Sudden Death of a Woman After Checked into a Hotel with Chief Official

| July 26th, 2009


Lu Jun (吕军) is number one ranked official at Hunan province Hengdong county Water and Power department serving as the department chief. On July 15 after noon, Lu and a female worker of Industry and Commerce department of the same county checked into a hotel. When the woman walked out of the hotel, she suddenly fell to the ground and died. Right now Lu has been suspended and is under investigation.

This story came out on July 23, appeared to be another piece viral news gets on every news sites, but some major sites (like NetEase, Sina…) deleted this story on the same day. However you can still find this on other sites like Global Times, Yahoo… It also became a hot topic on BBS.

4 pm in the afternoon that day, Hengdong county police received a phone call from Hengdong hotel, saying a woman after checked out from the hotel room, walking out to the hotel entrance suddenly fell onto the ground and died. Police quickly arrived to the scene. After some investigation, deceased, Tang is a female worker at county Industry and Commerce department, 38 year-old. Before this, she checked in to the hotel with Water and Power department chief Lu Jun. “They checked in about 2 pm in the afternoon, and left around 4 pm.” A hotel worker said, Lu Jun left first then Tang walked out. At the time it was very sunny, when she was about to open her umbrella, she suddenly fell to the floor and died.

After the incident major leaders of the country and Public Security Bureau came to the site to deal with the situation. “Under pressure, Lu took the initiative to explain the situation to public security” A local government official said that night, county government held an emergency meeting to arrange county law enforcement departments to conduct thorough investigation and also decided to suspend Lu. 16th deceased family requested county to bring in provincial experts to perform autopsy.

The cause of death is still known, but on the internet rumor says she had aphrodisiac drugs which caused her death. Other questions are did Lu use government money to check into the hotel? Is he responsible for her death? One thing for sure is that his life style is morally questionable. Wait till the result of the autopsy, Lu will be punished accordingly. I will give updates on this once it happens.

What’s ironic was on May 9, 2008 in a council meeting, Lu wrote an essay “Raising Awareness, Strengthening the Party and Clean Government” was the award winning essay of the anti-corruption campaign. According to local government officials, Lu is pragmatic and sincere. From May 1990 onwards, he held varies positions at county water and power department all the way to chief. “He was going to take the back seat soon, and did not expect this thing.” The official said that if Lu just a ordinary person, this incident will not attract so much attention. A hotel employee said “Now the entire city knows about it.”

Netizens speculates while nothing has been confirmed by the government or police: They are lovers; is she the mistress? Use of aphrodisiac drugs caused the death; dating during work time use government money; ironic essay, chief says one thing but act the opposite etc…

Netizen posted Lu’s picture and his resume from department website.

20090725-lujun-02County Water and Power Department

20090725-lujun-03 Lu Jun

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