14 Year Old School Girl Sent as “Birthday Present” to be Raped


[wccdaily] 14 year old school girl Sisi’s (not her real name) nightmare: she was stopped by two strangers (girls) in front of the school and forced to be taken to a guy’s house. Sisi never thought the strangers (girls) “gave” her away as a “birthday present” to a man. Sisi was raped. When her parents found out about it they reported this crime to the police, finally in July of this year the criminals were brought to the court. Yesterday, Sisi’s parents heard the long-awaited verdict, the offenders who hurt their daughter has finally been sentenced.

“Man was sentenced to 4 years, woman 3 years, it is too light!” Sisi’ family members all feel that criminals should be punished more severely. After some discussions, they decided to submit a complainant hoping for an appeal.

During the 145 days of waiting for the verdict, every time when Sisi’s parents think about their daughter’s experience, they could not help themselves but broke out and  cry. March 10 this year 6 pm in the afternoon, Sisi was going home after school but was stopped by two girls in front of the school. One girl Xin (not her real name) is only 13 years old, the other, Wang is 21 years old. They told Sisi viciously that they wanted to talk to her and asked her to follow them.

Sisi has never seen these 2 girls before, but she heard about there are people in front of the school stopping students “asking for money”. She did not want trouble so she did not resist and followed them to a residential area. She did not know and never would have thought what was waiting for her is a nightmare thousands times worse than a robbery.

That day, it is already 10 pm and their daughter still did not come home yet, her parents were worried and went looking for her everywhere, They heard someone saw their daughter was taken away by 2 other girls, so they called the police.

Later that night their daughter came home, dazed and expressionless. After questioning her, parents found out what had happened. Although Wang and Song were arrested on the next day, the parents never imagined how their daughter was victimize.  She was sent to a man as a “birthday present” and letting him to have sex with her.

“She was still wearing a school uniform.” Her mom could not make sense of this, her daughter who just turned 14 years old, did not make trouble with anyone. Why are these strangers targeting an innocent Jr. High school girl?

Protecting the privacy of minors, July 21, Wuhou city court decided on a closed trial. Defendant Wang admitted that she received Song’s text message asking her to bring a girl as his “birthday present”. So Wang and Xin went to the front of the Jr. high school forced Sisi to Song’s place. Xin took her into the bathroom made her showered then sent her over to Song’s bedroom. Afterwards song forced her to have sex with him.

Sisi’s mother said, they threatened her daughter in many ways, they let her “choose” “have sex with one guy, or get raped by 6 men”, “a 14 year old little girl, she was scared to death” Sisi’s mom said.

August 3, Wuhou court reached a verdict, defendant Song and Wang went against Sisi’s will to have sexual relations with her. Their actions constituted the crime of rape. Song and Wang was each sentenced to 4 and 3 years in prison. And also Xin will be tried separately as a minor.

“Rape criminals should be sentenced to 3-10 years, and the victim is a 14 year old minor, the sentence was too light!” Sisi’s parents consulted statistics of rape case punishment, think criminals hurt their daughter should be punished more severely. Sisi’s mother saw side note on the sentence “defendant Song’s mother is willing to pay compensation”. She said “Defendant’s lawyer first contacted us before, saying defendant’s family is willing to pay compensation, but not anymore.” But Sisi’s family said compensation is not important, what is important is to “sentence (them) more years in prison”, because their daughter’s personality has changed since the incident. Her mental condition worries the entire family, her future becames something no one wants to think about.

After Sisi went through her experience, once a lively and cheerful girl now rarely speaks, even when she is speaking now her tone became very vicious and hot tempered. The scariest thing was, Sisi has a pet dog, she loves the dog, but after the incident, when the dog wags its tails in front of her, she even kicked the dog away. One time she even bit the dog’s ear. “Only see dogs bite human, never human bites dogs!” Because the incident Sisi’s mother lost weight, her father often drink to forget. They do not dare to send Sisi to the hospital because every time when it is mentioned, she will “go crazy”.

“In order to do justice to our daughter, we have to appeal” Sisi’s parents started to contact a lawyer after the verdict, although they do not know whether the appeals will hold, they are still trying persistently.

Reporter: Liu Lu (刘璐)


  1. Tragic….

    If only she said

    good: ‘fuk you bring it bitch, i wont go with you’
    Better: ‘you better leave right now, or im gonna call the cops’
    ownage: ‘dont fuking move, ima take your picture with my cell phone, post it on Tianya and say that you are trying to kidnap kids and flesh you guys out! eat it!’

