Shanzhai Cell Phone: 2009 Spring Honeysuckle limited edition made of enamel materials used in palaces


From NetEast:

This mobile phone is 2009 Spring Honeysuckle limited edition marked the price of RMB899, perhaps you can also negotiate the price. I should say, for equipping with such cool enamel body, it does not cost too much.

The development of Shanzhai mobile phone is well-known to everyone all over world in the past few years. Through analysis of many Shanzhai mobile phones, we found out that the Shanzhai mobile phones have been improving all the time. Many Shanzhai mobile phones are not reconciled to just imitate the well-known manufacturers, they even developed "car phone", "razor phone", "projector phone" and other innovative new mobile phones. This time the Shanzhai mobile phone explored again, we found out the first worldwide straight mobile phone with enamel phone body in the reports of “En-gadget”.

The name of the manufacturer is IMITO. There is nothing special about the outside appearance. The design of straight phone body is similar to the classic design of luxury brand VERTU of Nokia. The strength of this mobile phone is the material of the phone body — Zinc alloy plating 24K gold, covered three-tier thin transparent enamel, after polishing changed into a clean bright color, to use the brilliant color made of acid or patterns carved by chisel makes it very memorable.


Other aspects of this mobile phone are not much different with normal Shanzhai mobile phone. The body size is 89 × 33 × 14mm, the screen is only 1.3inch with QVGA resolving power, and with 3 mega pixels camera, 1GB in-built memory, supporting 3gp/MP4 video play, USB 2.0 transmission, Bluetooth technology, TF card expansion and other functions.

20090421-shanzhai-04 20090421-shanzhai-06


Editor Comments: if there is a voting, I think this mobile phone can be voted for "The most artful countryside version mobile phone of the history"; my impression is the enamel is the imperial treasures of Ming and Qing dynasties…

Remarks: As a colorless transparent material, enamel applies to the metal surface and heats to high temperature (800-1200 degrees Celsius). Then will be transformed into the glass with hardness and stability. IMITO covers with thin three-tier transparent enamel on the phone body. It changes into a clean bright color after polishing, use of acid or patterns carved by chisel forms a non-fading mark on the phone body.

As the production of enamel carved body is to cover a layer of enamel on the carved phone body. To add the metal oxides the in the colorless enamel, it can produce variety of colors of enamel. The craftsman draws colorful enamel graphics with goose feather or small brush in the metal surface (usually gold), through a series of heated, a distinctive color emerges progressively, and it constitutes the elegant and exquisite colored pattern.

  1. Oh wow! What a beautiful cell phone. It is looking as a part of jewelry.Specially its design is very attractive. Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice phone.

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