Maoren Sexy lingerie Commercial, a New Sexy Revolution in China


[NetEase] Taiwan famous actress, singer and TV Hostess Dee Hsu, more commonly known as Xiao S (小S) is shooting commercials for China’s well known lingerie brand Maoren. (猫人- Cat People) Is Dee Hsu’s pole dancing in the commercial too sexy, too breathtaking? Can the Chinese viewers see this sensational commercial on CCTV on time? Currently company is still intensely consulting with all (Chinese government) departments concerned. But insiders who are fortunate enough to preview it not only all praised the commercial to be beautifully made, but also pointed out that Maoren lingerie branded to be “Sexy” already fully completed the transition of internationalization.

Watch the commercial
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Watch the making of…

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As for Maoren, now the industry leader, the economic crisis in 2008 has became the opportunity for building the number one lingerie brand in China. Maoren has attracted the public and came to understand a new sexy life together with the consumers.

When the photos of Dee Hsu dressed in skin tight lingerie while pole dancing appeared in the newspapers and on the internet, especially after the news of CCTV banning the commercial for being too “hot”, the public have gained even more interests. People can’t wait to see the sexy star in action.

Therefore, Maoren spokesperson said, although currently the commercial still cannot be shown on CCTV, but once it does, its “power” will not be less than America’s top brand Victoria’s Secret lingerie’s 1999 fashion show, which had 1.5 million of viewers. “As confident as Dee Hsu, Manren is not only trying to convey a product promotion, but a sexy, stylish attitude towards life.”

He explains, the word “sexy” is quite frankly difficult to be accepted by the Chinese public right now, but it is only because of people’s misinterpretation of “sexy”. Sexy is an inherent temperament, is a person’s attractive scent; sexy is a beautiful body which takes work to achieve; sexy is also “dare to do (be) what people do not have the guts to”, and lifestyle full of personality. A sexy person, both from inside and out says open-minded and confident.

Well, Can Chinese people accept Maoren first proposed “sexy theory”? Industry experts believe that the sexy lingerie is just the choice of the market. As a European marketing professor once said, in the consumers’ mind is just a fantasy, they cannot explain clearly what the ideal product is. So it requires company to accurately grasp the needs of the end users, to complete product innovation.

The facts will prove all, “Sexy China”, “Sexy City” etc titles can already be seen frequently everywhere such as watches, fashion, cars… There are also more demands in sexy products. We can see that Chinese public is gradually integrating “sexy” into their day-to-day life.














  1. What’s so special? Nothing in her outfit you don;t see young women wearing in Shanghai during the summer. Except she shows less skin than they do.

  2. As you shop for large size lingerie, think about your wardrobe needs. Are you looking for an erotic item or something more soft and romantic? Full figure lingerie is available in any style you want from silk nightwear to sexy corsets.

  3. Very good innovation and unexpected way to show. Models are beautiful, dancing pole everything brings you to the “bedroom” mood . SUPER.

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