U.S. January automobile sales declined to lowest point in 27 years, lower than China for the first time

| February 5th, 2009

From NetEast, similar article from USA Today
U.S. 2009 January automobile sales were lowered by 37.1%, it is the lowest ever in 27 years, sales for the first time is lower than China.

Today, at a General Motors monthly sales meeting, Mike Di Giovanni, executive director of global market analysis for General Motors says, "January 2009, China sold about 790,000 vehicles, but U.S. only sold about 668,000." (US media auto new estimated 656,881) this means China’s automobile sales for the first time surpassed U.S. At the same time, learned from China’s Association of Automobile Industries, 2009 China’s car sales was estimated to break through 9.8 million. At this rate, using U.S.’s January sales number, estimated US car sales for 2009 is 9.57 million. This means China could take U.S.’ position become the world’s largest car market in 2009.

Between 3 of the largest automakers, Chrysler fell most, at 55%, followed by GM’s 49% drop. These 2 automakers are currently part of the US government’s 17.4 billion bailout plan. Most "optimistic" Ford also has a 40% drop. Japan’s Kyodo News Service also reports, Japan and US’s 6 largest automakers tailed January sales declines vs.. last year. Best seller GM sold 12,7243 it is 50% lower than last year, number 2 Toyota sold 11,7287, 31.7% lower. Ford and Chrysler also lowered by 39.0% and 54.8%.

Analysts say, with such a gloomy business outlook, the government rescue plan seems to be hopeless. The general public thinks, once already received loans from US government, GM and Ford due to sales plunging and quickly running out of funds, will once again asking for government’s help. These shivering numbers will show how this struggling business will impact the U.S. economy.

Below is US car sales in January 2009 compared with January 2008.

Comments form NetEast

Once again, haha^^^^^^^^^^
A year later will report US fall behind China.

A Camel that starve to death is bigger than a horse, being a Chinese, we have to think with clear head, just because others gave us a good outlook, does not mean China can save capitalism.

US’ ordinary people have no more money, cars are not sold.

China, does not matter ordinary people have no money, cars can still be sold here.Where are all the cars?

Wa! Finally we surpass US. I lived 60 years till today, tomorrow I can die peacefully

I do not understand, China has such a good public transportation system, why so many people want to buy a car? Then we let this poor country’s society, energy, environment become like developed country… in the end still a poor country.

It is so funny, 1.3 billion people compare with 3 billion people?

People have no street to walk on, sidewalks are full of cars, air polluted by the cars.

How many Americans do not have a car? Of course can’t sell anymore, how many Chinese have a car? All that public cars, some people do have money still get loans to buy car, of course more sales.

Ay, once my nephew got a cold, cost 6000, my brother and my sister did not eat and drink for 2 month salary.

I want to throw up when I see the title.

Even it is true, it is not a good thing, Not for long, China will become the world’s biggest parking lot.

Can you see how many people are in poverty in China? Reporters, you guys have high salary, how do you know about people underneath.

We successfully hosted Olympic, now our car sales surpass US, China will become number one country in the world, I am proud.

Last year I bought vehicles with 4 wheels…………….. 2 bicycles, one for riding and one for pushing.

I only care about the environment, more car or less car I don’t care, I think if we continue pollute the environment our future generations will not be able to live!!

Where is all the money? All public funds?

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