Chinese Mistress’ Shocking Quotations!


Recently this forum post has been spreading like wild fire…
From Huanqiu BBS and everywhere else

1. We are not very educated, but we are good looking, don’t those men say, youth is wealth? That’s why being young is being valuable. If you want to sleep with us, you must pay, so no one owes anyone.

We are selling our youth, if men don’t give us money, there is no way we will sleep with you for nothing. If you are good looking, we might consider, but at least you have to look like “Andy Lau” or something.

2. We are not those “chicken” (hooker, prostitute), one night for 100 Yuan and also can go on sale. Today 100, tomorrow 50. Isn’t that annoying, it’s like selling fried dough twist. When no one wants, one night for 20 will do too, can’t even make back the investment. We are “second wives” (mistresses), no matter what, we are high-end stuff, even when goes for wholesale prices, we don’t have to worry about not having buyers.

3. Being mistress is self-resources development, like those educated people say, this is “green” economy, according to Director Nu it is “smoke-free industry”. Being a beautiful woman, not being a mistress, unless finds someone very rich, but then there is no freedom. Also those people will never want our kind. Find a civil servant or some professor? only sounds good, you are still going to be poor, how much money can a professor make? Can’t even make enough to by books for himself, how can they afford to let us to spend? In today’s society, who doesn’t only recognize money, we have the capital, recognize big money. Wait till no one wants us anymore, who will willing to spend money on an old and lifeless woman?

4. Once in my home town, in a general meeting, women’s director says being a woman must earn (respect), and self-improvement, self-confidence and self-reliance. Being mistresses we have done all of that. Even though money comes from our boss, but we must work for it. Most of the money is earned by ourselves. Self-improvement? You are strong if you can find money, not strong if cannot find money. Self-confidence? Is being confident with-in ourselves. In the beginning mistresses do not dare to ask our boss for more money. After couple of times, we have gained more self-confidence, when asking for money, at least asking for 100,000-200,000. About self-reliance, this should be the demand for men. Asking women to be self-reliance, isn’t this ridiculous? If men cannot even be self-reliance, what are they doing with a mistress? Read the fortune every day?

5. I can “eliminate” someone’s wife this means in today’s society, women who like men with money and power can easily succeed. I have been a mistress for 5 years now, and only summarized to this. If you are not successful, because you have not met the real men with money and power. Because men are extremely horny and love women’s beauty, we finally have the opportunity to rise up.

6. Before when I was in school, Those literal-minded teachers have told us, “兵哥哥”(a novel by Song Zuying) is a very adorable person, also says teaching is adorable and lovable, this is so ridiculous. In fact no matter how good those people are it has nothing to do with us. In our eyes lecherous people with money and power are the most adorable people in the world. Man who has money is my daddy, who has power is my daddy. Man with no money, can’t even to be my son or grandson.

7. In this society looking for a man for what? To get married, have kids, these are all executes. The only reason is to depend on them. Those women who do not think like that will never grow up. Those women who want to be independent, sounds so good, but in the end, they end up alone. Being women must depend on men. The most important thing for men is having money. Those so called “decent” men all are men who have lust but have no balls. It is ok for men not to be lustful, but it is not ok for them to be poor. Don’t have balls, it can be trained, if they have no money they will have no future. Then we can only be apart even facing each other. With money we can be together even when we are thousand miles apart.

8. A sister with the same occupation once asked me: which is better, men with power or men with money? I told her, you are so stupid, of course men with power. Think about it why is even rich people wants to be close to people with power? That means men with power is better, having power is having money. Being close to power, must be better than being with men with money. Having power can achieve things money cannot buy. Also, rich men give you money but those all can be put on a price. With a powerful man, even he cannot give you money directly he can give you even better things although those things are very indirect. Powerful men are scared of being threatened so your relationship with him is more reliable. Those powerful and lustful men, who doesn’t have scandals? If you are more calculating, he does not dare to break up with you. With men with money but no power, you cannot threaten them. They at most give you some money and then ask you to get lost.

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  2. I would rather all mistress’s be shut in its own district… than them wandering and causeing problems / Sexual transmitted disease’s (STD’s) and relationship problems…
    then i wouldn’t have no issue’s about it.

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