Nanjing Fans Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson, Chinese Reactions


From NetEase: CFP reported on June 26, Nanjing many fans gathered in front of 1912 plaza to pay tribute to the sudden death of superstar Michael Jackson. Fans played Jackson’s music, lit candles and prayed for their idol in silent.


Children at the memorial seem to be more interested in the candle light than the superstar of the past times.



网易湖北武汉网友 [水瓶男孩]: 2009-06-26 23:21:12

A star cannot be surpassed an era cannot be duplicated, ended, all over now. Cannot say anything else, cannot accept, when his “Beat it” plays, heart contracts.

网易山东青岛网友[永远的MJ]: 2009-06-26 23:28:30

What is king of pop?
What is legend?
What is the representative of an era?
Today I finally know the answer.
MJ is one of a kind.

网易上海网友 [oooceannn]: 2009-06-26 23:21:45

Today I am in a bad mood, only going to write 4 sentences, including first 2, I am finished.

网易浙江金华网友[Michael]: 2009-06-26 23:29:18

Gone too soon ~~。。We miss you~~ Michael~~~


In fact, I also like Jackson’s songs, worship him, his death is great pity. I will write condolence messages online but I will not light candles as if my own parents are dead. Only Wen Chuan earthquake is worth it for me to do so. Only if when national hero dies then it is worth it for me to do so. I know Jackson’s songs has gone beyond ethic and national boundaries, he is the world’s great asset. Him and his songs impacted many generations, but I also know that in modern times Chinese people look down on our own people, the death of our own compatriots have always been worthless, and China was in constant of natural disasters, how many people have died and how many of us light candles to offer condolences. This publicity will only let people have the wrong impression. Chinese people are, as if condolence to a foreigner is fashion, unique. All in all, I feel uncomfortable seeing this news…

网易广东广州网友 [caimengys]: 2009-06-28 12:41:53

Annoying, Every headlines throughout the day, as if the dead of the state died. I want to see the domestic news, but at the end it seems to have no weight, and make the people in the country to see a death of a singer we cant even understand, is this interesting? It is glorious? If he made great contributions to you, you can go to US memorial. Ah, a majority of people in China do not even have any connection with him. Especially people of 70s and 80s, how many people understand English? All websites in China’s headlines occupied with this news, ah it is warped. I don’t know this man, but I know some of the things he did, anyways I don’t care what you guys think, because I have trouble feed myself…

网易上海奉贤网友[1111] ip:58.40.*.*: 2009-06-27 22:35:28

Just sing songs with more emotions, dance with “bare fangs and brandish claws”, wear strange clothing and be rebellious! Charitable donations are to meet his own emotional needs, number one record selling has to do with rise of black music, just like 80s China’s northwest wind, not a big deal. And to see all these people are head over heels worshiping him! Dog shit!

网易广东广州网友 [caimengys]: 2009-06-27 19:47:45 发表

I have to say this even if the dogs will bite me, who is he/she? I don’t know him, and I don’t feel anything. Only a foreigner is dead, it is a bit of waste. Really don’t understand the people today, why have memorial? I believe most of people don’t even understand his songs, just parroting, follow what other people do, feel that this is the glory and the trend. Ay, I don’t know what to say.


I don’t know what to say, If even MJ is not worth pay tribute to then there are not many people in this world is worth to pay tribute to. Why? If you think grieve over him is stupid, then I want to say you are worse than being stupid, before you criticize or admire a person please first get to know him, don’t speak words that don’t even make sense to yourself. Not only the contributions to music, How did he earn the title of “King of Pop” please go look it up.
One who 2 times nominated for noble peace price
one who currently has the most charitable contribution
a singer who started the trend of charitable concerts
the pioneer of introduce African American into mainstream American society
one who uses pop culture against racial discrimination and environment destruction
one who repeated achieved in the Guinness world Record…
If a person like this is not worth people to respect, then this society has lost its order, lost its truth, goodness.

网易广西百色网友 [tzq81]: 2009-06-27 18:48:08

Post 70’s and 80’s we like Michael Jackson. In our heats he is forever better than Jay chow… post 90s never listened his songs never watched his music videos. If you don’t like him, don’t come disappoint us.

网易广西梧州网友 [2833555]: 2009-06-27 11:27:05

For those that trash MJ, just because he did not donate to China, all his other donations are not charitable contributions? Just because he is not Chinese he is not worth pay tribute to, Even if he impacted many generations of people throughout the world? If you were born couple years early, when you hear Bruce Lee’s death, will you say “That’s just an American, don’t need to pay tribute to him” Yes what you say is not wrong “We are all Chinese!” but MJ said “we are the world!”

网易广东广州网友 [idontgiveash]: 2009-06-27 08:41:38

When I was in 3rd grade I came into contact with English songs, this first was with MJ’s music. Not only his music but also his original dance was so shocking to me. Since then I begin to have interest to English language. Because listening to English songs must understand the lyrics are. MJ sang the injustice of the world and politics. He sang yearning for peace and hope. Regardless of how much his scandal is on the news, in my heart he is one of kind! 26th morning 8 am when I saw the news, I was shocked… why MJ… hope he rest in peace! Continue to create art treasures for mankind afterlife!

  1. i am already a great fan of Michael Jackson ever since i was just a little kid. i would really miss the King of Pop,,

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