Yao Ming’s injury, Chinese Blame “Quack Doctor”


When the news on Huston Rockets All star center Yao Ming’s (姚明) foot injury could keep him out of next season, and potentially end his career reached China whole country was sad and sorry to hear that. However Chinese sports writers directed the attentions to Houston Rockets’ team physician Tom Clanton. In this and “The truth about Rockets’ quack doctor who let the giant fall” author gave several reasons on how Clanton is a quack doctor that swindled many professional athletes.



In the article:

Our reporter started to investigate… truth started to come out, the reason Yao Ming’s injury is not getting better but has gotten worse is because of his physician Tom Clanton. Quack doctor indeed is harmful, although since July he is no longer Rockets’ head doctor, but in order to not let anyone else get hurt, we must expose him.

Tom Clanton, people only know that he claimed to be a “Dr.” and is the “expert” of sports medicine. He is an orthopedic physician in the Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. He served as the chief doctor on the rockets (resigned in May of this year officially in July but still responsible for the treatment of Yao Ming). What magic does he have to let tow of our national treasure: Yao Ming and Liu Xiang (刘翔) (the 110 meter hurdler World Champion who was unable to compete in 2008 Beijing Olympic due to foot injury) willing to accept his treatment? We have discovered the tricks he used.”

4 tricks the article said he used were: 1. He monopolized the Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston Orthopedic department so that NBA appointed him. 2. Used famous people to increase his value, apparently Clanton claimed operated for kings in the Middle East and also former president George Bush has asked to see him… 3. Fake advertisement, he performed surgery on Yao last year and announced success, so Yao introduced him to Liu Xiang as well. 4. Pretending to have personal relationship with the players to swindle them for money. Clanton said “I hope to form friendship with the patient, so I will start with listening to understand patient’s condition, I will share every detail of the treatment with my patient, let them understand their conditions…” Yao Ming’s injury reoccurred proves he is a Quack doctor.

Then the article goes on talks about how Tom Clanton treated many other athletes also have bad results. Both Tracy McGrady and Liu Xiang should sue him. The article even writes pliant for them.


Pliant A

Mr. Clanton, first time I met you, first time I am on the operating table in my life. But, look at me, what did you bring me?

Count 1: No skills

Yao Ming recommended you to me. But I don’t blame Yao, I blame you. You have no skills why do you take this job? Messed up one and you want to hurt another, do you know what kind of status Yao and Xiang have in China?

Count 2: Failed to report what you know

I still remember the smile on your face after last year December’s surgery, now I know how fake it was. At the time you said surgery was successful. At the last check up before I got back to China in March this year you even said I will be completely healed. Why? Why do you lie to me?

Count 3: Ulterior Motives

It’s over, my foot is still healing, it is still questionable about my return. Coach said if get injure again I must retire. I have been yelled at for the last year the whole year, media annoyed me to death. Why are you (an American) making trouble? Are you doing it on purpose?

Complainant: Liu Xiang 2009/7/3


Pliant B

We see each other again Tom, it is almost Independence Day, and no one wants to get angry. If wasn’t for Yao Ming I wouldn’t come to accuse you.

Count 1: No Skills

I completely agree with Liu Xiang, you have no skills. Because of your mistake the treatment for my knee injury was delayed and it has gotten worse. You messed up one now you want to hurt another, do you know what kind of status Yao and McGrady have in the Rockets?

Count 2: Worship foreigners

Last year when Liu Xiang came, you immediately left me and performed surgeries on him. Don’t even care about me anymore, typical of worshiping foreigners. Is the China’s moon rounder than Americas?

Count 3:

Good thing later I went to the real expert, they confirmed my problem with my knee and I had surgery. Even though you admit you should not have let me played that soon, but I do not forgive you. Because you said I have issues, you hinted that I was faking injury, my names is tainted because of you. Do you know what Chinese fans call me? I hate you!

Complainant: Tracy McGrady 2009/7/3

I have not found any US article that talked about Tom Clanton being a Quack doctor…

In this article “Rockets’ conspiracy or quack doctor? Chinese questions Yao Ming’s injury” some also were skeptical think Rockets have deliberately exaggerated the condition of Yao. The conspiracy theory was “Because of Yao Ming’s contract will be expired and Yao Ming did not want to leave the team and Rockets want to renew Yao Ming. That is why they exaggerated the condition so that to keep his priced down.” In addition Yao’s doctor Clanton was also questioned. “Yao Ming and Liu Xiang were both treated by him, but now both of them are not healing well, I wonder if he is really a quack doctor.”

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