoughtful, kind to others and full of tradition. With those traits and goddess beauty…no other women in the world come close. Many do not have large breasts, but they are a “work of art”. As far as the “small eyes” go…you are nuts!!!! The most beautiful eyes, my eyes have ever seen. Their beautiful eyes are the gateway to their inner and outer beauty.

    2. Indian girls have big owl like eyes, and dark with hairy bodies and rough skins whereas Chinese girls got almond shaped medium size eyes, fair smooth skin and delicate smiles. Due to gravity, the huge boobs of some indian girls quickly dropping down south, making them very unattractive assets whereas Chinese girls’ boobs stay firm till old age. Big butt always accompany with fat guts. Sooner or later, the Indian girls will be sitting on a chunk of lard with a fat gut protruding out. On top of that it is very hard to see their features in the dark.

        1. I might have, but gravity and weight play an important role causing the boobs to drop down south. The bigger the jugs, the faster they are heading that direction, like it or not….LOL….

      1. I can’t believe that dimwit mentioned Indian women in the same sentence as Chinese girls.

      2. indian girls eyes are so wide because of there inbreeding and are the hairy est people on the planet because they carry more of the chimp gene

    3. I can just say, you must prefer boobs and arch instead of beauty figure and brain.
      Chinese women have the most beautiful eyes in the world and clean and soft skin without too much fat. and they keep their beauty untill they get old.
      I have seen indian women who could fill the whole backseat of a car and why do they look so dirty ,is the water in Ganges so poluted and dirty?
      When indian women pass 30 years their body age is already 60, Is that the reason that so many indian wifes burn to dead in a kitchen fire

    4. indian are cow urine drinking nation they consider them their mother they are dirty people

    5. indian prime minister mohin sing is a joke he only know to lick sonia pussy he look like a monkey with know clue what happing it only happen in india

      1. Go drink camel urine and eat pigpoop cake muslim motherfucking swine. Porkistani pig born out if inbreeding

    6. You’re wrong,stupid indianlover.Chinese girls are incredibly beautiful.Chinese girls are sitting on the very top of The beauty chart while the fat black hairy Indian women are sitting on the very bottom of the chart.Also,Indian women got ugly because they ate cockroaches ALIVE!!!!!

    7. This is your opinion and everyone won’t agree with it. They’re criticizing indians because you are being rude about the chinese. My favourite body type is chinese because it is elegant, beautiful and perfect in its own way. But looking at it in a beauty perspective, all countries-women and men have beautiful bodies with their own looks. Indian women are busty and curvaceous-maybe you like that type of curves while i find white & afghan women voluptuous. All attractive body types are sensational. Chinese people eyes can be beautiful and indians as well. Obviously they need to physically beautiful in other areas as well so you can see how stunning chinese girls can be. This article is not saying chinese are the most beautiful but are rating within their countries for entertainment. Girls you see around may be pakistani, not indian and some girls who look chinese may be korean as well-not saying indians aren’t beautiful but i think a lot of people make this everyday mistake. Indian people have beautiful features and the beautiful ones have a lovely skin making them a exotic beauty of its own. Chinese girls also have beautiful features with flawless skin making them extremely attractive.

    8. A lot of indian girls are pretty. With beautiful features there are extremely beautiful women. Any country has a beauty.

      1. cant agree fully.
        Sure there are good looking people every where like smarts,athletiscim,etc.
        But some more then others. Like there are slim people in usa but its rare. The jamaicans are very athletic, typically those of african heritage. Indians are not really known for looks like latinas or europeans(not brits). They just produce the occasional shocker but thats it.

        Its not all even and fair. Usually when one plays the “all are equal card” its usually when they are on the losing end, but when they are winning theyll milk it for all its worth.
        Like if a post came out saying indian women are the most chaste brides and best mothers. you will make the most of it while those that lost will say “were not all sluts, good girls are everywhere”.

