Shanzhai Cell Phone: HiPhone Nano

| April 22nd, 2009


From NetEast:

Shanzhai Cell Phone: HiPhone Nano
Currently this HiPhone Nano already appeared on the Chinese market. It is a knock off of iPhone Nano which has not been released to the market yet.

HiPhone Nano has three colors: red, gold and silver. This cell phone supports 3G GSM network also has a 1.3 mega pixel camera, but it does not support video recording. In addition, HiPhone Nano also supports MMS, MicroSD expansion memory card, handwriting recognition, MP3 player (with recording function) and so on.

The phone’s current price is 125 U.S. dollars or about 850 Yuan.

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  1. Julian Wu says:

    wOw so cheap….. maybe too cheap, i dont think it will be that popular, i know people love to show off their expensive mobile phones…seems this one doesnt fit the bill

  2. Qi Guo says:

    Unless it looks like the real thing, then people won’t be able to tell the difference.

  3. Qi Guo says:

    I like IOrange better anyways

  4. ~YuUkI~ says:

    CHEEEEAP! I like the real ones better, the new version of iPhone that is already out in the US and Canada (i live in Canada) If this Hiphone Nano was out there in the US, it’d be the cheapest thing ever and obviously no one would wanna buy it cuz the iPhone is much better…and looks better too

  5. max says:

    I think Chinese phones have very good exciting features which the western phones do not have. The greatest challenge though is around quality issues. I think if China can have a strong regulator towards manufacturing of these phones the industry can do even better. I have a very stable one from Sakhumzantsi but they seem to have a very strong selection procedure for the phones they sell.

  6. This blog helped me explain this subject to my son. Thanks :)

  7. I have a slight dilemma . I would love to buy myself a good phone and I’m having trouble to decide on which one to select. To begin with, i thought of the Samsung i900 Omnia. My buddy has one. It looks quite tough, and everything seemed alright, but i began researching others. Now my largest dilemma is to choose between the Nokia 5070 and the Samsung i900 Omnia. All suggestions are welcome

  8. Maud says:

    The purchases I make are eniertly based on these articles.

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