Shanghai 13 Story Building Collapse

| June 28th, 2009


From NetEase: June 27th 5:30 am Shanghai Minhang district a 13 story building in “Lotus River Garden” Residential collapsed, resulting one death. The building was unoccupied and still under construction.

Accident took place at a residential area located at the south bank of Dianpu (淀浦) River. Reporters on the scene saw the collapse of residential building just “lying” there but fortunately other buildings under construction around the area were not damaged. According to site staff revealed that the workers at the collapsed building was working on constructions for the underground garage recently.

The reporter also learned from relevant department that on June 26th Dianpu river flood prevention control wall had 70 meters of landsides. Authorities organized the rescue work through the night. This might have something to do with the collapse on the 27th morning. Police said the accident killed a 28 year old migrant worker from Anhui Province, at the time of the accident he went to the build to get some tools.

20090628-building-collapse-08 20090628-building-collapse-02 20090628-building-collapse-03 20090628-building-collapse-04 20090628-building-collapse-05 20090628-building-collapse-06 20090628-building-collapse-07

The aftermath cleanup work is undergoing. Further inspection and prevention work has been done to the accident site and also nearby residents. After detailed inspection it has been determined that nearby occupied residential buildings are incompliance with the safety standards. 120 temporarily evacuated residents have returned home. Shanghai Municipal Construction and Transportation Committee, the City of Work Safety Supervision Bureau and other departments and relevant experts have formed the investigation team to investigate the cause of the accident.

20090628-building-collapse-12 20090628-building-collapse-10 20090628-building-collapse-11

489 Units has been sold already

According to online real estate data the real estate sales has been suspended. The total area of real estate 65,666 square meters, a total of 629 units, units are mainly 66 square meters one bed room, 93-103 square meters 2 bed room apartments. Till June 27th this build already sold 489 units, average price is about 13,297 Yuan per square meter.


 Hundreds of registered owners want to return the purchase

After the incident, the relevant departments opened the external advisory telephone hotline to the buyers of the property. By yesterday 5 pm, this team formed by customer service and lawyers already talked to 255 buyers.

Some owners are concerned even if they are able to return the purchase and get the original price they paid for the housing market has gone up so much since the day of purchase. They are worried they will not be able to get another house for the same price. Mr. Bian, owner who purchased a unit in “Lotus River Garden” Residential which was in the same batch of buildings as the collapsed building said “Although I did not buy the collapsed building, but I am worried that my property value will be affected.”

Nearly 400 property owner have already completed the “return registration form”.

More photos from xfb4:20090628-building-collapse-30 20090628-building-collapse-13 20090628-building-collapse-14 20090628-building-collapse-15 20090628-building-collapse-16 20090628-building-collapse-17 20090628-building-collapse-18 20090628-building-collapse-19 20090628-building-collapse-20 20090628-building-collapse-21 20090628-building-collapse-22 20090628-building-collapse-23 20090628-building-collapse-24 20090628-building-collapse-25 20090628-building-collapse-26 20090628-building-collapse-27 20090628-building-collapse-28 20090628-building-collapse-29
call the number one the billboard if you want to buy a unit 🙂

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