        But usually when you find a hot indian they usually are western born then motherland born.
        Like they are more curvy and have cuter faces for some reason but morals are no good.
        Indian girls maybe more curvy to asians but here when you got white black latin women running around its way off.
        Beauty is not subjective, a sexy face is sexy no matter where. Its only preferences like redheads over blondes but if the blonde is pretteir she wins. The features and boddy matter more.

        or put it this way, in india dark skin is considered ugly but if Naomi Cambell or Tyra banks come the guys will be over them. Or black guys like thicker curvy girls, but theyll chase down TYler Swift at first glance.
        wether they perfer slim or curvy as long as the body is in shape thats what matters.
        Beauty isnt that subjective. Cute face and be in shape is all you need the rest of the details is subjective and literally means noting just bonuses

    9. Some India female are beautiful but I kinda disagree with the part about the eyes…I am 100% Chinese but I don’t have small eyes.

      1. I didn’t say you have small eyes. I know some Chinese have big eyes. I didn’t mean to say the double-lidded eyes are better. I just meant indian have good looking beauties but beauty is very subjective. It depends on how each person favourites.

    10. No one talk about Indian girls here..Here we only talk about Chinese beauties you fool!

    11. Too bad you like them but if you are white then no hands on them or you will get killed for touching the untouchables, No whites allowed is written on their ass.

    12. kinda man. The ones in india arent good looking and are almost as flat as the chinese. but the chinese girls are smooth skin and cute looking. Plus they mouth less

      But the western born indian girls look way better and more curvy. Not latina good but better.
      But draw back is their values arent as good as the motherlanders.

      its kinda known online for indian girls in india is a no go among manospherers and redpillers.
      like single dude travel india or swan effect naughtynomad or returnofkings india.


  5. Ok…this article has depressed me. I may be relocating to Hong Kong for 2 years. I’m single and a Hispanic American. I prefer to date international women. However, I also prefer a woman who has a bubble butt. Are women in Hong Kong really not that great?!?! How does their beauty compare to the average American girl. Keep in mind I’ve been to Rio, and I have high standards. Not personality here…but the kind of woman that will make you stop walking and your jaw drop. How often do you see a girl like that in Hong Kong?

    1. As a hispanic american, you wont have a chance in hong kong. chinese girls like white guys/chinese guys.

      for a hairy mexican, you can have a shot at the foreigners that resides in hong kong pursuing modeling careers, there are a good amount of russians, brazilians, etc. you like bubble butt, ofcourse there are a good amount since hk has 7 million people, if you want to walk around and jaw drop, it might not happen as frequent as you like, perhaps try some escort agencies there, with money, you will jaw drop, and pants off, and little chris releases! i am not being racist or anythiing like that hope ud ont get offended, i am from LA
      however, unless your black, which will attract the girls who are into hip hop or white, the ones that been influence by britains, a hairy cholo is far from the target. rio is nice, you probably have better chances there

    2. You can call it prejudice or discrimination if you like, but the truth is that Chinese girls like white , Chinese or other asian guys. You as a brownie Hispanic person don’t have much chance of getting a Chinese girl friend unless you are loaded, extremely handsome and well hung.
      Sorry, your high standards do not work in the Chinese society.

      1. Ok…let me make some clarifications for the ignorant, close minded people making posts who obviously don’t read very well. First off…when did I say I was Mexican, hairy, or that I was brown? The only reason I brought up my ethnicity is because I prefer women that actually have a form to their body…not just a flat shape. I have no concerns about my ability to meet women in HK. That’s not an issue unless it is not culturally acceptable to date foreigners.

        My question is how attractive is the average woman there. What’s their typical body types, what % are Asian and what % are foreigners, etc… This article and others don’t really tend to compliment women in HK well.

        BTW…anybody that uses the phrase “I’m not a racist, but…” is always a very ignorant, usually racist, redneck/idiot. I encourage you to keep using that phrase however, because it allows open minded people who have an appreciation for diversity and education to avoid the attempt to have a meaningful intelligent conversation with you.

        1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What is considered as beautiful to one may not be so to another person. Most asian girls do not have huge boobs and buns as compared to Western or Hispanic women. But most asian men like girls with moderate curves and other assets. Different people have different tastes and are attracted to different body types. When you ask” how attrative is the average woman in H. K.” The answer is relative, depending on the individual. Hispanic women are known to have giantnormous butts. (Pueto Rican women instantly jump into my mind.) Big guts usually accompany by fat butts. The boobs of a thirty year old Hispanic woman start dropping down south due to their weight and gravity and their guts protruding out and sooner or later they would be sitting on a chunk of lard, making their assets very unattrative. Most black women have bubble butts. When get older, their butts lose their elasticity and start spreading every which way, hense turn into fat butts. Why do you think health guru emphasizes on trimming hips , reducing thunder thighs and building abs? On the other hand, Chinese womens’ assets remain firm till they are well into the advanced age. This is due to their genetic make up and their diets. Also It is idiotic to look for good Hispanic food in China or good Chinese food in South American. One should go to their souces respectively.

