Taiwan Singer Ah Sang (阿桑) Died of Breast Cancer At 34


NetEast Entertainment, April 6 Reports: According to the latest news by Taiwan ETTV, it is reported that the singer A Sang (阿桑) who sang the "Lonely in singing" and "Leaves" died at 8:30 am on April 6 at Xindian Ciji Hospital, suffering from the end-stage of breast cancer since October last year. She was only 34 years old.

A Sang whose earlier name is Yanlin HUANG, 34-year-old, used to work in the art teams and also temporally sang at pub. She has become experienced with live performances. After she was discovered by the broker, senior producer Yiping WANG, she resigned her job as a singer and concentrated on preparing for shooting the film. During the time of preparation, in order to support herself, she worked as the receptionist in a law firm and as the announcer of the department store.

A Sang who became popular after singing the song at the end of the drama “The Rose” released 2 albums total. She was diagnosed with end-stage breast cancer in last October, died at 8:30 this morning (6th) at Xindian Ciji Hospital.

"Lonely in singing"


A Sang Died, her senior classmate Zhicheng ZHANG emotional collapses

The singer Ah Sang died of breast cancer in the morning of the 6th, the news shocked the entertainment business, the senior classmate Zhicheng ZHANG, who worked with Ah Sang before, cried on the spot and could not calm down and control his emotions when he heard about the news.

Ah Sang whose earlier name is Yanlin HUANG, because of her sentimental singing, as the record company would like to give her a better nick name than her real name, they imagined the word of "Sang" from her singing and gave her the name as Ah Sang. Ah Sang kept a low profile and did not want to let others know about her private issues, even the former album propagator of Ah Sang did not know about her illness until after she passed away.

Zhicheng ZHANG who worked with Ah Sang before at the same company, when found out that she has left, he could not calm down and control his emotion, and cancelled all the notices, as well as wrote in his blog "Sang! Please come back! Your bother, feels so sad!" The broker of Zhicheng ZHANG, Jie OU indicated that they also delayed the celebration party, as Zhicheng ZHANG’s mood was very unstable.

Jie OU disclosed that even Ah Sang’s broker in mainland did not know about her illness, when met with Yan HUANG these days, she still hoped to organize some notices for Ah Sang, it was thus clear that Ah Sang was unwilling to let the people around her worry about her illness.

Ah Sang’s Sentimental Singing, same as her background

The origin of Ah Sang’s stage name was from the record company’s hearing of her singing, they felt very sentimental and impressive, then gave her this stage name. Coincidentally, Ah Sang’s entertainment experience was just like the stage name.

Running away from debts, Ah Sang and her parents started to live at her aunt’s home since junior school, in order to reduce the burden of her aunt, Ah Sang helped to earn money by doing handwork at home from an early age. She did a lot of works as folding plastic flowers, wrapping chocolate paper packages, piecing up the motherboard components in the electronic components and a wide range of other works.

Ah Sang was born to love performing. She chose the entertainment-related courses in high school. After the graduation, because of her passion of performing and wanting to make money for the family, she passed the exam of art teams. Having stayed in the art team for 5 years, she left the musical group established with the friends of friends and some strangers, and intended to work and show up at pub.

Ah Sang already planned to enter into the musical business at that time, in order to concentrate in recording the “Leaves” to become more popular.

【Ah Sang’s CV】

Chinese Name: Yanlin HUANG (黄嬿璘)
English name: JUDY
Place of origin: Taiwan Yunlin
Birthday: February 28
Constellation: Pisces
Blood type: O type
Education: Nanqiang Business and Entertainment
Family members: father, mother, brother, sister, brother
Favorite singer: Sherry Cole, Zhe TAO
Favorite music: rural rock, rock lyric

【Representative Songs】

"Lonely in singing," "Being quiet all the time," "Tender mercy", "Leaves", "Be injured", "crazy", "Let me love", "You have to leave for some time", "If love you, only this time, "" I do not want to think, " "custody, " "Driving"," Monocrotaline also has spring "," see through "

  1. Hi i would like to get some more information abaut Ah Shang’s biography
    and if you don’t mind can you confirm her date of birth because
    i have the 28.03.1975 from a different source…

    Regards Steffen (Dublin/Ireland)

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