Shooting Incident at Putuo District in Shanghai, 2 Men were Wounded

| May 22nd, 2009


From NetEase:

May 22 Eastday Reported today 12:45 at Changshou road 882 Lane Putuo district Shanghai occurred a gun related incident, one man was wounded and taking to the hospital. Currently Putuo police is investigating the matter.

Daily reporter at the scene contacted the SMG TV news reporter Kying Sun learned that the crime scene located at 822 lane Changshou road has been sealed off with police cordon. According to the eyewitnesses, there were 6, 7 men in the area in front of the entrance of the residential district having a dispute. One of them brought out a gun like object and shot at a taller man. After being shot, the man staggered, and was shot again and finally felt on the floor. The man then tried to get up several times but was unsuccessful.

Now the wounded man was taken to East China Hospital. Reporter contacted the hospital, according to doctor the man has dilated pupils and was covered in blood in critical condition.





From Rolling Coverage:

[15:33] Huadong Hospital operating room 15th floor has been blocked

[15:27] The man was taken to the hospital at 1:20 pm for emergency treatment of intracranial injuries. He had dilated pupils and still in the operating room.

[14:54] Shanghai police confirmed that there is only one man being sent to the hospital.

[14:40] Other witnesses said the two sides had heated argument. A group of men took out knives threatening each other. Then one drew a gun and started shooting. They heard 3 gun shots.

[14:37] According to Xinmin reporter, that the site of the shooting is only 10 minutes walking distance from the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Shanghai Public Security Bureau is located at 128 South Wuning road.

[14:25] According to a woman at the scene, the shooting occurred at around 12:30 pm. Two groups were talking within 20 meters of the entrance to Huili Garden residential district (汇丽花园小区). After a while one group of 5 suddenly drew guns and started shooting at other group. Two of the men from other group were shot, one of them attempted to escape but felt in a pool of blood within 10 meters, the other wounded man got away. The five men who opened fire got into a car and escaped soon after. The car is Jiangsu license plate.

[13: 40] Xinmin network reporters have arrived at the scene. Police have blocked Huili Garden entrance area. There were more than 10 police cars and two other police vehicles. Xinmin Network reporter at the scene saw the blood clearly visible on the ground. A large number of public security and special police were investigating the scene, dozens of people gathered.

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