          1. Correction: good Chinese food can be found anywhere, as the Chinese are everywhere…still times are changing, and so may be their diets. If you like obesity, I would imagine HK is not such a bad source to begin with. Bubble buts will not be hard to find, actually they come as a free bonus with the import of fastfood restaurants. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.

            1. You are correct that good Chinese good can be found everywhere, but China has majority of it from different provinces. Being an international port, Hong Kong sure has its share of bubble butt residents, though most of them are foreigners. Even though the Chinese girls’ diets may have changed, but their genetic make up/tendency towards growing a bubble butt is restricted. I, myself am not particularly fond of bubble butts, but Chris, an American Hispanic person commented before my last post is into it. Read his comment dated 2/22/10.

      2. Hey cryptofascist “Khan”, I’ve been reading your ignorant, racist rhetoric and it is abundantly obvious that you are an angry male who most women (including chinese women) would not care for. You do realize that a person can be hispanic, but not mexican right? For your education, “Hispanic” can mean a person is from a country of predominately white people like Uruguay, or from mexico (in which there are white, native indian, mixed etc.) and most are not hairy. And lastly, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but there are many over-seas chinese ladies who date men of many different races. Perhaps you weren’t aware of this living in Mainland China. When you grow up and your leaders feel you are mature and intelligent enough to actually vote or participate in gov’t, they will allow you to have greater input in your society. In the meantime, I suggest growing a heart and striving to become human. Peace, my little friend.

    3. Hey Chris…..Don’t worry about it man. Chinese women will also go for Hispanics, they key is, to be a little humble, and don’t be rude. In China most girls are taught respect of ALL people….something we Americans lack in many cases.

      You will score if you use your Latin personality of manners and friendliness, and don’t be pushy….!!
      As for beauty, beauty is really skin deep… can be in the heart or in the mind….looks of course helps, but is not all of the equation….I wish you luck and good fortune man!

    4. How does the beauty of HK women compare to the “average American girl”? By average American girl, I take it you mean out of shape, with some kind of manly haircut (or, if with long hair, constantly up in a forehead-pinching ponytail), sweatshirt, filthy cigarette-breath, a drug user, and generally uptight about any man that dares try to fuck her?

      Well, then… I guess you won’t find what you’re looking for in HK. You might want to take your, uh “high standards” elsewhere.

      1. Sounds like someone has never been to America, or if they have they’ve only been hanging out in ghettos.

    5. Don’t listen to what those guys are saying. I love hispanic guys. They have such exotic and nice features complete with that dark skin. I’m not very attracted to white or chinese boys at all…just saying. About the bubble booty, well most Chinese girls try to act like Japanese and Korean style by dying their hair red and curling it, making their faces white, and using traditional asian makeup instead of American/Western style makeup. And by following that whole kpop/jpop star look, they find skinny women with small waist and flat booty attractive. I’m a chinese girl and I try to stay away from tht whole Japanese and Korean trend. Thats why I never whiten my skin. I have arched eyebrows unlike most chinese girls who prefer straight willowy eyebrows. I also try to emphasize my full lips instead of buying makeup to hide it. And I totally hate those flat 10 year old bodies. Thats why I try not to obsess over what I eat so much. When I get a little thick and my butt gets a little big, I don’t obsess over it like most chinese girls. Instead, I flaunt it by wearing tighter clothes. People say I dress like a hoochie but that’s ok. I rather dress like a hoochie than a flat kpop star. When I go clubbing on Saturday nights people actually think I’m filipino or Latin.

      So the point is, don’t give up on us Chinese girls. You can find one who doesn’t act like your typical kawaii, cute, 10 year old looking asian girl. It might be rare, but we are out there.

