Impostors With Same Faces But Different Names In TV Commercial Fraud

From NetEast and Sohu

Look at these impostors, all from Jinan (济南) TV station. While watching TV, noticed on Jinan TV station, in one of the diabetic medicine commercial there is a doctor named Sun(孙仕友)is the same person as one in selling memento coins specialist named Sun, Yun(孙云).

Then this old man appeared in another medication service commercial changed his name to be Zhang (张). Then I noticed there are many impostors acting to be many different medical specialists on Jinan TV stations deceiving consumers.


In picure says: Zhang, Guo Xing Age: 57 Vice President of Chinese Institute of Biomagnetics Beijing University Medical College Guest Professor Published 200 papers both in national and international medical field


Here becomes head of China Male Health Research Center: Doctor Lu Qing(吕青)

Head of International diabetes association: Doctor Gu

Below are pictures of actor Li, Yao Ming acting as Bone disease specialist Wang Zhi Lun,

As Shandong (山东) Doctor of male reproductive system

As a detective in a TV series "任长霞"


Below this bastard acting as Beijing hospital doctor doing a commercial for diabetic medicine

Acting as China Health water association doctor in a commercial for "xx cup"

Now he is a professor

This guy really is a not qualified actor name Wu, Tie Liang (吴铁梁), being an impostor for living.

This Woman is in a rheumatism medicine commercial

Same woman became respirologist working for United Nation, what a BS!

She really is a not qualified actress named Guan, Shang Yun (关尚云), being an impostor for living.

This is the "specialist" in the most shameless commercial

Male reproductive system specialist acted by this guy name Li (李秉旺). So shameless, How would your future generation see you?

Comment form BBS:

The Bureau of Industry and Commerce: please tell us the reason you cannot stop these frauds in commercials. Let people review is objective reason, but you could not keep your responsibility. You do not dare to stir up with media, we understand. But you could ask the company who did the commercials to present the evidence of those being specialists. This is the least you can do. If company do not report these to the police, you can held responsible to these impostors. You don’t even dare to stir up trouble with these impostors?

"People’s republic of China Security Administration Penalties Law"

Number Fifty one: impersonate a government worker or other fake identities to defraud others, 5-10 days in jail, up to 500 Yuan fine; less serious offender, up to 5 days in jail, and up to 500 Yuan fine.



  1. Welcome to the world of advertising! Actors play characters. Would you oppose to an actor playing a character in a movie or television show?

  2. When one views the issue at hand, i have to agree with your determinations. You understandably show cognition about this subject and i have much to find out after reading your post.Much salutations and i will come back for any further updates.

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