“24 City” Showing in France, Japan and United States, Three Countries Show Different Movie Posters

| March 20th, 2009


NetEast March 13th reports, Jia Zhang ke (贾樟柯)’s new film “24 city” will start showing in various countries all over the world, First showing in France is on March 18th 2009, Japan and Unite stats will also have the first showing next month. All three countries presented their versions of the movie posters.

French poster used Zhao Tao (赵涛)’s modern look, Japanese version of the poster used stage photo of actress Chen Chong (陈冲) putting her makeup on. It appears to be they are not carefully designed,

but the choosing of the actress to be on the poster has its reasons. The French uses Zhao Tao’s image on the film “24 city” reason being Zhao Tao is red hot among the French fans. Ever since the film “Platform” Zhao already has four of her starting film showing in France. “Unknown Pleasures” and “24 city” already twice send her to the Festival De Cannes’ red carpet. You can say Zhao Tao is definitely more popular than Chen Chong in France. Many of the France brands also worked with her on their products.

“24 city” French Poster with Zhao Tao

In Japan, the viewers of this film are mostly housewives. They have similar experiences as the character in the film played by Chen Chong. They can relate to her sad love stories. Also, Japanese viewers are still remembering the 20 year old film “The Last Emperor” starring Chen. We think they designed the poster with these reasons.

“24 City” Japanese Poster with Chen Chong

United States’ design is driven by the U.S. viewers paying more close attentions to the political issues. The design brings viewers back in time with the Soviet Union propaganda arts. It brings back the memory of the economic restructuring time. From this angle, the film “24 city” has more social meaning. It looks like U.S. publishers did not use popularity of the actresses, rather uses the content itself to attract the viewers. It is rather socking considering their famous celebrity culture.

“24 City” United States Poster

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