Online Selling 18 Years Old Pretty Girl’s Saliva


From MOP:

Selling time, selling youth… trying to be creative, Taobao (China’s ebay) store owner is selling young girls’ saliva shocks netizens. Today, netizen “ximacai” posted on Huasheng forum saying that although you can almost find anything on Taobao for sale, selling young girl’s saliva is a first.


From the pictures, reporter noticed in order to attract customers the seller uploaded pictures of young girls wearing low cut tops. Seller also said “beautiful young girl’s saliva” is designated as traditional tonic. The price is 20 yuan per bottle.

According to netizen’s information, reporter searched on Taobao and found a Taobao store selling young girl’s saliva. It also uses a picture of young girl wearing a low cut top, but “selling beautiful young girl’s saliva” is changed to “selling 18 year old young girl’s saliva collection bottles, each bottle comes with one drop of young girl’s saliva”, each bottle is 18 yuan.

Seller’s note also says “Each saliva collection bottle will come with one drop of 18 years old young girl’s saliva dropped when she was sleeping. Saliva can be identified by experts before the payment.” According to the record these items has already been sold.

Reporter was able to contact the seller by phone. The owner’s last name is Zhou, admits earlier “selling young girl’s saliva” is also him. Zhou said he opened store on Taobao selling, watches, wallets, food… but were all unsuccessful. Couple days ago he had this idea of selling pretty young girl’s saliva, and posted it on Taobao. Unexpectedly his link got over 10,000 hits. Later Taobao deleted his post because “selling saliva” does not compliant with the rules. But Mr. Zhou posted another one with “selling young girl’s saliva collection bottle comes with one drop of young girl’s saliva”. This post is already viewed over 400 times in one day.

Zhou said he did not expect anything. It is because repeated failures of his previous businesses, he wanted to test out his ideas. “I want to see if this can be accepted by others” Zhou explains he has many other ideas to post on Taobao but did not tell us the details.

Being creative “selling saliva” many netizens find it to be unacceptable. Netizen “cocococo20” said “This is the degeneration of human nature.” Netizen “虾客” said “In order to attract the public, using such gimmicks, the social moral standard degrades day by day, sad!” However some netizens also praised the creativity of selling saliva. Some even recommend Mr. Zhou to engage in advertising or marketing for his ideas. (Huna Xinhua online reporter: 刘乐)

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