Post-90 Girl Shows Affection, but Boy asks for Sex – A Recorded Phone Conversation Heats up Chinese Internet


From MSN and many other sites:

April 17 Guangzhou daily reports, the day before yesterday noon, this voice recording of a phone conversation between a boy and a girl both were post-90 appeared on the BBS.  This post generated 70000 hits in only one day.  It has drawn many netizens to heated discussions.

In this conversation, the girl shows affections towards the boy, but the boy only asks the girl to have sex with him. What is shocking to the netizens is, the girl knowing this boy does not like her, only wants to have sex with her, she still agrees to meet up after 4 minutes of conversation.

F: Hello

M: Hello, Hello

F: Hello, there is no reason

M: I said, I took her virginity

F: I know

M: You know?

F: of course I know, her things! I am friends with her

M: Oh?! Then why are you trying to get with me? You know I already f*ed her?

F: Ah… I don’t know, these kinds of things… Oh, then drop it, you don’t even… right?

M: I want to f*

F: I know, you already said it many times, big bro

M: yes, then are you going to let me f* you tonight?

F: Big bro, I am at the military training, how can I let you…

M: Ah?!

F: I am at the military training

M: Where are you?

F: At the military training base, do you know where that is?

M: When are you coming back?

F: Hmm, not that early…

M: When?

F: Tuesday

M: Ah?!

F: Coming back on Tuesday

M: Tuesday, then you let me f* you on Tuesday

F: After you doing f*ing, you are going to leave, I know your kind

M: No I won’t

F: Yes, cannot believe you

M: Then you want to get with me, you already know

F: Why so fast? You and her were not that fast, you played with her for long time… right?

M: Then are you going to let me f*?

F: Even I let you, it won’t be so fast!

M: Then you want to get with me? Why? I want to f* then I will get with, every girl is the same.

F: really?

M: yes!

F: then I don’t have anything to say

M: Oh…

F: long time…

M: I think…

F: you and her?

M: What?

F: you go first…

M: I think you are prettier with the pony tail, better than your hair down

F: Oh, I know

M: You are prettier with pony tail… ok, Tuesday come back and let me f* you

F: No, I can’t

M: What?

F: I can’t

M: Then why are you calling me to try to get with me?

F: My “down there” can’t, do you understand?

M: Why? Is there a “pig” (cherry) blocking?

F: yes

M: then it’s ok, let me f*

F: Can’t that day, you understand?

M: Why?

F: I everyday… I am here all summer, stupid

M: why?

F: My thing didn’t come

M: What?!!

F: My thing didn’t come…

M: Then you have been f*ed by other people?

F: No!!!!!

M: you pregnant?

F: No! Stupid, ha ha

M: What thing didn’t come?

F: Yes, my thing didn’t come, all summer it didn’t come, what should I do?

M: Ah, I don ‘t know, then let me f* first

F: Go to hell, what if my mom finds about it?

M: Stupid, you talk about that in this day and age?

F: Yes, haha

M: Who talks about that?

F: My mom will find out

M: Why do you have to let your mom find out? You are retarded

F: I must have that

M: Have that? You can say you pop the cherry when you are riding a bike.

F: Ha, you are very classy

M: Yes, Tuesday come back and meet up with me

F: Oh, bye bye

M: Dress sexy

F; Hmm, go to hell

M: Ah?!

F: Don’t want to talk to you

M: Dress sexy!

F: Don’t want to talk to you!

M: You want to get with me, you already know I want to f*

F: I am not in the hurry, I don’t want Tuesday

M: When then? How about Wednesday?

F: Ah?!

M: Then Wednesday it is

F: Wa, why are you like that?!!!

M: Yes

F: No can’t

M: Hello, where does Wu Yuxian go to school now?

F: ah

M: Where does she go to school at?

F: You want to know?!

M: Yes

F: Lianchuang

M: what?!!

F: Lianchuang

M: Where is that?

F: hmm, in Guichen

M: I don’t f* know where that is

F: Ha, then it is no use telling you, right?

M: Ay, call me when you come back

F: ok

M: Then that’s it

F: Want to shower? (Roommate asking)

M: Ah?!

F: Nothing, other people is asking me

M: Oh! Ok! You clean yourself then come to me

F: Go to hell

M: Coming back Tuesday right?

F: Ah?!

M: Coming back Tuesday right? Call me when you are back

F: Ok

M: That’s it then

Newspaper Reporter contacted the original poster “Lao Yang” via QQ. He said he got this voice recording through a friend’s cell phone. “My friend is attending 1st grade of a high school in Fuoshan, before this voice recording hit the internet, it has already been circulating among students.” Due to privacy reasons, Lao Yang refused to share more contact information on the friend and the school. “After listening to this recording, I was very angry, I think we should bring this out the society and have a discussion on it.” Lao yang said, he does not want to see young people continue to behaving badly. He hopes to use this as an educational material.

Newspaper Reporter also got a hold of the boy in this recording, his screen name is “big white bear” admits, he indeed had this conversation with the girl, although this is the first time exposed on the internet, this conversation happened in the summer of 2007. “The conversation is true, but I did not record it, I don’t who recorded this and posted it online.”

“Big white bear” says at the time he was in 3rd grade of the high school and the female was in 1st grade. Him and the girl never actually met in person before the recording, only had couple of phone conversations. When he found out their phone conversations have been recorded, he asked the female for explanations, but female student denied ever made such recordings. “Even though I said some obscene words, I have never had sex with her. Since last year we never contacted each other.”

Many discussion were posted by the netizens, they were mainly shocked about how post-90 generation’s views of sexual relationships.

P.S. I originally found this story on NetEast, but soon this post was deleted from the site.

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