Hong Kong Man Viciously Attacks Tourist Mother and Boy with Foul Languages Captured on Film

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Information Times reported on May 19, this film of a “Hong Kong man viciously attacks tourist (from mainland China) mother and boy on a train using foul languages because the kid was coughing without covering his mouth” was posted on Youku and Youtube. In the clip Hong Kong man in both Mandarin and Cantonese “bombing” the family of three with foul languages. The incident was started because the male of the family was cough without covering his mouth.

For those of you in China here is the video from Youku:

Immediately after the video was posted, concerns were widespread among netizens of Hong Kong and mainland China. Hong Kong netizens accused the man who now has the nickname of “train man” is detrimental to the image of Hong Kong. Viewers also noticed in the video “train man” mistakenly believed the family is mainland visitors, but in fact they are really Koreans.

The reporter watched the video segment called “Train man going to war with baby”. Video’s length is 4 minutes and 30 seconds. From the video he learned that it was taken in a train from University station on its way to Tai Po Market Station. In the beginning of the clip, you can hear the man shouting in both Mandarin and Cantonese to the middle aged women with a boy. “XXX, you don’t want to live, the whole train wants to live” he also makes the action of coughing accusing coughing without covering the mouth not only teaches kid bad habit but also spreads diseases. The man continues to shout using vulgar languages. The mother did not pay any attention to the man’s abuse. But he never stopped, “you are a small turtle, I am a hammer, who is scared of who?” He also threatened that if he coughs again, he will have to dial 999 or 110 to call the police.

About 2 minutes 30 seconds into the video, a plastic bottle held by the boy fell towards the man. The man immediately jumped up and picked up the bottle threw it back to the boy and hit his head at the same time shouting “why do you hit people, why do you hit people?” The boy started crying, the woman carries the child with the man next to them stood up and left the seat, soon after train arrived at a station the family took off.

The video was first uploaded to a local video-sharing web site in Hong Kong, but the video was not widely disseminated on the internet. According to the Hong Kong media reported that Hong Kong people have been forwarding the video to the police, ask the police to follow up. A spokesman for the Hong Kong police also confirmed a report had been received from the public, saying the railway would follow up on the police about the incident. A spokesman for the Hong Kong Railway on an interview with Hong Kong media also said that if a person speaking foul language on the train nuisance to other passengers, the passengers can contact the staff, and the staff will provide assistance. Foul language is prohibited on the train and is subject to a maximum fine of 5,000 yuan.

Yesterday afternoon, reporter found this video online to be one of the hottest searches, as of yesterday this video has over 200,000 views and 1418 comments.

Video has been reposted in many forums, and has aroused widespread concerned users. Reporter noticed that Hong Kong netizens and Mainland netizens have different views on the incident. In Hong Kong most users believe that this man has seriously damaged the image of Hong Kong. Most of them expressed anger, saying the man “lost all of Hong Kong men’s face” and said “gentleman does not speak loudly in public places using foul language.” “He is talking about coughing without covering, but himself is causing noise pollution.”

Viewers in Mainland also discussed about the issue that tourist family actually is not from mainland China. “If listen carefully during 2:47 – 2:08 of the video, you can hear the mother is speaking Korean to the kid.” Netizen “dinosum” said. They also talked about the reason for this man to take this action is because the recent outbreak of swine flu. “Although the family was not from mainland China, you can see Hong Kong people are dissatisfied with the hygiene safety practices of Mainland China.”

  1. If ‘train man’ would have played that game on a NYC subway, he would be in a pine box….
    Maybe you can ignore the crude language but at the time that he would have hit the child with a bottle there would have been bloodshed.

    Very interesting culture there when grown men can attack children and no one says anything!

  2. That’s not true at all. NYC Subways are notorious for passengers being harrased by thugs, gang members or just rude people with no one around lending a helping hand.

    This is not aimed at NYC citizens but it happens everywhere around the world. General mentality here is that ” Dont go looking for trouble”. Sad but true

  3. What goes around comes around…koreans are notorious for being racist towards foreigners. I hope they learn from this experience

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