“HD90” Counterfeit RMB 100 Yuan Bills in Circulation Causes Panic

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“HD90” Counterfeit RMB 100 Yuan Bills in Circulation Causes Panic

Recently, large quantity of “High quality” 100 Yuan counterfeit RMB (Chinese currency) appeared in Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Hunan, Hubei, Zhejiang and many other provinces. The serial number for this counterfeits starts with HD90.

On January 8th 2008, Chinese government website posts warning to alert the nation on these counterfeits.


January 7th 2009, many friends on the net found themselves having received these HD90 hundred Yuan RMB counterfeits, even cannot be identified by many counterfeit money detectors.



January 8th 2009, East Day reports, a women discovered 4 hundred Yuan RMB counterfeits serial number starts with HD, and 2 more serial number starts with HD hundred Yuan RMB possibly being counterfeited. China Central Bank Shanghai branch still has not officially answered or commented on whether these HD90 counterfeits have appeared in Shanghai.



January 9th 2009, Jinghua Times reports, Beijing residence discovered many 100 Yuan RMB counterfeits with serial number starts with HB90 and HD90. However China Bank, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank and many other banks’ customer hotline and Beijing branches’ employees all say, right now HD and HB started counterfeits have not appeared in Beijing.



January 8th 2009, Straits City News reports, Fuzou police hunt down and seized a case with 60,000 Yuan “HD90” counterfeit in December, 2008. People’s Bank of China Fuzou branch also reported having discovered “HD90” counterfeit in the past.



January 8th 2009, Longhu net news reports, Head of People’s Bank of China Nanjing Branch customs officer Chang, Cai Ming stats “Serial number starts with ‘HD90’ 100 Yuan RMB counterfeit appeared in Nanjing as well.” Among the seized counterfeit last year, most of them is this kind which has the serial number starting with “HD90”.



January 9th 2009, Red net news reports, “HD90” counterfeit is the most typical counterfeit. Between September to November last year, Xiangxi, Lingzou area banks employees discovered these types of counterfeit, even fooled all of the counterfeit money detectors in their banks.



January 9th 2009, Chongqing evening paper reports, 8 month ago Chongqing police cracked down on a professional counterfeit criminal organization. During the raid police seized 137 “HD90” counterfeit 100 Yuan RMB. All 137 are marked issued in 2005, and 88 of them has the serial number HD9026730788.



January 9th 2009, Sichuan News reports, many counterfeit 100 Yuan RMB has serial starting with “HD” started to circulate. Many businesses are alerted to refuse to take any 100 RMB which has this serial.



January 8th 2009, Zhejiang Online reports, a woman in Hangzou said “Serial starts with HD are all counterfeits, when my husband was taking a taxi, the taxi driver coned my husband into exchanging 900 Yuan RMB.” Later bank’s appraisal confirmed all 9 of the 100 Yuan RMB are counterfeits.



January 8th 2009, Long River Merchants Paper reports, Wuhan residence says, he has a counterfeit 100 Yuan RMB which has serial started with HD90 was seized by the bank. Wuhan currency appraisal center comments, this type of counterfeit started circulating the market the end of the year last year.



January 8th 2009, HC360.com reports, in the city of Nanning a soft drink vendor in a plaza received this type of counterfeit 4 times in one day. Seized bills all have the same serial number: “HD90268302”.



January 8th 2009, Zhengzhou evening news reports, a reporter from the same news paper received a “HD90” counterfeit bill. On the morning January 3rd, he went to a market, was told “this is counterfeit” at the cashier register.



January 9th 2009, Qingdao morning newspaper reports, Jimuo (a city in Shandong) residence received 7 “HD” counterfeit bills. All of them passed counterfeit money detectors, and all of them have the same serial number. Bank of China employee later carefully analyzed these, and confirmed these are all counterfeit bills.

January 8th 2009, People’s Bank of China posted public announcement on the government website, alerting the nation to be extra cautious about counterfeit bills during the Chinese New Year holiday season.

In the announcement says, recent 2 years, People’s Bank of China has discovered serial number with “HD90” 100 Yuan RMB counterfeit bills and the same time also identified “HB” “FA”… serial numbered Counterfeit bills.

It also says, People’s Bank of China identified “HD90” serial numbered counterfeit cannot be defined as “High quality”. Media’s statement “even the counterfeit money detectors in the banks cannot identify” is not correct. With the proper counterfeit detection techniques, then we can identify the fake from real.

People’s Bank of China and other appraisal organizations all provide examination services. If you think you have received counterfeit bills, please use these services to have your currency examed.

For more detailed information on this please visit government website: http://www.pbc.gov.cn/

  1. I was in a room getting a massage in Guangzhou city where the walls were covered in paper. Someone’s hand slipped through the wall, and took my wallet out of its pants. Then the thief took out several hundred Yuan and replaced it with four 100 Yuan notes and returned the wallet to the pants.

    Later on when I checked my wallet, I knew right away that there was something funny looking about the money. It looked too new, and when I examined it, I noticed that the paper’s surface was just too smooth. Then I noticed that all the serial numbers were the same. The numbers are: FZ09591727. I still have them for souvenirs. Luckily, that is the only thing I got screwed for.

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