Valentine’s Day E-Marriage Proposal Guarantees to Woo your Lover

| February 12th, 2009

Valentine’s Day is near, it should not cost you a fortune to woo your lover or even propose for marriage. A Chinese netizen shares her love note that she got from her "husband". He gets her head over heels; she gets every Chinese girl envious and jealous.

From QQ

Yesterday my husband sent me this…. When I saw it I was so moved. Normally he is so garrulous, but I never thought he is so thoughtful… It is almost Valentine’s Day, also wish all singles, lovers, married GGJJMM (brothers and sisters) happy valentine’s day! O(^_^)O~ pictures are a little big, I don’t know if you can see clearly… I don’t know this kind of husband is a little childish… (*^__^*) heehee…

F: "I am one of your ribs, when lord made us, are you hurt?"
M: "This is work injure, worth it!"
Dear wife, we are together for three years. Tell you the truth, you used both hard and soft tactics on me, but in your eyes I incorrigibly obstinate. But, overall, I think I am very practical, what do you think?

F: "Wear which one is sexier?"
M: "Wear nothing is the best"
As your loyal mirror, I swear "your heart is the most beautiful".
But, your waist is thicker than three years ago, feels not as nice, just a little…

F: "Why you always run when I sing?"
M: "I don’t want people think that I was beating you"
As your fan, I swear 50 years of my love will be like fire.
But, these three years every week I sing for you, I gain more appetite (free meals) (from the singing place). Singing skill still needs improving…

F: "Who is the most sympathetic in the world?"
M: "Doraemon, because gives people circle hands" (circle in Chinese has the same pronunciation as "helping")
As your Doraemon, I swear to be always on call.
But, next time when you lose your keys, first try to look for it in your bag ok? Always have to go through neighbor’s balcony, tore the pants you bought me twice. And our home is at 15th floor…

F: "Why is that the flowers you bought me always not fresh?"
M: "Dear, flower always dies during the time I wait for you…"
As your "life laboratory", I rather give up my life for your youth.
But, you are losing weight and I follow you lose weight, your makeup makes my face get pimples, you cook and I get diarrhea…… Next time when I have "work injury" can you please kiss it better?

M: "Male co-worker gave her 2 flowers, he has money, go ahead"
F: "I give you two flowers too, flower heart and flower feeling" (In Chinese flower has double meaning of being unfaithful)
As your white knight, I will keep up and be romantic @_@.
But, economy is so bad…
Can we "suspend the execution" (law term, usually for sentencing) take a rain check?

F: "Being with you every day is Valentine’s Day!"
M: "It is Labor Day…"
As your Internet novel loyal reader, I swear to cry when I should and also laugh when I should.
But, I don’t have much emotions, next time please give me a hint first?

F: "What do you think about love?"
M: "I don’t have much thoughts, but I have lots of actions"
As your "good man", I agree you are too "good woman".
But, next time before you adopt a wild pet puppy, think about the one bed room already has 2 animals (the pug you love the most) and me…

M: "Sweet heart, let’s get married!"
In conclusion, I don’t know if you are still satisfied with your investigation on me in these three years?
I believe, under your "Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention" (a political reference) I am becoming a perfect man!
…so, sweetheart, let’s get married!

*perhaps it is a marriage proposal; it is common for Chinese lovers to refer each other as "husband" and "wife" before marriage.

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  1. BRADLEY says:

    Thanks for the info! I really can’t belive it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Great Job With The Post.

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