      1. You are a filipino, for Chinese do not have such an English ability, unless you can put a few Chinese words here, 写几个中文字。

    1. Aside from the aboriginal women (native people), the Taiwan women are Chinese women who migrated to Taiwan during the 1940s to avoid communism in Mainland China during Mao’s era.

      1. You are quite wrong here, for obvious reasons. I spent more than two years in TW and I dare say I learned a little bit about the history of this island. Though a large majority of Taiwanese people have some aborigine blood in their veins – in addition to Dutch, Japanese and what not – this “intercultural exchange” somehow failed to generate a higher proportion of stunning beauty within their womankind. Of course, you will still be able to find some of the finest examples of feminine charm walking in the streets of Taipei. I personally prefer Chengdu, though.

      2. This is so not true. Most of the ethnic Han Chinese would’ve migrated from the late Ming through to the Qing Dynasty. The first large influx of Chinese people were labourers brought into Taiwan from southern Fujian by the Dutch. Most immigration in the later centuries would also be from Fujian, which is why the Taiwanese dialect is similar to that of Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou. Other than the Fujian people, there are also Hakka.

  6. Everything you say about Dalian, Sichuan, Beijing and Shanghai girls I’ve already heard and I think its true. I dated a Sichuan girl and she was sexy as hell. Not really so white skinned, but still damn hot. But I have to make an objection to Guangzhou.

    I live in Guangdong and man I gotta say, generally I’m not that impressed by the looks of most Canto girls. I mean with the big fish lips (you are what you eat I guess!) and wide, flat sometimes upturned and almost snout-like noses (sorry but I gotta be honest here) I really dont see the beauty of most Canto girls. Their eyes are smaller and narrower than Northern girls. They really look more like Viet or Thai in my opinion. Most of the pretty girls you see in places like Guangzhou or Shenzhen are almost certainly not Guangdong girls. Those cities bring in a lot of people from all over China.

    Now I will say that I like how Canto girls are either just really small or skinny and almost always have nice legs and tight bodies. But all that aside, I find Mandarin to be a much softer language than Cantonese and I really just dont think its sexy or feminine at all to hear a girl speaking Guangdonghua. OK. Thats my two cents.

    P.S. I still love my Canto girls too! All Chinese girls have something special!

    1. This is more of a generalization you got here. I have seen some really pretty, perfect Cantonese girls with beautiful facial features, fair skin and nice figure. Perhaps you need to look more into it and meet more of the Cantonese kind. Your attacking the Cantonese girls will make them very very unhappy. You still love them, but please do not have sex with them as they might illegally surgically remove your manhood while having sex for talking bad about them….LOL…..

    2. Hundred people, hundred tastes, as we say back at home. There surely are some pretty, slender, charming girls walking in the streets of the cities in the Pearl River delta. I always found Cantonese – when spoken by a native girl – a very sexually charged language. The art of the unspoken, the charm of suppressed emotions, or so it seemed to me in the beginning. And though the more I learn it, the less exotic it seems to me now, I can still appreciate a fine conversation with a Cantonese girl. Also, KahnKee’s point is well placed here: don’t piss at your cherries, as they might bite you back 😉

    3. Actually, REAL Cantonese women have large round eyes with natural double eyelids. The ones you see with “asiany” eyes are northerners who migrate t Guangdong. Real cantonese are those with Han + Baiyue blood. Baiyue is closely reated to Vietnamese. And Vietnamese and Thai women have small eyes? Funny because a lot of them have rounder eyes than east Asians.

  7. I am not a latino nor a chinese person however, latins are generally very good looking. Have you been to cuba, mexico, puerto rico, all of those great islands. Beauty is everywhere. Latin people win hands down in the the looks department. Chinese people seem plain everywhere, except for a small few.

  8. What you are saying is you favor latina and not asian girls to put it plainly. To each his own, some prefer Asian girls better because they are more delicate looking, cute, petite and gentle, have fairer smoother skin with proportional assets , and possessing inner beauty. However comparing Asian girls to latina is like comparing apples to oranges. It all depends on the taste of the individual and his upbringing.

