Waitress Stabbed Government Official to Death for Making Sexual Advances on her


Beijing Times May 14 reports, on the evening of May 10, three Hubei Province Badong County government staff came to the entertainment venue Dream City, started an argument with the waitress Deng Yujiao (邓玉娇). Waitress stabbed one of them to death with a fruit knife and injured the other two.

It was confirmed that the deceased named Deng Guida (邓贵大) is director of government office for the coordination of investment, before the incident he requested the waitress to provide “special services” (meaning sex service in China) but was refused. He then insulted her by using a stack of cash hitting on her face and twice pushed her into the sofa. She took out a fruit knife and stabbed Deng Guida three times, other town tries to stop her but one of them was stabbed on the arm, and the other was too afraid to get close. Deng Guida was dead on his way to the hospital, due to major injury of arterial blood vessels and lungs.

Deng later turned herself in to the police. Later police said Deng may suffer from depression. May 12 afternoon, Deng was sent to the metal hospital for evaluation. On the 16th according to the physician because the police did not complete the relevant procedures to commission the hospital for psychiatric forensic, also in hope for more accurate results, the hospital did not start the identification process yet.

She cries “dad, they beat me…”




Nevertheless, after Deng was sent to the hospital, she is to be restraint as a metal patient. Her wrist and ankle knee and other parts were bounded with cloth.

As this story develops on the internet, netizens started many public discussions on the topic of whether her action should be considered self-defense. Majority of people agrees that she is not guilty because her action should be regarded as self-defense; some even think her action is heroic. However legal experts think that she is likely to be charged.

Netizen photoshopped her as a hero

Some posted her other photos.






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  3. This story is sad — not only is she pretty but she looks so normal! This woman is surely a hero and it’s horrible that she will probably be contained in a place that will make her go insane with feelings such as guilt.

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  4. I think she is very beautiful. If her allegations are true and confirmed by witness or video, than she acted in self-defense and she be given and award and commendation for her actions. In China, government officials have abused their powers way too long. Now with the internet, cameras, video, and large groups of people that demand justice for victims of crimes by government officials, the officials have met their match.

  5. No loss. Government employee shouldn’t flaunt his money around and treat their fellow citizen as trash. I salute the girl for standing up to bullies like that. There’s really no loss for scum like 邓贵大 to die.

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