Post 90s “Bag Girl” being Naughty at Auto Show or Just another Business Scheme


From KDS

Recently the story about this “bag girl” (麻袋女) is all over the internet. It’s this post 90s generation girl who went to the Shanghai International Auto Show carrying a huge bag of cash. She asks people to take her pictures, then she would take money out of the bag and give to people as tips for taking her picture @@…

After someone took the video and posted it on the internet, the girl along with the bag and the MG brand car suddenly got super popular. Sweat~ I also watched the video, only as a joke. As for the post 90s generation, for them to do these kind of shocking things are not the first time. Having seen too much of it, I am almost too tired of laughing at it. = =.






Soon this girl was identified by the human flesh search engine. She appeared to be from Shanxi. In her blog.  there are full of impudent remarks. She says “all people from Sichuan are dwarfs”, “People in Shanxi fed half of China”. She also talks down on people from Shanghai, they are not as rich as people from Shanxi etc.

Her blog

However some thinks this “bag girl” case is just a business scheme to hype up the MG car.

From 619:

Author gave 9 reasons:

1. If you watch the video carefully, you can see it could be a set up, because before the girl opens her bag, the camera is already shooting at the bag.

2. Looking the video the girl is not the same person as the one in the blog. (the girl in the video has short stubby legs)

3. The blog is from woyo, this site did this kind of scheme before. This time it is possible they are teamed up with the MG car company.

4. Woyo did this kind of scheme with their employee “Landong”, see reference.

5. From “bag girl’s” blog, it looks fake, and aiming at particular audiences. (First make herself famous, then the car will be popular…) 

6. How does this thing spread on the internet? Youku, Tudo and had the same video at the same time (only couple minutes apart)

7. All the BBS about this story is suspicious also.

8. The posts in the BBS and blog posts all looks its aiming at particular audiences. (for example in the Sichuan based BBS site post highlights the part targeting people from Sichuan and in the Shanghai based BBS site post highlights the part where belittles people from Shanghai)

9. Right now the auto market is highly competitive, using this to hype up their brand is not the first time.

Therefore, from the above points we conclude this “bag girl” case is just a business scheme.


Here is the Louis Vuitton bag

it does look like migrant worker’s bag…


  1. who honestly gives a shit?
    and how could a publicity stunt like this make anyone want to buy a stupid car?

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