University Security Guard Raped and Killed Female Student Sentenced to Death


A third year female student at Guangdong Business University was killed because of her beauty. School security guard 22-year-old Zheng Chenlue (郑成略) after pursuing her and got rejected several times, filled with hate on August 14th 2008 he carried a knife ones again demanded her to be his girl friend. After being rejected again he took her hostage into the men’s room raped and killed her. Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Zheng to death in the first instance.



“She is very beautiful, likes to wear in white, very nice body, like Hong Kong movie stars.” her relative said.

Him, 22 years old, from Guangdong Xuwen, education level is middle school, started security guard job since March of 2007.

August 17th 2008, a female body was found at Guangdong Business University Main lecture hall 9th floor. Autopsy revealed that she has been dead for 5 days. Cause of death was due to her heck pierced by a sharp object caused massive loss of blood.

The deceased is a student majoring in finance going into her 4th year in this university. The crime happened during summer break, she was interning at China merchants Bank. For connivances of her work she was living in the school dormitory.

Because the building where body was found has been closed a month ago due to summer vacation and was guarded by security guard, the questions are how did the victim get into the building and how did she die?

Police quickly determined security guard Zheng was a suspect and arrested him on the same day.

After the investigation trial court has presented the details of the case:

Auguest 14th 2008 10am Mr. Zheng was on duty at Guangdong Business University lecture building first floor. He saw “Little Snow” (小雪 not her real name) and again demanded her to be his girl friend, but was rejected.

Snow wanted to leave. Zheng got angry and put a knife on her neck taking her hostage. Snow resisted, but Zheng cut her neck with the knife and pushed Snow down on the ground. He then threw her head against the floor several times. Snow became unconscious.

Zheng dragged Snow into first floor men’s room and raped her. Afraid of things get brought to light, he pierced Snow’s neck couple more times. Snow could not sustain the serious injuries and died.

After killing Snow, Zheng brought a woven bag into the men’s room. He put Snow’s body into the bag and dragged it in the first compartment of the men’s room.

Then he took off his cloth, washed away blood that’s on his body, naked went to the building lobby and locked the door from inside. After he made sure there is no one around, he came back to the crime scene and cleaned up the blood on the floor and on his cloth.

At the time, cleaner was cleaning upstairs he could not immediately move the body. Until about 1 pm that day he opened the door to let the cleaning worker leave then he locked the door. He dragged the bag into the elevator to 9th floor of the building. Then he hid the body in the corridor floor, covered up with cement board. After we went back to the men’s room again and cleaned up left over blood stains.

Send text messages posing as the victim

Zheng Chenlu took Snow’s cell phone, a few days after, in order to cover up his crimes he used her cell phone to sent text messages to Sonw’s friends saying “Cell phone out of battery”, “at friend’s house”… He also text messaged her mother saying “Mom, did you eat yet? I miss you” Zheng wanted to use this trick to make people think Snow is still alive. However, Snow never text messages to her mother, she also text messages to her friends in Cantonese rather than Mandarin. This trick rather aroused suspicions. Snow’s immediate family was aware of Snow has disappeared, came to school to look for her.

August 17th 2008, Snow’s body was discovered by other security guard. Reporter found out yesterday, school’s security camera captured the crime police also used it to break the case.

There are three doors that can enter and exit this building, during the summer break 2 side entrances are locked, only the main entrance was open guarded by security guard. There is only one surveillance camera in the building and it points to the main entrance.

August 16th 2008 Snow’s family came to school and reported that she is missing. The police started viewing surveillance tapes. Surveillance showed that Snow came out of her dorm on August 14th 9:43 am, went to school east gate to buy breakfast. At 9:50 am Snow went into lecture building, never left the building after that. So the school started the search in the lecture building but did not find anything for long time.

Solved the case

August 17th couple security guard smelled strange odor around 9th floor elevator. Near the elevator there is a cement flower bed, 40 cm tall and 50 cm wide. Under the flower bed is the sewer, 50 cm wide and 70 cm deep, it is covered by a cement board. Security guard noticed cement board looked like has been moved recently. After opening the cement board they found a female body wearing white cloth”.

School police viewed the surveillance tape noticed after Snow came into the build, security guard Zheng who was on duty walked towards the men’s room. Then after over 10 minutes, Zheng was naked and came out closed the main entrance. Therefore Police determined security guard Zheng was the suspect and arrested him.


It is reported that Zheng started his security guard job at the university at March 2007. Zheng said he many times attempted to befriend Snow, but Snow never acknowledged him, until Snow is dead, he is still not her friend, even doesn’t know her name.

Zheng’s written confession:

Since August 2008, he noticed this beautiful female student, ever since then he wanted her to be his girl friend.

On August 12th same year he saw this girl again and gathered up his courage and said to her “I want to be your friend” As if Zheng was invisible Snow just ignored him and walked away.

The next day Zhang saw her again, again asked her to be his friend, but Snow ignored him again.

Zhang was very angry and thought “next time I see her, if she ignores me again, I will use force, use knife to force her to be my friend, see if she dares to ignore me again.”

August 14th morning Zheng got a knife from a trash truck, knife is 20 cm long. Zheng brought the knife with him to work. When he saw Snow came out of the restroom around 10 am he asked her “Would you be my friend today?”

Snow did not answer him and walked towards the door. Zhang grabbed her hand. She got scared and said “What do you want to do?” Zheng said “can we be friends?” Snow got rid of his hand and running towards the main entrance also said she wills sue him for sexual harassment.

Zheng got angry, caught up to her and put the knife on her throat said “I want to be your friend and you always refuse, see this time if you refuse again!” then, the rape and killing happened.

Zhang confessed his motive “I want to be her friend, she rejected me twice, I was very angry, also that day she said she will sue me for sexual harassment, I felt I have no way to back out anymore, so I killed her.”


The court stated that the defendant and the victim are strangers, defendant raped and murdered victim, hid her body and attempted to cover up his tracks. Defendant’s motives are despicable, his actions are extremely cruel and vile, seriously impacted the society should be severely punished according to the law. “The defendant is a first time offender, pleaded guilty with good attitude” such defense are not sufficient as reasons for a lighter sentence.

Yesterday the court sentenced Mr. Zheng to death, deprived of political rights for life. And to pay victim’s family all cost of funeral, loss of working time etc. total of 370,000 yuan.

Source: New Express

  1. Although I really disagree with what he did, I believe this could’ve been prevented if the girl was not such a bitch.

    1. it could’ve been prevented if the school wasn’t such a dumbass hiring a psycho perverted guard in the first place- monkey man.

  2. Yeah, good one Nikki. Blame the victim. You think it helps to be “friendly” to every freak out there? It’s not a good idea and it certainly doesn’t happen that way in China.

  3. This is one of those times when it’s a good idea to harvest this guy’s organs to repay part of his blood debt…

  4. What a pathetic excuse, as if it is justifiable to rape and murder just because someone does not want to be your ‘friend’. The punishment has to fit the crime.

  5. Reading things like this really make me question what is wrong with this world. There needs to be a movement to improve the human condition, not enough people are outraged by these sort of stories.

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