China Puts Xinjiang Rioters on Trial, Multiple Media Perspectives

| August 25th, 2009

Jessi Stafford from informed me today that they just posted a video about China puts Xinjiang rioters on trial.

Jessi Stafford: just posted a video regarding the Chinese trials for the rioters in Xinjiang. It shows the differing media perspectives on who is at fault between Uighurs and Han Chinese. Several sources portray the future political implications of the trial.   

This video tracks the media perspectives from Al Jazeera English, Foreign Policy, Australia’s ABC Radio and China Daily for the real motivations behind the violence and news on the trails.


Jessi Stafford:
Newsy videos combine and analyze global news coverage of important events. Its unique method of presenting how multiple news outlets are covering a story gives viewers the information they need to understand complex issues.

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