  9. The fact that Wuhan IS not on this list mean this list has no Credit to it at all

    I have been all over China and I have never been anywhere where the girls are like Wuhan
    you cant Turn around without there being a Group of Wuhan girls who are sexier than Any actresses just walking by casually People who live there don’t even realize it anymore because its just so regular

    1. Wuhan has the best girls. And if you go to a college campus, you’ll see how false the whole flat, no-butt stereotype for Chinese girls can be. I’m in Shenzhen now, and I’ve been to Hong Kong. In both places, the girls have been nothing close to Wuhan.

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  11. This article is insulting to stereotype where you might find beauties. This is just a selection of the cream of the crop, pageant beauty woman and in no way representative of the range of ordinary women you would find everyday. It’s furthur insulting that a serious debate is being created on this. How superficial of ALL of you. Its like saying lets go look at the beauties in Australia: you find Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Hawkins and Rachael Finch. (Do you know that each of those women are supermodels???) Now imagine people arguing and critisizing that that they don’t find Miranda that attractive, or that they prefer Jennifer over Rachael when already all of them are TOP OF THE PACK models. I am curious to see how handsome each of you men really are. You better be pretty good yourselves(Christian Ronaldo, Johnny Depp, Orlanda Bloom( if you can have such ‘high -standards’ and NO SMALL D*CK.

  12. Over in the Guangdong province which I reside, there are plenty of immigrants coming from the whole country here. Yes, girls from Dalian, Chongqing, Changsha …etc. And strangely, we can see where everyone is coming from because they have quite distinctive features that sets them apart from other girls, which only people from their hometowns would have.

    Do you know that people in China use to live in villages that only have 1 surname? That means most of people are generally of the same families or close by, which makes them bring certain distinctive features down the family line.

    And of course, there are beauties everywhere and these are not the only places that have beautiful girls. It just so happens that there’s a bigger chance that you’d find a pretty one from there…

  13. Pretty girl number 4 may be a girl of humble birth, but she’s a heartless whore nevertheless. Check out the animal persecution she’s wearing.

  14. I’m kind of offended people think there are no beauties in Guangzhou, but this entire article does have some degree of truth to it, I guess.

  15. I am an Indian. I find Chinese girls very beautiful. However not all are beautiful. Some are very short and thin.

    The Chinese girls are very polite and good mannered compared to Indian girls.

    Hence they should be treated with great respect and love and kindness if you are lucky to find one with model looks and beauty as your future wife.

  16. Wow, that’s really stereotypical!!! The way Westerners view beauties are diametrically different from Asians.

  17. my wife is from Dalian, I have had several GF that are from different places including Hangzhou (2), Beijing (2), Taiwan (2), Nanjing, Henan. All good sized boobs and firm asses. Delicious!!

      1. Most often like those that cry Thief about another, are the biggest thief themselves. Such are those that cry “Liar”! ^_^ …..the only truth you speak is in taking the name “ASS” and you should really add “HOLE” to that! 😉

  18. Like my heritage, I am what is called a “Mutt” or “Heinz 57 Mix” that has traveled the World. So… I appreciate the amazing global cultural diversity of Hong Kong, where sometimes us “Mutts” of the World carry the best traits of all the peoples of the World in our genes!

    But China itself is a giant melting pot of the most diverse cultures, for a nation, in the World. Having within it’s borders the very basis of cultural civilization from all ages in time and place. Where the beauty and immense diversity of it’s land and people’s is not so clearly shown here in these perfect pictures. Where like most places on earth, you don’t really start seeing the true beauty of the place….., until you are out in the country, in the homes of it’s people.

    Beauty to me is not in some manufactured beauty contest. Where everyone ends up looking all the same. But rather I appreciate more the subtle beauty that emanates from the heart with smiles far more precious! …..therefore I find “Sexy” being just a cheap thrill of the pretty wrapper around the candy inside! ^_^

    1. Humble Eye2Pie, well said . absolutely agreed !!
      i lived in china, hk for 20 years,
      europe and usa another 20 years, now 40+.

      jobs done on face and body are truly rampant in china. not long ago it was just japan, taiwan and s. korea. china — just shanghai — go check online for more info if you like to know more. make sure you understand simplified chinese.

