Chinese Fake Universities

| July 28th, 2009


People say you can find just about anything made fake (Shanzhai) in China. How about universities? Guangdong province education department issued a solemn statement: recently 2 universities “Southern University” and “Hua Nan College of Industry and Commerce” appeared on the internet were total hoax. Police is investigating at the moment. Right now is the season of school admissions, Province education department warns the graduating students to be alert of these internet enrolment frauds.

This year right before the college entrance examination, a so called “Southern University” ( appeared in university BBS. This website was made like the real thing. Not only school information but school news, departments, faculty resources, admission requirements etc. were all made up like the real thing. It also said the school is located in Guangzhou University city, but many netizens questioned “University has ten schools, when was there a ‘Southern University’?”

Soon after, many netizens discovered another school “Hua Nan College of Industry and Commerce” (, this website used almost the same text and pictures as a real school “Nan Hua College of Industry and Commerce” ( except for the contact phone number. Do you see the difference? The first 2 characters were switched, “Hua Nan” vs. “Nan Hua” (华南 vs.南华).






Another college had it worse. “Guangzhou International Economics College” The school website is cloned to another site ( and their entire enrollment information were cloned and being used to enroll students. What is funny is the fake school is actually called “Kelong Guangzhou International Economics College” Kelong = clone.

Guangdong province education department issued the statement, “Southern University”, “Hua Nan College of Industry and Commerce” and “Kelong Guangzhou International Economics College” are all fake schools. Reporter learned, police still do not know whether any students or parents actually fell for these fake sites yet, but they are investigating.

“Southern University” and “Kelong Guangzhou International Economics College” websites are not accessible anymore but “Hua Nan College of Industry and Commerce” site is still up and running.

Source: nddaily, sohu

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  1. Rina says:

    This is a bit disappointing!!

  2. And people that come to the U.S. wonder why American companies/universities do not recognize most degrees earned abroad?

  3. ItsWESTPHILIPPINESEAbitches says:

    The Chinese are retards. Not being racist or anything but, Really? Even Universities? Now everything is fake down there. Even your economic uprise might be fake too. Or even, Check the 1-2billion chinese, some 100,000’s might be fake. LOL. Excuse the name though, i’m not Filipino, but i support their claim on the sea dispute. That shoal is theirs so fuck off.

    • voiceofhomer says:

      The blacks are retards. Not being racist or anything but, just saying.

      Kick the blacks out of China and the Filipinos out of Hong Kong.

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