Female College Graduate Beaten and Killed in Busy Street over Dispute


A 27 year old female college graduate serving as a village official was beaten and killed in a China’s crowded street by a man who was riding an electric tricycle at the time. The suspect does not previously know the victim. He committed this violent act all because of a simple argument. After committing the crime the murder suspect flee the scene. This incident led to huge responses on the Chinese internet. With tens and thousands of netizen’s help in 3 days the police have already found the murder suspect and brought him into custody.

The Crime

[tianya] On August 10th 2009 2pm in the afternoon, Che Yating (车娅婷) was walking alone on a street in Chengdu (Sichuan province). Suddenly she was sideswiped by a man riding an electric tricycle. She turned around and said something to the man, and kept walking. When she walked in front of a shop called “361 degrees”, the man chased up to her riding his vehicle against traffic. Only said to her “Pretty girl, what did you say?” he got off the tricycle and threw Che on the ground, fiercely punched her on the head. He punched her and grabbed her hair pushing her head against the wall. Che could only attempt to protect her head with her hands but she had no chance to get away. Che’s last words were “I am going to call the police if you don’t stop.” Murder suspect continued to beat her for almost 1 minute. During that time only a 75 year old man came forward and tried to stop him. But the old man was punched in the face and threw onto the ground by the suspect. The old man’s face was bleeding, and at that time, the other bystanders started to yell at the suspect. Suspect sensed situation was getting out of hand, got on his bike and flee the scene. Che Yating passed out, when the paramedics arrived she has already stopped breathing and her heart has already stop beating. After emergency rescue at the scene, she was rushed to the hospital, but the doctor announced she was already brain dead. On the 11th afternoon, Che passed away.

27 year old Che Yating graduated from Sichuan University, was serving as a village official in Chengdu. Because of her academic achievement in June she was appointed as the intellectual property correspondent in the village government. Che Yating was married to her boyfriend she has been dating for 4 years legally. They planned to the ceremony at the end of next month.



The crime scene20090815-street-kill-27

The Reactions

[Netease] On August 12th 4 pm in the afternoon a few netizens went to the crime scene hoping to collect more information and gather more evidence through the possible witnesses. Vitim’s husband was thankful for netizen’s actions and stated “I believe the police can catch the criminal and bring him to justice.” He expressed his anger towards the criminal taken her wife’s life. “This kind of violent criminal should be executed!”

This incident led to even more heated discussions on the internet, many netizens expressed sympathy towards Che Yathing, not only denounced the perpetrator, but also criticized bystanders being indifferent. Netizens were angry at the bystanders especially at the “361 Degrees” store near the crime scene who did not do a thing to stop the crime. “A girl was beaten to death, the shop workers all saw the incident but no one came forward to stop it, this makes people even more angry.” Commotion broke out at the scene of the crime that afternoon. Several netizens were emotional and stormed into the store to question the employees. “Our purpose today is hoping to find more witnesses and evidence, and hope they can come forward to testify for Che Yating.” Less than 15 minutes, this sporting goods shop was surrendered by hundreds of people. Many people not knowing the truth started to curse at the store employees. Some store employees were scared and started to cry. The store’s business was paralyzed for hours.

“361 Degrees” Store20090815-street-kill-08


The Arrest

[QQ blog] On August 14th 1 am Chengdu police announced they have captured the murder suspect Li Bin (李斌) on August 13th. After initial interrogation, the suspect confessed to most of the crimes.

After the incident, Chengdu police quickly started the investigation. According to the eye witness’ descriptions, a sketch of the suspect was made. At the same time, police follow through the information “male over 30, blue electric tricycle, flee towards west direction” etc. They used recordings from the public surveillance camera tracked down criminal’s escape route. Suspect’s tracks disappeared in a residential district. The police was able to visit the residential area and learned one resident has a blue electric tricycle and matched with suspect’s descriptions.

Suspect: Li Bin, Male 33 year old, citizen of Chengdu, employee of an eye glasses store… was not home when the police showed up at his home. August 13th, Li Bin was seen on the street and was arrested by the undercover police officer.

Murder Suspect: Li Bin (in Front), person in back is the undercover police officer20090815-street-kill-29


Surveillance camera captured suspect’s tracks20090815-street-kill-31



The Blue electric tricycle

Netizens posted more pictures of Che Yating









Che Yating at Sichuan earthquake relief20090815-street-kill-44

The funeral
20090815-street-kill-04 20090815-street-kill-05






Che’s husband20090815-street-kill-06

Che’s father being interviewed

Che’s pet dog20090815-street-kill-22


Che’s desk20090815-street-kill-15


Her badminton rackets20090815-street-kill-17




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  1. too sad, why am I not surprised this happened at 1:30PM on a busy day. if Chinese can’t stand up for each other, they have no chance against anyone else.

    1. Typical Chinese, they never think of anyone except themselves. Look at the picture of the guy, no one can tell me that 2 bystanders couldn’t take this guy down with ease, but they would rather watch. If that happened in my country there would be no second punch thrown at the girl because there would be 10 bystanders pinning the guy down. I remember a similar thing in a bank last year where someone was killed and no one else did anything, even after the guy left no one helped the girl bleeding to death on the ground. No wonder the governemnt in China gets away with so much, these people cant even stand up to one pathetic guy.

