Ministry of Health Halts a Dish Called “Sneak Bites Chicken”


From Mop: 2009-05-27

Yesterday, the newspaper domestic news reports a Foshan restaurant is selling a dish called “Sneak Bites Chicken” which has aroused public and netizen intensely and attracted their attention. Ms. Zhang called our newspaper and said there were at least two restaurants sell this cruel and bloody cuisine in the north of the river Area. “At least, the slaughter is in a non-standard way.” Last night, the Jiangbei District Health Authority said they would carry on the investigation, and come to stop this way of slaughtering.

Reporter witnessed

Seeing “the sneak bites the chicken” the female customer squeaked out a cry of fear.

Yesterday morning, Citizen Ms. Zhang called the newspaper and said there were at least two other “Sneak Bites Chicken” restaurants near the vicinity of Huangni Bang.

6:30 pm last night, the reporter arrived at the restaurant near Huangni Bang, saw the customers came into one after another. “Don’t be scared, we’ve already tasted it for many times” meanwhile, 5 strong men entered the restaurant and shut loudly “the snake bites chicken please” immediately. The chef came out of the kitchen wearing leather gloves, carried wired cage on his left hand and grabbed a chicken in another hand and walked to customers. Report saw that, there were seven or eight snakes huddled up together in the cage didn’t stop wriggling.

“The performance is coming soon!” all customers are staring at chef’s hand. Watching his left hand press the hen in ground stubbornly, using his right hand grasped a 1 meter long cobra from the wired cage and locked its neck. “Pa, pa, pa!” the chef continued whipping cobra’s head attempted to anger it, but the cobra was still motionless. “How come it doesn’t bite?” Some guys laughed at the chef, more customers also walked in one after another.

The chef put it back to the cage and grabbed another bigger one. Also “Pa pa pa”, when the second time the chef whipped its head and approached the hen to tempt the cobra.

At the moment, the cobra started to wave fiercely, opened the mouth and took a bite into hen’s eyes. By now, a female customer nearby were frightened to screamed. The hen was struggling with a pitiful yell, the cockscomb’s color also gradually turned darker. One minute later, the hen stopped moving. The chef took a pair of scissors and cut the cobra’s head, the blood drop down into a bowl.


Reaction from all sides

City Resident: this kind of slaughtering is too cruel to accept

“I don’t dare to eat!” Mr.Liu said after he saw the advertisement in the “snake bites chicken” restaurant near Huangni Bang and thought this kind of way of eating was too strange. Mr. Liu also said, the advertisement stated that this “snake bites chicken” cuisine may refresh the mind, anti-freckle, expulsed toxin and curing rheumatism, etc. “This is not only too cruel and bloody but also too immoral.” Said Mrs. Zhang, she hoped it’s some act in few restaurants to attract customers.

Doctor: the way of eating is uncivilized

Yesterday, Professor Wang, assistant director of digestive medical in Xin Qiao Hospital, explained that once the viper bites the animal, its venom entered animal’s blood and made neurotoxin which lead the animal’ s organ failure. But, the snake venom is also the protein. Theoretically, after high temperature heating, there is no longer biological activity in both snake and poisoned chicken which means the cuisine should be safe and edible. But definitely, this kind of cuisine and the way eating is uncivilized.

Health Supervision: the way of slaughtering is not standard

“Although the cuisine didn’t cause any food poisoning, this kind of slaughtering is not standard.” Yesterday night, after the Health Supervision of the North River Area received the notice from the higher authorities, they announced that they would involve the investigation and stopped this kind of slaughtering.

News background

The restaurant owner is Cantonese who has already run her business for three years.

Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Zeng, the female owner of another “snake bites chicken” restaurant told the reporter, she had run her business for three years and no one has ever been poisoned. She said, the main business of her restaurant was seafood and barbecue, the “snake bites chicken” was one of the most famous dishes. Majority of these sneaks were cobras but not wild. “Eating wild cobra is illegal”. The female owner said, the cobras were domesticated and bought from Guangdong Province. She run the business with her husband together and her husband is Cantonese while she is from Jiangjing. The reporter was told that these two restaurants actually belonged to the same owner.

Chief reporters: Shuangquan Li (李双全) Reporter Dan Jing (景丹)

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