Chongqing “Sex Park” (Love Land) Dismantled for being Vulgar and Explicit


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Chongqing Evening News reported on May 17 disputed of being vulgar and obscene the Westerner Street (洋人街) “Sex Park” (“性公园”) (named “Love Land”) which was currently under construction was dismantled yesterday afternoon.

Civilization office, the South Bank of the city party committee propaganda department and the district civilization office have urged the owners of Westerner Street – Maxim Group in Chongqing to remove banners, signs and sculptures and start the comprehensive clean-up and rectification.



Recently, Westerner Street unauthorized construction of “Sex Park” which used sex as its theme. Park uses nude sculptures, nude portrait posters, murals on foreign sexual customs and cultures and so on in order to attract tourists. This led to public’s questioning. The media have also been monitoring reports. Municipal Propaganda Department and the South Bank area have a high degree of concerns. The relevant departments in the organization of investigations showed that Westerner Street “Sex Park” displays vulgar content that are not healthy but also are misleading to the public. It has extremely bad impact on the society. Enterprise should immediately stop such disregard of social responsibility, pure sensationalism and economic interests. Therefore, ordered the Maxim Group to immediately move “Sex Park” and the scenic posters, signs and sculptures and to conduct a comprehensive clean-up. All the contents in bad taste must be immediately removed or reformed. The future new signs, banners and sculptures are to be reported for approval to the relevant department. In addition, the relevant departments of the facilities of the scenic places are to conduct a comprehensive cleanup and rectification, and also establish a regular inspection system to deal with problems promptly.

As of 4 pm yesterday, Westerner Street “Sex Park” has been removed. Scenic  spots with poor vulgar slogans, signs are also cleared. Maxim Group apologized for the park’s adverse effects caused to the public. The next step will be actively cooperate with relevant departments to seriously reform and strive to build Westerner Street into a tourist attraction which is accepted by the mass, contains healthy content and being vigorous and civilized.

(Article Source Chongqing Evening News)


Park Entrance

  1. “Park uses nude sculptures, nude portrait posters, murals on foreign sexual customs and cultures and so on”
    I hope they reform it to a park on tantric daoism and bound feet; at least then it will be honoring the ancient customs and traditional ancestry.

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