Jackie Chan’s comments Draw Fury

| April 21st, 2009


From Chinese News:

April 20 Hong Kong’s “Ming Bao Daily News” reports that the day before yesterday in the Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan Jackie Chan says Hong Kong and Taiwan “are too chaotic because there is too much freedom”. He thinks “Chinese people needs to be controlled, otherwise they will do whatever they want.” These comments draw much criticized remarks. Netizens accused him being too offensive. Many even stop seeing his movies and buying products he indorses to protest.

Yesterday, Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan and his friend Eric Tsang attempted to defend him. Eric Tsang says Jacky Chain “has problem expressing himself, the more he speaks the more mistakes he makes.”

Eric Tsang was interviewed after reading the reports on Jackie Chan’s comments. He was asked whether he is going to support Chan. “Right now I miss CHEN Zi-qiang’s (Jackie and many other star’s manager) era because before Jackie always consults him with everything. Everyone knows Jackie Chan is a person who does not know how to speak, he has problem expressing himself. In fact after reading the report, I know what he is talking about, he is comparing with when he was young, young people now days has too much freedom. Unlike when he was young, his master disciplined him well, that’s why he came out so well. Jackie is talking about young people, but he cannot put it on Hong Kong and Taiwanese people. That’s why he has problem expressing himself.”

Eric Tsang stresses CHEN Zi-qiang’s era. “CHEN watched Jackie Chan grew up. In the past whenever Jackie attends a large scaled activity, CHEN will prepare him with what to talk about.” Referring to great impact of this incident Eric said “We showmen should not discuss about politics too much. The more Jackie talks, the more wrong he gets, it’s better to not speak too much. It is like something wrong with his body, he should apologize.”

Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan were joked at by the host of an award ceremony “you are more and more like your father”. Jaycee laughs and said “I am afraid of becoming like my dad!” When asked about his opinion on his father’s speech, he said “I am afraid, but I think that it was taken out of context. I believe that his is not what father mean, he means no harm, he is just every blunt. He is the same person on stage and off stage.”

From Yahoo:

Chan’s comments drew applause from a predominantly Chinese audience of business leaders, but did not sit well with lawmakers in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

“He’s insulted the Chinese people. Chinese people aren’t pets,” Hong Kong pro-democracy legislator Leung Kwok-hung told The Associated Press. “Chinese society needs a democratic system to protect human rights and rule of law.”

Another lawmaker, Albert Ho, called the comments “racist,” adding: “People around the world are running their own countries. Why can’t Chinese do the same?”

Chan’s comments were reported by news outlets in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but were ignored by the mainland Chinese press.

-> Read Yahoo version of the full story

Above news summary:
Hong Kong martial arts movie star Jackie Chan in the Boao Forum speech, said Taiwan and Hong Kong are so chaotic because they have too much freedom. He said that the Chinese people need to be controlled. Not only Taiwanese government and the pubic were dissatisfied with his speech his speech were also strongly criticized by Hong Kong as well as those who concerned about China’s democracy and freedom. The headline of Apple Daily in Hong Kong’s Sunday paper is “Jackie Chan the Slave!”

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  1. LL says:

    I love Jackie chans movies. Hey may of said something wrong but it’s his life,his words,and his opinion. I think they make bad rumor(others too) because he is a celebrity and because he expresses his feeling/thoughts wrong. (: Everyone has their own life,of choices and responsibility,other wise they won’t have confidence……..like mehhhhhh!

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