Censorship vs. Innovation in China


Most people already know the issues on Censorship in China. Especially Internet Censorship, as for now, Twitter, YouTube, facebook and flickr etc. are all blocked in China. Netizens spend numerous times on techniques on how to get over the “Great Firewall of China”. This is an ongoing topic being discussed to death. Many blogs are dedicated for this issue, dedicated to show people how to “climb over the wall”.  So you can probably find plenty information on this if you want to know more about it.  Today, I came across these 2 blog posts talked about censorship vs. innovation.

Howard’s Startup Game wrote “So what if twitter is not blocked” (Chinese)

We are on the internet wasting too much time and energy on “ridiculous” and “absurd” these 2 words.

When the U.S. programmers are discussing google wave, our programmers are busy running around and resisting Green Dam; when companies in Silicon Valley are exploring new and innovative models, pioneers in Beijing and Shanghai are complaining about periodically not able to access Youtube and twitter; When a small country in northern Europe start-up company researched and developed one after another brilliant network applications, our smartest citizens were crying over suspension of google; when the latest technological innovation becomes the hottest blog in the world, this country’s hottest blog is “xx ways to break through the GFW” (Great Firewall of China) “Climb over the wall guide”

There are too many things around us that are ridiculous, and these ridiculous things are in the center of our discussions.

So what are our most innovative people are busy doing?

郑昀 wrote on Chinagfw.org:

10% of them are developing web game apps for Social Networking Service websites.

30% of them are developing online games.

10% of them are following their boss’ orders working on Social Networking Services, and even Miniblog.

20% of them are actually on the Social Networking Services, or chatting on QQ.

5% are sending junk mail and Spams.


10% of people are copying advanced countries’ internet applications, 40% of the people are copying early copycat’s application, 20% of the people are trying to think how to make junk and push to everyone, 20% of the people are tied in with the regulatory, 5% are seriously working on E-commerce, the rest 5% are making applications doomed to be banned.

  1. wow no twitter or facebook? That sucks. I go on fb almost everyday! btw im asian but i dont live in China anymore

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