      1. oh my god, f.u.c.k.i.n.g american W.A.N.K.E.R.!!!
        WITH YOUR SUPERIORITY COMPLEX CRAP,(‘typical chinese’)
        I’m Irish, have lived in the US and China, and Chinese people are much
        better in every aspect, violent crime is a much bigger issue in US/Europe

        1. you irish piece of shit. I live in shangdong and I will meet you any fucking day of the week and split your fucking head open…dig?

  2. Since when is a 27-year-old woman considered a “girl”? And what role did her government job play in this drama?

    1. Good point, the Chinese news is implying she is a smart person, outstanding citizen… by stating her job in the government. So that people are more outraged about the crime… same with calling her a girl…
      And on every Chinese site “the village official” is in every article title. On the Chinese articles the title is “female student village official beaten and killed…” I changed it to be more accurate “female graduate…”

      1. The translation is a little misleading, they don’t refer to her as a girl as in innocent little girl, but girl as in female member of the human race.

  3. The comments make me sick! More concerned about face and what she is called “girl” or woman.

    Where are the real men in China that would stand up and beat this coward down, versus some mob mentallity that Chinese men exhibit. Cowards one and all that saw this and refused or just stood by and watched!

    1. I agree! All cowards! Just like in the US where that chinese guy pulled out a knife and cut off a girl’s head in a coffee shop while other people did nothing.

      Not only in China, US is just as guilty.

      1. That situation was completely different, but if you wanna make excuses for Chinese being such a group of apathetic losers then that’s fine, its people like you who are holding back countries like China, more concerned with making excuses for problems than making solutions.

  4. I’m 6’2″, 235 lbs., and right now, I just feel like bum-rushing this skinny little, small-dick, China Ch!nk, and personally breaking every bone in his frail body !!!

  5. American-Born-Chinese, being stupid is not the answer. Size means shit when you have no brain.

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  6. I just read about this artical,& this make me sick to my stomach. In any case, this guy who beaten this poor woman to death should of been stoped, he was useing phisical vilance, he should of been stoped with physical vilance, end of story. The point the american was getting at is that when some one is agressive in a physical sence,the only way to teach that person a lesson is to use physical agression, & just for the record, America is not have as many over weight people as the guy thinks who is irish, & for how you bashed on us americans, we could just call you a mick. Anyways people I just wanted to share what I would of done about a situation like this one, I would of came from behind the guy who is beating the person up,grab what ever object is in reach that is hard, knock the shit out of him untill he is knocked out cold,,then call the fricken police, end of story….

    1. @Sufka: The only difference in opinion that i have with you here is that i wouldn’t be picking up ANY weapons. i woulda just came up behind him, and sucka-punch him with my fist, once, to the back of his frail little, pencil-neck head, then he would’ve just dropped to the ground, and will NEVER EVER get back up again, that f#cking punk !

  7. She really was a very pretty young woman. Although that is beside the point. I just want to comment on how pretty she was.
    Having said that. Be she a man or woman, young or old, beautiful or not, all are beside the point – To stand by and do nothing is a crime in itself.
    The old gentleman who stood up to this lower-than-low Li Bin was the only person present with the courage to do something. And that says a lot to me.
    Rest in peace Che Yating.

  8. Chinese don’t get involved – unless there is money to be made, a phone to be stolen, or a wallet to be taken. They just stand there and do nothing.

    Unless beings that they are.

    In the US people will get involved and help the person in need but in China they just stand there looking dumb – and they have mastered that look to a T.

  9. The stereotypes are getting pretty tiring here. There are people all over the world who DO stand up and get involved when someone needs help, and there are those who DON’T. Take a look at what just happened in Vancouver (I’m Canadian, though I now live in Taiwan) from a sports game! Nothing but foolish people getting out of control and luckily nobody was seriously hurt. At times like that you need to make a choice, either get involved and try to stop what is going on (at the risk of your own safety), or get out of there and contact someone that can do something.
    Odds are that in the shoe store in China the employees were all young women terrified out of their minds and undoubtedly everything happened very fast.

    Stop pointing fingers at an entire cultural group and instead be more resolved to get involed if you see something like this.

  10. POLL:

    1. In China, how many bystanders will come and rescue you if you are assaulted on a busy street?

    2. How many bystanders will shoot a video and post it on youku instead of give help?

  11. Very sad but true. I’ve seen horrible beatings happening in china and tried to stop them only to be pulled away by chinese who say it’s not my business, etc. they are terrible people on the whole and should be ashamed of themselves. Unless it’s someone they know, they don’t care. They simply don’t care about others.

  12. Anyone here heard about the Illuminati? These evil people control the world and control a lot of governments. Current Chinese society is sooooo full of problems, I don’t know where to begin. But this is what happens when you try to make people into robots. And this is the end goal of Communism.

    Learn where Communism came from. And why human beings need God. When a society is atheist, and has its previous civilization, culture, tradition,s and heritage wiped out by the Cultural Revolution and be replaced by a Satanic system called Communism, today you see the results….

    Similar problems are reported in Russia. Humanity has turned gray. And a gray world awaits us all in the future. Please read the book called A Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley. That is the blueprint of the world future. The New World Order or NWO…..where humans are reduced into robots serving their evil masters, and ultimately the “god” that they worship – Satan himself.

    Disbelieve this at your own peril.

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