Central Business District White Collar Female Posed as a Crucifix in Public Looking for Work

| May 6th, 2009


From Mop:

People find every conceivable means in order to find a job. What happened today, if I didn’t see it for myself I would not have believed. Today I went to Trade Central Business District (CBD) (in Beijing) to run some errands and I saw a beautiful girl on the street carrying a huge cross on her back. I thought she is in the middle of filming a movie. When walked closer I found out that the woman is looking for a job in this manner. I was astonished.


The cross on the pretty girl’s back is even taller than her, and also the cross is kind of special, it looks like a giant cigarette with a filter also. And the poster hanging from her neck also makes you speechless. Reading what is written on it then you know she is actually looking for a job.


In the poster:

Fellow boss, CEO, please stop here:
I was a CBD company’s employee. Because my boss always smokes during meeting, I was not feeling well. I only complained to him a little, but he fired me for that!
Force his employees to take second hand smoke, this kind of bad boss, you guys be the judge!
I am responsible and professional, with 3 years of experience, looking for a job with monthly salary of 4000 Yuan. Contact…”

In order to find a job, people are crazy. Not caring about anything, must this pretty girl try to find a job with this approach? Is job really so difficult to find? It seems to me she is not trying to find a job but for the sake of fame. If this is true the reason of being fired is because complaining to boss about smoking, and then using this way to avenge the boss, then your personality is too radical! Which company doesn’t have smoking in the conference room?

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