      I don’t find any particular cities breed pretty girls , come on ,such nonsense this post ever started ? ! I find no big difference texas women and nyc women in facial features, huge difference in other ways and those things reflecting some sorts of values inside not flesh. they are city cultures, city values, city crime rate, general education, international visions, sense of diversity… etc.

      the prettiest girls are those feel comfortable with their bodies and feelings. chinese are naturally A cup size chest, flat ass and small-medium eyes but so what ?

  19. Lol I thought they were one and the same woman as they all look the same! Lol
    You cannot even compare Indian women and Chinese women as Indian beauty is legendary and diverse…I mean how many times has India won the miss world crown and china? Exactly, not once he he.I rest my case..

    1. true.
      However worth noting, the time when india was “winning” those titles back to back waws the time when cosmetic industries wanted to get into the indian market. Lot of those are kinda rigged.
      When you look at interracial dating here asians get the most popularity. though worth noting indians tend to stick to their own and asian girls chase white guys.
      But wouldnt say indian looks are legendary. Its usually a bunch of 4s that produce a couple 9s while asians seem to have a bunch of 6-8s but noting more.

  20. How are some of these stupid comments still here?! Did the moderator go to sleep?

    Haha, funny to hear that northeast girls are tall, fair-skinned and strong willed, meaning unrefined. It’s our Manchurian blood.

  21. You’re all a bunch of retards. I’m from Southern China yet I’m 5’5″, just as fair as northern girls, normal eyes, and a high nose bridge. Is that typical of someone from Guangdong? I even got called Korean and Japanese. Even Chinese people think I’m from Northern China so seriously, stfu and don’t ever make such stupid stereotypical comments. One you’re probably wrong and two, it makes you look like an idiot.

    Seriously fuck tards, if you don’t know Chinese standards, go screw yourself and don’t ever step into China. Besides most foreign men pick only ugly average women which is usually the truth.

    This is the stupidest post ever.

    1. Secondly, boobs and ass come from diet, you fucking idiots. I was born in USA so I’m a 34 38 36. But I wouldn’t go for any of you pitiful morons. If you have want boobs and ass, go get an african and quit your bitching. Ugly mofos.

      1. You must be fat because your 38 inch waist doesn’t tell me you’re an hourglass.
        Also stop your self hating. Cantonese women are very beautiful. A lot of canto women look like southeast asians which I find beautiful and exotic.

        1. lol thats actually a sterotype here in the west.
          asian girls are quite indian girls are mouthy

    2. Babe, seriously, chill out. Firstly, you shouldn’t let this get to you, as you said, it’s just an Internet article.

      Secondly, an exception doesn’t disprove the general trend. Southerners on AVERAGE are shorter than northerners. You’re 5’5… I’m 5’8″ and from the north east. Sorry.

  22. Babe, seriously, chill out. Firstly, you shouldn’t let this get to you, as you said, it’s just an Internet article.

    Secondly, an exception doesn’t disprove the general trend. Southerners on AVERAGE are shorter than northerners. You’re 5’5… I’m 5’8″ and from the north east. Sorry.

    1. Liaoning girl,
      Hey, I am 6 ‘ and you are about the right height for me. Why don’t you and I do some horizontal tango
      in bed. I am sure you will fall in love with me. hehe…..I am a very handsome, young guy. Contact me for more info. 🙂

  23. China ladies are beautiful , main reason is that there yellow skin, nice eyes and the seance of freshness. Indian women are not aware of freshness themes, some indian women who are blessed with beauty are applying over dose of cosmetic , some are obsessed, and most of them are not aware of moth freshness. Indian women shamefaced nature also do not explore their beauty and contrary to that china women are so open and natural

  24. I’m a Chinese American and I love my Chinese women, compared to the Asian girls in California, China has some really fine looking ladies. But like what someone said above, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and alot of foreigners that come to China, they do have bad taste in women, what they see as beauty, is disgusting in the eyes of a local Chinese man. I’ve also seen it at clubs, the Chinese girls that are with the foreigners are pretty ugly. I was like that also when I first came, dated some girls that I’m not too proud of, but heyyy, you gotta try them all out to know whats best right?

  25. This article was hilarious to read! I think there is some truth to what is being said about geographic areas and the beUty and elegance of asian woman over there much heavier western counterparts however let me put to rest the discussion of most beautiful in terms of contests and polls….and the winner is……Hawaii(honolulu) Hapa Girls reign supreme. Most miss worlds by a landslide!!!! Hawaii oi ka noi baby.