    The camera is always watching

    1. I’m pretty sure she was forced to. Since she didn’t want any troubles.
      What if she didn’t have a cell phone?
      What if she has a phone, without a camera? Or if she doesn’t have a camera?

  2. Better yet, if she had taken a big fucking rod and shoved it up both their ridiculous cunts until they bled like the pussies they are.

  3. I am kind of confused. I was always taught not go anywhere with strangers….

    Sisi is 14 years old. I think she was mentally manipulated.

    1. Yea 14 year olds are usually informed about strangers and the dangers but do parents tell there kids dont trust other kids? Do they tell them dont talk to other kids? its kinda sticky because kids will socialize with other kids the same age and feel no imediate danger.

  4. 14 24 34 64 doesnt make a difference. Its engrained in the culture through ‘education’ to just be quiet and obey.

    The idea is that if you just do as you’re told, even if that means doing something you’re not comfortable with, like not saying anything if you witness a govt official raping an 8 yr old, there won’t be any negative reprocussions.

    But if you tell people these atrocities you’ve witnessed, they will come after you. The party would want you to think that by turning a blind eye, you are doing society a favor by being ‘harmonius’.

    I am impressed at how effective their brainwashing has been thus far. But in the end, it will be their undoing. All those petitioners who go to beijing to report greivences only to be locked up in a black hotel get to meet all the other petitioners. All of them are labeled as ‘dissidents’.

    Lets think about it, when you put all the dissidents in a single place for a while, they get to talk to each other, its like a dissident networking mixer! you’re basically forcing them to have a dissident conference! And all of these guys are VERY pissed off! This is how grassroots movements get started.

    1. Thank you!
      Because reading this post, all I could thinking about was the things this girl should have done instead of just obeying. It’s utterly frustrating.

  5. I’m 6′2″, 235 lbs., and right now, I just feel like bum-rushing those skinny little, small-dick rapist China Ch!nks, and personally breaking every bone in their frail bodies !!!

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  7. all rapists should be beaten to death. period. All responsible members of society ought to do this, And dumb girls who accuse men who didn’t do it, stop so that only the real rapists can be killed please.

    1. I agree with you. I live in America, and I hate the state of morality here. Kids on the internet, saying “you got raped” as a joke expression…. It sickens me. Honestly, murder, simple murder would not anger me as much as rape. Everyone, imagine you finding the love of your life. You care, and love them so much. They are raped. Your love is defiled. Or a child, this is why rapists, no matter what age, must be executed. Even the posts here disgust me. The problem, a weak society, careless, with a weak govt, corruption. Politicians, they don’t pass a bill for the execution of rapists why? They too are perverse. Hell, its probably some of them doing the kind of crappy in the article. You’ll see executions of rapists in the future, this govt I live under is weak and corrupted, we need stronger values, and more safety. What we live under, unacceptable…

  8. Those girls should get beaten and raped by disgusting old men so they would know how this innocent girl felt.

  9. The cartoon is inappropriate for such a horrible story.

    I hope this poor girl gets some therapy.

  10. hi,i am a catholic mom of two beautiful daughters and i would be devasted if any thing happened to them,which brings me to what happened to a 14 year old girl at our parish back in 1994.the girl was baptized at mass on a sunday morning in may of that year.she was dressed in the traditional white,poofy,above the knees,baptism dress with the bonnet,lace anklets and white shoes.under her dress she had the traditional white cloth baptismal diaper with the white toddler size plastic pants over it and an under shirt.after the party her parents had for her she walked over to a friends house two blocks a way to show her friend her outfit.on the way over a man pulled up in a van and forced her at gunpoint into the van and took off.the man drove a short ways to a wooded area and forced the girl to lay down in the back of the van and brought the dress up so he could rape her and tried to pull her pastic pants down and saw the diaper under them and figured it was too much hassle trying to get them off and let her go.the girl ran to her friends house and called police and they never found the guy as he had taken off,the girl was an emotional wreck after that and had to receive counseling for two years after that and never trusted men other than her dad and male cousins after that.

  11. I am a rainbow teenage girl myself and I know what its like too be brutally raped.I was raped brutally 3 different times before I was 12 years old by 3 different male’s so I litteraly hate men and I litteraly hate straights.so I am a lesbian.so I can completely relate too that 14 year old girl and I know exactly what that 14 year old girl is going through cause just like that 14 year old girl I permanently damaged and traumatized.

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