400-day Countdown to World Expo, Volunteer’s Logo, Slogan and Song Announced


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March 27th World Expo Net, Reports: This morning, “Volunteering World Expo, Civilizing Shanghai” China’s 2010 Shanghai world expo volunteer’s logo, slogan and song announcement ceremony in tented to promote “welcome world expo, improve manners and foster new attitudes” volunteers service gathering activity was proudly held at Shanghai Wusa Monument Square.

Zhengsheng YU (俞正声) who is the member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Shanghai Party Secretary and the head of organization committee of Shanghai World Expo, attended the ceremony and announced the volunteer’s logo of Shanghai World Expo. Zheng HAN(韩正)who is the mayor of Shanghai and the deputy leader of organization committee of Shanghai World Expo, the director of Shanghai Standing Committee, Yungeng LIU(刘云耕), Shanghai Political Consultative President, Guoqin FENG(冯国勤), Deputy secretary of municipal party committee, Yicui YIN(殷一璀)and others attended the ceremony.


On Mar.27, 2009, the volunteer’s logo, slogan and song for 2010 Shanghai World Expo were unveiled.

At the ceremony, Zhengsheng YU(俞正声)announced the volunteer’s logo for Shanghai World Expo, and at the same time a huge public-service advertisement hanging on the exterior wall of New World Department Store was immediately unveiled. The volunteer’s logo for China 2010 Shanghai World Expo includes the Chinese character for heart (心), the letter “V” and a dove of peace carrying an olive branch. This design matches the Expo Emblem which shaped like the Chinese character “世” (world). The character heart (心) expresses the diligent and enthusiastic of the volunteers. The letter “V” stands for “volunteer” and represents “group”. The flying dove represents Shanghai, and it also symbolizes peace and friendship. The olive branch conveys a message of sustainable development and hope, an extension of the “Better City, Better Life” theme. Rainbow-like colors and ribbons flowing in the wind represents Shanghai’s passionate callings. We believe that by the year 2010, with the efforts of volunteers, people from all over the world will gather in harmony in the same place.

Hong Kong singer Eason Chan Yik-Shun sings “By Your Side.”

Zheng HAN announced the volunteer’s slogan for Shanghai World Expo as “At Your Service at Expo”. YiCui YIN made requests to the volunteers during her presenting speech: to be the builder of “Better City”, the creator of “Better Life” and the communicator of “Deeper Friendship”. BIE Secretary-General, Loscertales sent a congratulatory letter. The ceremony was ended by Eason’s singing of the volunteer song for Shanghai World Expo “By Your Side”.

It is reported that China 2010 Shanghai World Expo started to collect its logo and slogan design on December 5th 2007 and ended on April 30th 2008. During this 147-day collection period, they received 15,717 entries of possible logos and slogans from all provinces, autonomous regions, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Singapore, France, Ireland, Mauritius and other countries. Among them 6982 entries are logo candidates and 8156 entries are for slogan. After having selected 10 logo entries and 10 slogan entries by the selection of generalists committee, the volunteer’s logo public consultation activity of Shanghai World Expo was held from December 4th to December 31st, 2008, the participants from 26 provinces and cities joined in this activity.

After the ceremony, the participant leaders also convey greetings to the subway volunteers, who advocated “having good manners, being courteous and considered while riding the subway”.

Other Shanghai government official who attended this ceremony are Xuexiang DING(丁薛祥), Baojun AI(艾宝俊), Jun SHEN(沈骏), the specific deputy director of Shanghai World Expo Executive Committee Yanqun ZHONG(钟燕群), the volunteer ambassador of Shanghai World Expo, Jing JIN(金晶), Wanqing BAI(柏万青), Xinjie FU(傅薪洁) the leaders of Shanghai World Expo Bureau, Municipal Civilization Office, Mission Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Services Guardian and relevant units.

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