Chinese Dissident, Liu Xiaobao Formally Arrested

| June 26th, 2009

20090626-liu-xiaobao-01 DW-World: Well-known Chinese dissident, writer in Beijing Liu Xiaobo (刘晓) after being house arrested by the police at a secret location for over six month, is formally arrested for “suspicion of inciting subversion of state power”. This also means that the case against Liu Xiaobo officially launched judicial proceedings.

In accordance with Section 105 of the Criminal Law of China paragraph 2, inciting subversion of state power if found guilty can be imprisoned for up to five years, criminal detention, deprivation of political rights; head criminal or more serious crime can be punished for over five years in prison. Analysts believe that this is yet another case of arrest based on “speech”.

Radio Free Asia: His wife, Liu Xia (刘霞) at 11 Am on Wednesday received the notice about the arrest from authorities. When reporter called her half an hour later, she said “Originally, when analyzing with my friends, not setting him free meaning he is arrested, so I was somewhat prepared psychologically”.

Reporter: What is your next plan?

Liu Xia: First get a lawyer send the things that need to be sent. Then follow the proceedings, at least lawyers can see him, and then we will know the next steps when we get there.

Liu was taken into police custody on Dec. 8 last year a day before a document he co-authored was released urging sweeping changes to China’s rigid political system. "Charter 08" called for a new constitution guaranteeing human rights, election of public officials, freedom of religion and expression, and an end to the Communist Party’s hold over the military, courts and government.

Liu Xia was informed by the authorities in Beijing that Liu Xiabo’s Lawyer Mo Shaoping (莫少平) also signed the “Charter 08” therefore he can no longer serve as dense counsel. Mo Shaoping told us that “If it is because of this, then the public security must give me a formal reason, is Liu Xiaobo’s case related to his signing of “Charter 08” and “Charter 08” is to be suspected as criminal act? They must give me a formal and clear answer, if there is no clear answer to this, or that so-called crime of Liu Xiaobo does not involve “Charter 08” then there is no reason why I can be refused as Liu Xiaobo’s defense counsel.”

Reporter “Now, (the notice did not say the arrest is not relevant to “charter 08”) what will you do?”

Mo Shaoping “We submitted the procedures relating to a lawyer to the public security organs, asked to meet Liu Xiaobo, then we will at that time formally negotiate with the public security organs”

Reporter: according to the procedure, you can meet with Liu Xiaobo, right?

Mo Shaoping: Yes, according to the normal procedures, they should arrange the meeting within 48 hours after we submitted in our formalities.

Liu Xia

Yahoo: More than 150 writers and rights activists, including Salman Rushdie, Nadine Gordimer and Wole Soyinka, have signed an open letter to President Hu Jintao urging Liu’s release. Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, also wrote Hu last month asking that Liu and other Chinese "prisoners of conscience" be released.

20090626-liu-xiaobao-03 BBC: Members of the democratic camp led by more than 30 people, has marched to the Western District of Hong Kong Chinese Central Liaison Office in Hong Kong to protest against the arrest of dissident Liu Xiaobo in Mainland.

They shouted slogans, demanding the immediate release of Liu Xiaobo, and against “arrests based on person’s speech”.

Alliance chairman Szeto Wah (司徒华) said that Beijing’s unreasonable arrest the drafter of "Charter 08" of Liu Xiaobo, worry about other people who signed the Charter will also be suppressed.

Member of the Legislative Council of “She Min Lian” Leung Kwok-hung (梁国雄) said that Liu Xiaobo proposed anti-corruption fight for human rights is not a crime, I hope more organizations and individuals to plead Liu Xiaobo.

They also said in a statement that they are worried about that Liu cannot be grant a fair trial and legal assistance. They read out a protest outside the Liaison Office’s letter and the letter of protest banners were hung on the main entrance of the Liaison Office.

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  1. Morry says:

    On December 24, 2009 Liu Xiaobo received 11 years of imprisonment for “inciting subversion of state power”.

  2. FFF says:

    Everything related to human right r not acceptable in the Chinese law…because its lead by corrupted communist leaders, who doesn’t possess any moral like any Chinese civilized common people. Since minds of these leaders r too much corrupted that they couldn’t or wouldn’t let a better person to surpass them. Prisoners r tortured excessively that when let out…they turn out to become abnormal or mentally unstable person. No one could imagine the life in Chinese prison until n unless someone imprisoned there. Too pitiful….i pray to god for them to keep their spirit alive..

  3. AlleyCat says:

    He should be offered a Nobel prize. Oh wait, I think he just got one!!!

  4. a nobel of youth says:

    europeans decided to declare a straight war on china due to its exconomic assistance on the poor countries of europe due to the poverty that euro caused

    it is very ironic europeans to give lessons of democracy in china, when in europe the comments are being suffered by a censhorship in blogs or elsewhere when they are critical on the facistic administration of comission

    they should not dare to speak about freedom of speech and violaytion in china when they do the same things and even worst
    it contains erotonomicon
    unsuitable for ages under 18 and people who are not democratic at all

  5. Yixin says:

    I think chinese govt. should kill any dissident. Govt. in china like parent. Nobody should have right to disagree with the govt decision in china. Those who protest against govt’s decision are wrong and stupid people. They should not live in china. Chinese are happy enough with the freedom govt has already provided them. What is the need for more freedom?

  6. Yixin says:

    Chinese people are happy enough with the present govt. We do not need the world to teach us what is democrasy and freedom. Our govt. has already provided us enough freedom.

  7. Yixin says:

    first off all nobel committee should not have offered the prestigious nobel award to a criminal like Dr. Liu Xiaobao, as chinese govt. said.

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