  26. I vote for Chongqing! Women there are bustier and curvier than northern Chinese women. Who wants a stick? You don’t go to the market for bone, you go for meat!

    1. Now that depends on who you buy the food for. If you buy food for the dogs or you, you will go to the market for bones. ;0)

  27. chinese girls are cheap since they want the green card. they want to get married with you and use you to get the green card.

    1. lebusmondial:

      The chinese girls that marry for green cards are the poor uneducated Chinese from the rural areas in China. They don’t have food to eat. They need money to take care of their family. They need help and the China gov’t are not doing enough to take care of the poverty and pollutions crisis in those rural areas. It should be China first and upmost priority to take care of this severe problem.
      And those non Asian men married these poor chinese girls are usually sick predators preying on them. These men need to be arrested and put behind bars. As soon as these poor uneducated chinese girls get themselves educated with a degree, they will escape and leave these predators to go home to take care of their family.

  28. I found it very surprising that Liuzhou, Guangxi was not listed. There are many beautiful women in Liuzhou. In fact, I married a beautiful woman from Liuzhou and just a few months ago, I moved her to the USA. I have been to Liuzhou twice in the past 2 years and the women there are friendly and beautiful and very much like Americans. Her family welcomed me with open arms and while there, I I was treated as if I were royalty. Any American man seriously considering a Chinese wife should check out Liuzhou. And if you are truly serious, I can be of help…FREE. Contact: (Type Liuzhou as the subject.) I will answer all.

    1. Yep. Guangxi and Southern China have some beautiful wimminz. Must be the diverse ethnic minority mixture.

  29. Chinese women- indeed I’m so amazed because you know its a wonder how God can take the very stars of the sky and implant them into the very eyes I think are the most beautiful women on the planet. I all ways say God has put 1000 upon 1000’s of stars in the night sky to work as mirrors to reflect the beauty of Chinese women.

    Am i even worthy to marry a star. I think about it everyday

  30. Sichuan girls, I have to say. I have two girls in my department from the Chengdu area, and I have to say that they are the main reason why I go to work every day. Such a delightful temptation to think about.

    Hindsight is 20-20 – I married a Shanghainese girl, and I’ve been paying for it ever since 🙂

    1. This is pretty low. It doesn’t matter if Chengdu is in the 3rd list, all kinds of beautiful woman are everywhere. Since shanghai is in 7th list, it probably is more known to have some beauties which mean there are very beautiful girls at shanghai as well as Chengdu or even equal to dalian. One beautiful or not woman is unlike another. You should have not married at all if you were only going to make someone upset, maybe even sad about their life. Isn’t marriage about love? Isn’t it lovely to know you have a good wife and kids? You do probably that’s why you married but you weren’t worth all she had done for you. You are selfish. Physical attraction isn’t all that once you realize you’re mistakes and regrets. In a relationship, it is best to be faithful. You should develop loyalty and goodness in yourself. She is YOUR WIFE and you have to be responsible for her. If you think you can’t, leave the girl before you ruin her life and do not marry until your faithful or go out with a good woman. You’re treating her like shit and you do not deserve her.

      1. I agree. But I don’t think he should leave. He should be staying with her, develop his relationship, love and respect his wife. Whatever his actions, it should not affect her in a bad way. Its the spouse who decides if he/she will stay or not.

    2. @Frank, can you elaborate on your Shanghainese comment? I met a Shanghai lady in the US I like very much. What about them?

  31. Is this just me that a lot girls in Chongqing and Sichuan I have seen got high cheekbones? Because most girls from these place seems to have it.

  32. I am Indian AND I am proud to be one. Your Chinese brothers find me attractive too.
    And no, I am not dark like what some of you guys think.
    You mean only Indian ladies are fat, All Chinese ladies are slim??
    Puh-leassee, be more rational…don’t let a few nasty comments make YOU nasty too.

