Chinese Hackers Hacked Melbourne Film Festival Website, Again

| August 2nd, 2009


Ever since “Chinese Boycott Melbourne Film Festival to Protest Attendance of Rebiya Kadeer”, Chinese Hackers also took actions to protest the 58th Melbourne International Film Festival playing “East Turkistan” separatists’ documentary. July 25 around 11 am Official Melbourne Film Festival website was hacked. Famous hacker “oldjun” left a Chinese flag along with these words “We like film, but we hate Rebiya Kadeer! We like peace, and we hate East Turkistan terrorist! Please apologize to all the Chinese people!”

Website is now back to normal, however on August 1, Film Festival website was once again attacked by Chinese hacker, its ticketing system was paralyzed as the result.

Melbourne Film Festival disregarded China’s objection, started screening of the documentary by Kadeer “10 Conditions of Love” Festival spokeswoman Louise Heseltine said Film Festival official website online ticketing system is under attack with many “fake” ticket buyers, resulting the ticketing system displaying all films as being “sold out”.

A website allegedly called “Calls to all the Chinese People” started this attack. This website posted instruction on how to use fake identities to buy movie tickets online, especially targeting Kadeer’s documentary “10 Conditions of Love” on the film festival in Austria. Right now, the organizers shut down the online ticketing system and asked all buyers to purchase tickets through telephone.

Source: NetEase

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  1. bert says:

    Chinese only believe in Han freedom. Which is to be slaves under their own ridiculous, greedy, bastardized communist, capitalistic, backstabbing, horror system. But oh yeah they are “traditional” and “harmonious” people, when it suits them.

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  3. I would usually love stories like this. That starts out with something impossible and then tries to clarify it slowly. Pealing away layer by layer and it just keeps you guessing. Unfortunately in a movie thats about crazy people you can’t believe anything. All though the film you will be guessing what’s real and whats not. However even then you can still almost suppose the ending.

  4. XieXie says:

    It’s sad to know that more and more hackers are now on the net. I hope that we could so more international laws about the internet and cyberspace.

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  7. voiceofhomer says:

    You moron monkeys that support this terrorist group are idiots as well.

    They are the same ones that are in Obama’s camp. Oops that s/b Obama, no that’s Osama.

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