    1. think thats what it did with you.
      its generalizations like asians tend to be smart or blacks to be strong, not always but a dam good number does.
      Doesnt matter how racist one is a sexy person is a sexy person and usually a good looking inidan is kinda rare and they usually get mistaken for latina.
      The better looking indians for whatever reason tend to be western born. you must notice this with bollywood like that ho sunny leone or katrina kaif

  33. All types of body, face and features are very beautiful. Beauties in the country even though it was his opinion should not have been rated. It makes more sense if there is more beautiful women found in Dalian than Chongqing. A very beautiful person from each city in china will all be on the same level. It also shows how beautiful the people are born in each city. However, at the same time beauty is admired but it will be the character that defines the person. Beauty only appears beautiful-could be due to luck, aside from that, it does not last. As Buddha says beauty adds lustre to the personality. Not for long though. Therefore beauty is not important.

  34. There are very beautiful chinese girls. They can be found anywhere, not necessarily the 10 cities listed.

  35. Ok guys just chill im an Indian guy & i have to agree Chinese women are way better…Ive been with a few chinese women over Indian & i can definitely say i love the “unique” experience of being with a chinese girl..if u know what i mean ;)..i do agree on the boob part though but other wise I m just madly in love with chinese women for thier uniqueness..really..not just looks but their transparency & directness which is a big turn on as well..spare the Indian lover alone now..everyone has their tastes!

  36. Seems every year I go to China, there are more and more overweight Chinese girls. Disgusting! Why does it seem all the mainland girls in Hong Kong are fatasses??

    1. No more whitey men going there for sex, they are staying home with their boyfriends and girlfriends or their man wives.

      But they ain’t going to the winter Olympics in Sochi without their male partners or man wives or lady boys.

      So China girls have to eat and eat for the black guys and to forget their Amerikan dream.

  37. To those haters (feminists & their ilk), go get a life.
    If we want to talk about beauty without being rude, there is nothing immoral. You are probably ugly bush pigs jealous. To that Aussie woman’s comment that Aussie women are “supermodels”. I’m Aussie and I don’t want Aussie chicks. They are like men.

  38. I want to join the conversation too XD. I like Asian women a lot, specially the Japanese ones.

    The people discussing about Miss World and all that crap are idiots. I’m Venezuelan and my country has won a lot of Miss World and Miss Universe contests, but that means shit at the end of the day because the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in this country was Chinese.

    The most beautiful woman overall in my opinion is Aya Ueto and you can’t say it’s thanks to surgery because I have seen a lot pictures of her taken when she was very little. I love the facial features of that woman, she is really gorgeous.

    USA is the country that spend the most in plastic surgery in the whole world. So when people say that lots of Asians beauties are fake it’s hilarious and proves that those people are dumb or have a hidden agenda.

    Guess what? a lot of the Misses from my country actually had Plastic Surgery before those contents (OMG). Seriously, if you take those stupid shows as something that’s relevant, congratulations you’re an idiot.

    Asian women age very well most of the time thanks to their bone structure and skin. Gong Li for example is gorgeous and she is already in her late 40’s.

  39. PRC girls pretty? Are you kidding???

    95% of them are loud, smelly, unfashionable, wannabe trendy and pretty ugly..

    And im Chinese myself! (not from china though

    Best looking girls in Asia go to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand

    1. thailand has white people long before chinese came. the true thais are the white race minority, not dark race. the dark people majority in thailand are thaitified, not the true thai race. And it depends on which part of the country Thailand is.
      Superwhite skinned beauty is white thai/tai/dai race minority, not chinese, and this beauty is mainly found in the northern part, the west part of thailand.
      my grandmum on my father and mother side is light skin (yellow light not light brown) and we are the real thai race minority.

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  43. Generally Chinese women look so beautiful as compared to many other countries. Here it is listed just one women per each city, but I can say that there are so many girls and women in each city of China who look more gorgeous. Good concept.

  44. It is not to be shocked that asian women age very well most of the time thanks to their bone structure and skin. They are really god gifted and a dashing lady I had ever seen is Gong Li is gorgeous and she is already in her late 40’s.

  45. It is not to be shocked that asian women age very well most of the time thanks to their bone structure and skin. They are really god gifted and a dashing lady I had ever seen.

  46. It is not to be shocked that asian ladies looks well most of the time thanks to their bone structure and skin. They are really god gifted and a dashing lady I had ever seen.

  47. Why is it that there’s so many more extraordinarily beautiful women in Beijing than there are in Hong Kong?

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